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There are other Hidden Characters here.



  1. When you are in line, there is an engine inside a cage with a moving belt. The left had side of the engine forms a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Ryan Curtis 14 JUN 98
    As you pass the caged generator in the line, look at the control dial. There is a Hidden Mickey made up of a bolt and two brass rivets.
    CONFIRMED: jedibmc 19 MAY 97
  2. When aproaching the temple enterence there is a hut with a locked screen door. The lock on the door is formed in the shape of a Mickey.
    REPORTED: James Marks 30 JUL 98
  3. When it is really busy the queue will wind around a cart in the Rotunda Area that has two statues on it. The statue on the right on its right foot has a flower like shoe and in the design it forms a hidden Mickey. The other shoe is a totally different design.
    REPORTED: Jeff 27 JUN 99
    The two statues on the cart in the Indiana Jones line have been moved to the outside area. About five feet from the stairs that are not used in the line.
    UPDATE: anon 09 JUL 99
    The statues are now laying on two saw horses in line but it's still there.
    UPDATE: Brandon Davis 03 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: shaida 23 JUN 01
  4. In the Outside queue area of Indy, one of the statues has Hidden Mickeys on the headress and the forehead. It is the taller of the two statues that are standing upright.
    REPORTED: Brandon Davis 03 AUG 99

Entrance Area

  1. In the Indy queue area, where the big stone tablet sits, there is a Hidden Mickey. If you look above the tablet on the ceiling, there are several holes, which are circular, except one. It is on the left hand side as you are looking up from the face of the tablet.
    REPORTED: Jeff Yeager 18 SEP 96
Obelisk Area

Obelisk Area

Phsst: Fun Facts
  1. In the obleisk area, look directly above the obleisk. The ceiling looks as if someone has punched through the rocks and formed a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Kristy Lee 01 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: shaida 23 JUN 01
  2. While waiting in line for the Indiana Jones ride, in the second room you enter after entering the temple, the circular room with the four sided doom statue in the center, on the walls surrounding the statue, there are hundreds of tiny holes all over the wall. If you feel any of the holes, there is obviously a large hoe, however, on the top of each hole are two not so obvious holes creating a hidden mickey. You can't tell just by looking at any of the holes, but if you feel it, it's very obvious.
    REPORTED: CaliSurfer 27 JUL 00

Flooded Maze Area

  1. pict from
  2. In the queue area, Mickey's initials appear in Mara Font about 3 feet from the floor in a much lighter impression than most of the other Mara stuff. This is after the room where the obelisk is, on a plain column right after you go through a doorway. They are located on the left side wall about waist high as you are looking directly at the two drinking fountains in the queue. The queue makes a 'u' turn right there.
    Real Hidden Mickey See the list of contributors
    Note: I am no longer taking reports on this one unless there is a refurb and the Imagineers change this effect.
  3. In the queue, there is a statue after the first water fountain. Look at the middle-top of the base. There are 3 circles forming his head!
    REPORTED: S. Marek 29 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Jedibmc 19 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: shaida 23 JUN 01
  4. I found a Hidden Mickey in the queue area at the bottom of the Earthly Riches statue. Earthly Riches is written above in the Mara Font. It is located right past where the Mickey initials are in the Mara font and is near the water fountain. It's right before the bamboo canyon area. It's an alcove with the statue.
    REPORTED: Brandon Davis 03 AUG 99

