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  1. For Disney's Magic Music Days, our band got to go to Disney's Backlot. My friend and I noticed a Hidden Mickey on one of the buildings back there. At first, it's hard to notice, but if you look straight on at the corner of the building, you'll see that one wall makes up one half of the Mickey and the other wall makes up the other half. I do not have a picture, because it is "illegal" to take pictures in the backlot, because Disney does not want to spoil the fun for everyone by showing how everything looks behind the true Disneyland. But, if you ever get a chance to go back there, look for this! I thought it was pretty cool!
    I would like to confirm the couple of buildings forming a Mickey Head like shape in the backlot area. I went back there for Magic Music Days and pointed it out to my friends and they all agreed with me. We asked a CM that was escorting us but he went with "No Comment".
    CONFIRMED: Jason Morrell 13 FEB 99
    It's true! The new rehearsal hall building, on the North West corner, there is a semi-Mickey Mouse face. However, this is backstage and not accesible to our guests. If you are ever in a performing group at Disneyland with MMD (Magic Music Day's) do look for it!
    CONFIRMED: Darrin E. Davis 30 MAY 99 pict from
  2. In our new costuming building on this sign and also in the carpet is a swirly-type hidden Mickey. On the carpets the same design is in the pattern. decor
    REPORTED: anon 03 NOV 99
    The carpet in our new costuming biulding has swirls in the shape of Mickey's head. This building is just to the right of the kennel.
    CONFIRMED: anon 04 JUL 00
    Backstage, in the new costuming building, there are no hidden Mickeys in the carpet design. For there to be hidden Mickeys, they must first be hidden. The Mickey in the carpet is more featured/decor than hidden. Though it is hard to spot for our colorblind cast members.
    CONFIRMED: Avi Bonfil 26 OCT 00
  3. In the custodial cages near storybook storage there is a fake firealarm that is shaped like Mickey.
    REPORTED: anon 03 NOV 99
  4. In the Cast Member break area/resturant (Inn Between) the wallpaper has grapes that are made from Mickeys.
    REPORTED: James G. 15 JAN 00
    Backstage there is a Cast member only restaurant called THE INN-BETWEEN. The wallpaper is covered with bunches of grapes and fruit. Well, the grapes are actually little Mickey heads all bunched together and the apples and oranges are aranged as Mickey heads. I was eating my lunch there yesterday and I noticed them, cool, ey!!
    CONFIRMED: anon 22 OCT 01
    If you go backstage on Main Street behind the Plaza Inn there is a a place for cast members to eat called the Inn Between. There are hidden Mickey's: they have an apple for a head and a orange and lemon slice for ears this is all over the wallpaper and on each table the wall paper also has grapes the have several Mickey heads in them
    CONFIRMED: DisneyGirl 22 JAN 02

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