Adventureland Enchanted Tiki Room

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Phsst: Fun Facts
The Enchanted Tiki Room
Phsst: Fun Facts
  1. While in the waiting area of the Enchanted Tiki Room, if you look up at the Adventureland sign, the end of the three bottom poles of the sign form a classic tri-circle Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Brandon Davis 03 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: shaida 16 JUN 01
  2. The flower baskets above the entrance to the Tiki Birds contain fake flowers. One of the types is an Anthurium, a flat red or pink glossy leaf with a large, strait yellow stamen-pistil (sorry my botany is lacking). The anthurium are normally heart shaped, take a look at any Hawaiian flower shipper if I am not clear. The ones at Disneyland are Mickey head shaped, three-lobed with ears. I noticed these last fall. I have not been there since, so cannot confirm, and I did not have a camera with me. It has been bugging me ever since. I would love to know if I was seeing things! Carla
    REPORTED: Carla 04 AUG 00
  3. In the waiting area for the Tiki Room, look at the flowering tree called Rongo. When the flowers drop, look at the guy in the back left bluish/purple flower. His chest forms the ears, his clasped hands form the head of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Vesely 19 AUG 97
    I believe that the name of the identifying god in the following entry for the Enchanted Tiki Room is incorrect (I can't speak for the hidden Mickey described, though). The "Father of all gods and goddess," the tree from whose limbs all "new life falls," is actually Tangaroa, _not_ Rongo (who is the god of agriculture and master kitesman, positioned directly under and to the left of Tangaroa when facing the front wall of the Tiki Room building).
    UPDATE: AprilDecember 12 JUN 99
    The tree god, well his name is TANGAROA, father of all gods.
    UPDATE: anon 29 JUL 00
  4. High (about nine feet up) on Southwest wall inside the Tiki Room is an orange circle approximately six inches in diameter. Once spotted, it clearly shows Mickey's head and ears. (This was provided to me by a helpful cast member). Having just returned from a vacation there, I was amazed to find that no prior report of this Mickey was listed. I'm thrilled that I can at last contribute although I didn't take a picture of it.
    REPORTED: Richard Church 05 SEP 00
    CONFIRMED: Robert Church 26 APR 01 pict from
  5. Hanging from each corner of the Tiki Room (right in front of and above the singing totem poles) are bird cages with 5 or 6 small blue birds in them. At the top of each cage, there is a circle or ring, and then connected to this circle is the pole that connects the cage to the ceiling. In this circle, on the cage that is diagonally across from José, there are three smaller circles inside this larger circle which are arranged in the traditional Hidden Mickey design. None of the other cages have this design. It is to the right of Pierre's perch.
    Real Hidden Mickey See the list of contributors
    Note: I am no longer taking reports on this one unless there is a refurb and the Imagineers change this effect.
    Tiki Room Sighting - On Pierre's perch at the top where the loop of the perch meets the woven inverted basket there are three small loops tied together in the Mickey shape. It is only on one side (to Pierre's left rear) of the perch so it does not seem to be accidental. I do not know if this is the same shape described above on a different perch and simply moved to another location or not, but it is there now.
    UPDATE: anon 27 JUL 98
  6. There is a large fixture that drops down in the center of the room over the fountain. The center is a huge cylinder with branches and birds hanging off the branches. On this center there are spots all over it. As it rotates you can see that there are three spots that make a perfect Mickey!
    REPORTED: Jaycub 11 JUN 02
  7. In the Enchanted Tiki Room, There are four large cages with about 5-6 limbs with a bird on each limb. You will notice that they are hanging on a piece of thick material. About halfway up the "thick string" is a circle made out of the thick string. Look at the circle located above the cage behind Piere (the french bird). Inside the circle are three other circles that make up a hidden Mickey!
    REPORTED: Jeff Kozlowski 10 APR 99
  8. On one of the perches in the Tiki Room, there is a feather suspended from a 'bamboo' hidden Mickey. I beleive it is two perches towards the exit door from Michael the Irish M.C. bird.
    REPORTED: Thom 06 OCT 98
    CONFIRMED: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 18 OCT 00
    CONFIRMED: Jimmy Hanson 22 APR 01
    CONFIRMED: shaida 23 JUN 01
  9. In the Enchanted Tiki Room, the tail feathers of the white bird directly above "Susette" (when the birds drop from the ceiling) form the ears with the base of the tail forming the head of the hidden Mickey!
    REPORTED: SealadyC 14 MAY 00
  10. The floor of the Enchanted Tiki Room is tiled with small roundish black and tan cobblestones in various sizes. The last time I was there, apparently there was some repair work being done on the floor near the middle of the front row on the José/Michael side of the room. There were patches where tiles had been removed and the gaps filled in with some sort of black putty or grout. In one such patch, three new tiles had been set in, all dark--a largish one and two smaller ones. They made a very convincing Mickey shape despite not being perfectly round. Perhaps the maintenance crew decided to have a little fun?
    REPORTED: Kellee Richards 31 MAY 01
The Enchanted Tiki Room

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