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  1. There are other Hidden Characters here.
  2. When in line for the Jungle Cruise, right before you go into the entrance of the ride there is a tree. If you look up at this tree on the underside there are three red Disneyland 50th anniversary baloons. The make a hidden Mickey! It was cute.
    REPORTED: Tara 10 APR 06
  3. Just as you pass the turnstile, crouch a little and take a look at the turnstile itself. You'll see counters. I was just there the other day, and noticed the counters. It read over 3 million!
    REPORTED: Tanya 17 JUL 01
  4. When in line, on top level of the line, looking down at boats loading and unloading, there was one boat with a painting of a flamingo on the top of it and underneath the painting was a painters palette with the paint splotches on it in the shape of a Mickey.
    REPORTED: shanon 20 JUL 00
  5. You can see it if you are in the line that goes to the left. As you approach the dock, there is a box with some items, including 3 coconuts. As you are about 12-15 feet from the dock, look right, through the base of the staircase, and you'll see the Mickey.
    REPORTED: Billy 01 SEP 97
  6. When boarding I saw a hut across the way and on the front of it above the door was a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: anon 01 OCT 97
  7. While waiting in the upper area queue to board the ride, we looked down and on top of one of the boats is a pie tin with mickey on it.
    REPORTED: April 06 FEB 06
  8. When in line for the Jungle Cruise, about to board the boat, if you look across the water, you see some shields standing up. There are circles on them that look like a Hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: anon 17 DEC 99
  9. Okay folks, I'm surprised no one has seen this yet, as it is the OFFICIAL hidden Mickey of the Jungle Cruise, located in Adventureland. Take it from me folks, your friendly skipper for the next 5 amazing days and 10 romantic nights... Hop on the Suwanee Lady and take a look on the inside of the frying pan on the left side of the boat. It;s a little off the the backside half of the boat. Do you see it? The pan has been used quite a bit, but whoever was using it was repeatedly making Mickey pancakes...because there is a scum-free Mickey Pattern in the pan. (Just so you know, we always tell people it's in the jungle, when in fact, there aren't any OFFICIAL MICKEYS in the Jungle.)
    REPORTED: Skipper Kacey 01 MAR 06
    Last time I went to Disneyland, August 2005, I went on the newly renovated Jungle Cruise. Hanging off the side of the boat is a pan with a marking that looks like a Mickey Mouse head. My sister was the one who found it and my parents and the Cast Members were praising her. Our tradition is if you find a hidden Mickey, you get to choose the next ride we go on. Cool, huh?
    CONFIRMED: Sydney Danielle :) 23 APR 06
    There is in fact, as Skipper Kacey says, only one hidden mickey on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. It is on the Swannee and it is in the frying pan (like mickey pancakes were made on it).
    CONFIRMED: Ex-Skipper Nina 01 JUN 06
  10. Take a look at the the two baby lions playing with the ball. The ball is the head, and the lions ears are the ears of the Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: go-ped 17 MAR 97
    Definitely makes a Hidden Mickey!
    CONFIRMED: Cindy P. 02 APR 97
  11. A rock near the Elephant Bathing Pool on the Jungle Cruise is a Hidden Mickey. Look for the elephant with his head tilted up in the air and squirting water. Look to the left. On a round rock is Mickey!
    REPORTED: David Tomita 06 JUN 95
    WISHFUL THINKING: Nick Baker 02 AUG 96 pict from
  12. It appears that they have added an Hidden Mickey back into the scene with the overturned Jeep (it wasn't there on other recent visits). Above the front bumper (UP from the front bumper (I clarify, as the jeep is upside-down!)), there is a very obvious Hidden Mickey cut out of a piece of metal. There are other holes in the metal, conveniently obscured by some sort of cloth or whatever, that fell on top (or bottom as the case might be) of the jeep.
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 30 AUG 97
    This one appears to come and go, yet the jeep remains the same. Over the course of the past two months, it has been none, one, or two showing at the same place.
    UPDATE: Benjamin Rockwell 28 DEC 97
    When I recently visited there was no cloth covering any part of the bumper.
    CONFIRMED: Brandon Davis 03 AUG 99
    The reported hidden Mickey below the bumper on the Jeep is not a Hidden Mickey. True there are 2 small holes follow by a big one...and this patter repeats about 4 times across. There is about a 1.5inch gap between the 2 small holes and the big one. No where on the "air dam" do they come closer
    WISHFUL THINKING: Matt Kathian 06 JUL 00
  13. At the Safari camp where the apes have taken over the camp, three pots - 2 small and 1 large are placed on the beach - fairly close to the water. The camp will be on your right.
    REPORTED: Susie Schurman 02 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Bre 08 JAN 01
    While riding the boat on the Jungle Cruise, I spotted three pans in the shape of Mickey's head on the ground of the tent site where the gorillas were playing.
    CONFIRMED: Josie 10 JUN 02 pict from
  14. One of the giraffes has spots in the pattern of a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Kel Byers 13 APR 96
    One of the giraffes has spots in the pattern of a Hidden Mickey. It's located toward the top of the nearest giraffes neck (on the left side of it).
    CONFIRMED: Honeymooners 07 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Rob 04 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Loretta Drummond 15 AUG 97
    The hidden Mickey on the jungle cruise is halfway up the middle giraffe's neck.
    CONFIRMED: amanda 05 OCT 99
    CONFIRMED: Natalie B. 18 APR 01
  15. Look for the big hippo! You can't miss her (she's to the left of the boat). One of her pupils makes a perfect Mickey silhouette!
    REPORTED: SoCalMom 24 MAR 02
  16. There is a hidden Mickey carved in the side of the canoe on the pigmie beach
    REPORTED: Bruce Johnson 11 MAY 00
  17. In the Head Hunter scene there is a red shield with the Hidden Mickey in white on the bottom of the shield. The shield is located on the right side at the edge of the sand where it meets the water. It is at the beginning of the scene.
    REPORTED: Susie Schurman 02 JUN 98
  18. Three coconuts are suspended in a net bag from an old car that is to your left as you exit The Jungle Cruise.
    REPORTED: Sandra Stahl 20 NOV 00
  19. When leaving the dock on the Jungle Cruise, as you pass by Indy area there are barrels in a net. When you pass by look back, the barrels are stacked the make a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Todd Richards & Sandi Kotai 04 MAY 97
  20. In the Jungle Cruise, when leaving the boat turn left. There is an idol that looks like it came from the Indy ride. Just in front of it is a white mickey head candle.
    REPORTED: spencer 21 OCT 01

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