Bamboo Canyon Area

  1. In the This is the Site, facing the ride, to the left is a 30 foot span with a break in the ceiling where the tunnel is exposed to the outside. On the exit side of the tunnel, midway along the area exposing the outside, is a pillar protruding from the stone wall with a green-ish band about 10 feet up. (This pillar is the last in a series of pillars that line the wall as you exit the temple.) Using this particular pillar as reference, line up and walk straight forward to the opposite wall (wall to your right as you face the ride.) Look about waist high, the wall is made from blocks of rock made to look as though they are cracked and worn. In the block that protrudes from the wall, look for 3 stones arranged to form the Hidden Mickey. The face is about 10" in diameter, the ears are smaller.
    REPORTED: Janna Jackson & Linsey Sommers 08 JUL 96
  2. pict from
  3. While waiting in line, there is an indoor area in line where you can see the people who exit the ride leaving. This open space area within the caves, if you look up at the cave wall to your right, you can just make out the indentations in the wall forming a Hidden Mickey. It's really big. It's easier to see if you are actually exiting the ride and standing from a distance to see it.
    REPORTED: Patty Liu 03 MAY 06
  4. In the queue area where the bamboo poles are (before the bat cave) there is a Hidden Mickey on the right side of the wall. There is a huge indentation on the wall as if a huge boulder crushed it. This forms the large circle of the Mickey head. The ears are formed by the shadows cast by the two pillars on the side of this larger circle.
    REPORTED: Marcos Chavira 25 MAR 97
  5. When you walk into the long corridor where the line and exit line com together there are three round rocks put together on the wall by the second or 3rd bamboo pole.
    REPORTED: Sean Harrigan 26 JUL 99
Bat Cave Area

Bat Cave Area

  1. The hole or is it just wishful thinking?
    Eco-Mono 24 JUN 02
Spike Room

Spike Room Area

  1. Right before the spike room look to the left, in the shadows on the wall is a Hidden Mickey. It helps if you are in the front passenger side.
    REPORTED: Shawn 04 JUL 97

Rotunda Area

  1. At the area with the Rotunda Calendar (the area with the painting on the ceiling which depicts ancient believers averting their eyes as they pay tribute to Mara). It also has the mud flooding in over the walls. If the line is moving really slowly you will have a chance to stare around. The wooden scaffolding around and over line holds a hidden Mickey. One of scaffoldings is slightly crooked and has a larger wood piece for the head and two smaller pieces for the ears.
    REPORTED: Ian 23 APR 99 pict from
  2. In the queue, when you pass the rotunda calendar (where you can pull on the rope), you make a quick jog and there is a large support column. To the left of the column are two barrels stacked one on top of the other. If you stand to the left of the barrels and look at the lower left hand corner of the doorway that leads into the room where the altar is (they show the movie above the altar) there is a stone carving leaning against the wall. When viewed from this vantage point you will see a perfect silhouette of Mickey. It is actually a carving of an elephant and it's tusk becomes Mickey's nose.
    REPORTED: Gerry Halberg 29 JUN 96
    The image is a near 3-D Mickey head, viewed as if looking over Mickey's left shoulder at a slight angle. This can only be seen if you stay to the left of the line; too far to the right and it disappears. The image is very distinct when viewed from this angle.
    CONFIRMED: Tim Brown and kids 31 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Bruce Cates 08 MAY 97
    There is a mirror image of this statue on the overcrossing to the bording area... Still looks like the profile of Mickey, just facing the other direction.
    UPDATE: jedibmc 19 MAY 97
  3. When you enter the round room just before the film room, on the stone tablet (where the rope is) there is a Mickey head. If you look at the bottom right around the edge you'll see it, its extremely obvious and deliberate.
    REPORTED: CaliGirl 08 MAY 06
  4. On the ride Indiana Jones there is a hidden Mickey on one of the rocks in the center of a room right before the television room. It is on the rock in the center in the inscriptions on the bottom right hand corner a tiny mickey. I know that this is a real hidden mickey because the crew worker told me it was there when she noticed that we were interested.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAY 06

Film Room

  1. pict from
  2. In the movie room, there are some barrels and some canisters. There is one standing right side up...the latch and 2 circles are a hidden Mickey. (the other canisters do not have the 2 circles on them) If you are not looking at it you can see it.
    REPORTED: Tracie 20 APR 98
    Only one of the canisters has this and these were obviously attached, with no doubt, the intention of forming a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99
    WISHFUL THINKING: Olivia Carrillo19 MAR 01
  3. Standing in line they show a "film strip" preparing folks for the ride. During the intro they show a silhouette of the cameraman. As he turns, this forms a classic three circle Mickey.
    REPORTED: Sara Samples 25 SEP 97
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 18 JUL 98
    Look for the scene where Sallah is holding the seatbelt pulled out. The HM is above his head, and a little to the left.
    UPDATE: Barbara Fett 06 MAR 99 pict from
  4. Just as you're exiting the film room to go past the office, look back over your left shoulder at the far wall. There is a large Mickey in the cracks in the wall. I saw this a long time ago but didn't report it, thinking it was so obvious, but I haven't seen it posted yet, so I assume it's a little too subtle. Here's a map on how to find it.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 28 AUG 98
    That is one of the the best Hidden Mickeys ever!
    CONFIRMED: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99

Indy's Office

  1. In the queue, right after the film room, you walk past a statue of an elephant. There is a Hidden Mickey in the design on its hat.
    REPORTED: Amie Babineau 02 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: anon 20 AUG 97
    In the room just after the movie room there is an elephant statue on the floor to your left of the doorway. On the elephant's headpiece in the center is the tri-circle Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: L. Brooks 30 NOV 97
    In the area right after the movie room on the Indy ride, the stone elephant indeed has a hidden Mickey on his forehead. However, when I went on the ride last week, I went to point this fact out to my friend and discovered that the elephant had been removed! We mustn't lose hope, though; perhaps our friend has been "replanted" somewhere else throughout the waiting area, or could even be back in place now.
    LOST: Heidi Moe 20 JUL 98
  2. On Indiana Jones after the movie viewing room, in the archaeological office if you look on the flat surface closest to the viewer there is a newspaper and on that there is a paper with drawings Mickey and Minney.
    REPORTED: anon 26 FEB 98
    I also saw the Hidden Mickey in the Archaelogical Office. If you look down at the table you can clearly see the drawings of Mickey and Minney.
    CONFIRMED: Suzanne 27 JUL 98 pict from
  3. Inside the temple the line twists and, near the end, goes past the archaeological office (set up by Indy while he was excavating this site). On the office desk is an old Life magazine sitting under the desk blotter. The magazine is only partially peeking out, but you can clearly see Mickey Mouse on the cover. There is also a Hidden Minnie. The time period for the ride is the 1930's, so this magazine is dated as such. I thought it was interesting that while Indiana Jones is supposedly in Asia looking for the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, he keeps up on the news in the U.S. by reading Life magazine which coincidently is the issue with a Mickey Mouse on the cover.
    Real Hidden Mickey See the list of contributors
    Note: I am no longer taking reports on this one unless there is a refurb and the Imagineers change this effect.
  4. Look at the middle shelf on the wall to the right of the office door. There are three brass dials that have been placed together. I have not seen this before, so I don't know when they were placed there.
    REPORTED: Curt 16 NOV 98
  5. If you look in the Camera lens in Indy's office in the queue for the Indiana Jones Adventure you will see a very obvious Hidden Mickey. Over time the camera has fallen but if you look closely you can see it. There is also supposed to be one in the map to the left.
    REPORTED: J.Brand 13 JUN 97

Stairways and Overpass Area

  1. There is a Hidden Mickey on the ceiling above the warning sign and right before the line breaks up into two. If you look up at the ceiling right above the sign there are holes in the plaster in the shape of a hidden Mickey. I don't know if it is a real hidden Mickey or if the plaster just happened to break away like that.
    REPORTED: Taylor Hawkins 26 MAR 99
    I debated over this and the others in my party agreed that the plaster has either crumbled or been knocked off by a disrespectful tourist.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99
  2. In the line, you come into sight of the transports. If you look over the jeeps, on the wall straight above the farthest boarding area,the boulders, or walls are painted and shaded in to look like a Hidden Mickey. You can also see it on the video when Sallah is showing you the transports. It's right above his head.
    REPORTED: Geoffrey Wright 20 SEP 96
  3. In the Indian Jones ride, when you are walking up the stairs after all the rooms, just before you walk into where you board the trucks, there is a place where you walk up stairs and then walk back down. In between, there are some sculptures on the left side wall with elephants. One of them has a hidden Mickey on it. It's really small so look close.
    REPORTED: BJ Brooks 29 NOV 97 pict from
  4. On Indiana Jones at the loading/unloading area there is a hidden Mickey on the wall! If you're in a wheelchair, and have to take the elevator - you will be asked to take one elevator up, roll across the floor, and take another down. As you exit the 2nd elevator - look on the wall where the button is. Three stones make a Mickey!
    REPORTED: Natalie B. 18 APR 01

On the Ride

Chamber of Destiny

  1. As your Jeep first starts off, it passes through a gate with jewels above it. There is a large jewel (head) with two smaller ones (ears).
    REPORTED: Brent 25 JUN 99

Hall of Promise

pict from
  1. When you enter one of the 3 doors, and you look straight at Mara holding out his hands, his nostrils are the ears of the Mickey, and his indention in his lips is the face.
    REPORTED: Geoffrey Wright 20 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Sam J Lin 23 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Jedibmc 19 MAY 97
    It was really obvious, and you can see it just by looking straight ahead.
    CONFIRMED: JonV 01 JUL 01

Gates of Doom

  1. There is a hidden Mickey on Indy's left cheek when he is in the doorway. I know its there because my uncle is an Imagineer and he showed it to me after hours one night. You can only see it in a fairly bright light.
    REPORTED: Rick Daiplo 04 FEB 99
    It is the most succesful hidden Mickey in DL. It is not possible for the public to see during normal operations. It was placed by the cast members, as an inside joke.
    REPORTED: Chris Johnson 15 FEB 99

Mummy Chamber

  1. As you enter the Mummy Chamber there is a tunnel with a painting as if the tunnel continued. The opening is a skeleton with the large mouth and the two eyes lit up blue. Above the eyes is a large and dark indentation in the rock. The Mickey is upside down.
    REPORTED: Steve 21 FEB 97 pict from pict from
  2. After you slip by the Gates of Eternal Doom, the next room you'll see is the Mummy Room. On your left there is a mummy/skeleton with a Mickey Mouse hat. It is on the 3rd skeleton on the left hand side as the jeep turns the corner. The mummy/skeleton's name is "Bones." Look over your left shoulder and you'll see it plain as day! This Hidden Mickey was even mentioned in a special on theme parks on E! As soon as you enter the skeleton room, you have to crane your neck to the left of the entrance. As they pop out, "Bones" on the very far left has the hat on. He is the fifth skull from the end.
    Real Hidden Mickey See the list of contributors
    Note: I am no longer taking reports on this one unless there is a refurb and the Imagineers change this effect.
    Bones' hat is now facing Mickey logo forwards, which is different than the picture posted on this page, where his name is facing front.
    UPDATE: Belle 04 JUL 98
  3. One of the skeletons is wearing a Mickey Mouse watch. Tricky to find, you have to walk through the ride to find this one...
    REPORTED: David Koch 01 NOV 95
    CONFIRMED: Wisterya 05 AUG 95
    CONFIRMED: Kellye Hunter 07 JUN 96
    There is definitly a Mickey Mouse watch on one of the skeletons that pops out.
    CONFIRMED: Holly Weber 05 APR 97

    We saw the Hidden Mickey watch on the really cute skeleton that pops out at you.
    CONFIRMED: Erin Curly and Princess Carrie 14 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Patrick M. 20 DEC 01


  1. As you exit the room with the skeletons, you cross the bridge. While crossing the bridge look up and you will spot two sets of flourescent purple lights. Keep your eyes on the second set toward the end of the bridge. At a certain point on the bridge the lights form a very clear Mickey head (both ears and head are in proper proportion). You can also see it just before you enter the next cave. Just keep looking at those lights and you will see it clearly again just before you enter the next cave. The only reason people probably haven't spotted it because they are not looking up when they cross the bridge. It seems to be made even clearer by a cloth backdrop placed directly behind the second set of flourescent purple. There are many flourescent lights placed throughout the ride this is the only set with a backdrop placed behind it. The imagineers obviously placed the backdrop there to provide a quasi-screen to shine the Mickey silhoette on.
    Real Hidden Mickey See the list of contributors
    Note: I am no longer taking reports on this one unless there is a refurb and the Imagineers change this effect.
  2. When you are crossing the rickety bridge, look at the big mara head. On top of this head you will see a cobra, like a decoration for the statue. If you look at this cobra's face, it has no face, just two big circles for eyes and a roundish snout. Perfect Mickey.
    REPORTED: robert 12 JUN 02

Snake Temple

  1. If you are looking at the wall above the snakes body just before you're told to 'watch out for anything that slithers' you will see a large hidden Mickey. This Mickey is not just the three circles but a full profile nose and all. Mickey is facing the direction the car is going. It is made of cracks in the wall and shadows.
    REPORTED: Russ Livesay, Jr. 14 JUL 97
    On Indiana Jones ride you can see a profile of Mickey Mouse after Indiana tell you to watch out for anything that slithers. It is in the paining by the large snake.
    CONFIRMED: Robert Rios 25 MAR 00
  2. While on the ride try to sit on the left side of the Jeep, when you are moving and making a left turn right before the big King Cobra Snake. Look down on the floor and you can see about ten Mickeys painted in a flouresent white. They shine pretty good and no one knows about them.
    REPORTED: Brian Bullock 08 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Angela Anderson 20 MAR 97
    The white hidden Mickeys on the floor of Indiana Jones are indeed there. At least one of the faces is fairly detailed. In order to see them, you must be in the far left row of the jeep.
    CONFIRMED: Belle 04 JUL 98


  1. After the serpent lunges at you, your transport takes a sharp right turn and immediately goes down an incline. There, directly in front of you on the wall is a silhouette of Mickey's head composed of several skulls and some great shadow effects. Best when viewed from the upper part of the incline.
    REPORTED: R. Barrows 16 JAN 98

Bug Room

  1. At the end of the bug cave, the headlights flash a Mickey on the wall.
    REPORTED: anon 07 AUG 97

Dart Room

  1. About half way thought the room look up on the right side of the ceiling and there are 3 holes to make a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Kimberly Brass 06 FEB 00
  2. In the attraction, Indiana Jones in the room where there are puffs of air coming at you, I saw that one of them had a mickey hat on.
    REPORTED: Leah 24 JUL 01

Rolling Ball Chamber

  1. At the final boulder scene, before the ball rolls too far you can see to other boulders on the sides the the big one forming a "temporary" Mickey.
    REPORTED: joey 16 FEB 99


  1. At the end of the ride, Indy is standing bu the crushed boulder and against the wall, 3 rocks form a hidden Mickey!!!
    REPORTED: Mike 12 MAY 99

Exiting the Ride

  1. pict from
  2. On the way out, large, about three feet high, there is a Hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 28 AUG 98
    While exiting Indiana Jones, and being new to looking for hidden Mickeys, I was surprised to see an mickey shape loosely indented in the rock wall on the right about waist high and the size of a dinner plate. I think that is what this sighting is referring to.
    CONFIRMED: Jolene Sampson 25 JAN 01 pict from
  3. Here's one I found on Indiana Jones Adventure. I don't think anyone reported it because I don't remember reading it. It's at the exit on the left wall just as you get off of the jeep. It's a snake on the wall and I think it makes a Mickey but it could be wishful thinking. It does though look more of a Mickey than most of the other snake Mickeys that have been reported.
    REPORTED: TRMHatter 19 MAR 01
  4. While exiting the ride, after you come out of the "cave" and into broad daylight, there is a cart on the left hand side that has a few stacks of logs on it. The logs appear to make Hidden Mickeys. Not only one Mickey, but a bunch of them!
    REPORTED: Kristy Lee 05 AUG 97
    All the same size
    When you are leaving the ride after you coming out next to the jungle ride, on the left side is a wagon with logs on it. The hidden Mickey is on the left side standing up. The bottom log is just a little bite bigger then the 2 top ones.
    UPDATE: Kimberly Brass 06 FEB 00
  5. I just happened to see this, and not paying attention to where I was going. As you exit Indiana Jones and are walking through the exit cave, on the ground is a Hidden Mickey on the floor. It should be before you reach the sign with the knight's picture. At first I thought it was a hole for a line pole, but it doesn't look like it can be removed.
    REPORTED: Christina H 22 MAR 02


pict from
  1. I just downloaded the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom MarafontNFPlain from the web and found a Hidden Mickey! If you look at the vertical bar character in the font, it seems to be a grenade, but looks more like the signature Mickey head silhouette to me...
    Theres a hidden Mickey in the Walt Disney Imagineers official font, the Marafont. This hidden Mickey can only be found if you have downloaded the Marafont and have Adobe Photoshop. When you type something in Photoshop using the Marafont, the lowercase "c" becomes a Mickey mouse head!
    CONFIRMED: Corey Chan 11 APR 99

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