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Hungry Bear

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  2. Go up the ramp and just before getting to the order desk, look behind you and over the fence. Three very large rocks form what looks like our friend at an angle.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 05 JUL 96
    The rocks would be hard to shape to exact proportions.
    CONFIRMED: Wendy Park 02 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 08 NOV 96
  3. A Hidden Mickey is located on the back of a duck. I am serious! I took binoculars the second time to make sure. There is a clear image of a Mickey Head! The feather patterns make the Hidden Mickey. The duck usually can be found by the Hungry Bear Restaurant.
    REPORTED: anon 14 MAR 97

Fowler's Galley

Huckleberry Finn
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  1. Walk to the back of the seafood shack towards the harbor. You'll see a big wall with a couple oars screwed into it. Follow this wall all the way to the back. If you look down at the bottom, you'll see a light brown wooden Mickey Mouse head screwed into the wall. It's perfect!!!!
    REPORTED: Shawn Brewer 19 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Alex Koreneff 14 AUG 98
    Its located at the Columbia dock in front of Haunted Mansion. In the lower corner (about knee high), to the left of "Fowler's Inn", there's a hidden Mickey nailed to the wall.
    CONFIRMED: Mikael Romano 25 MAR 99

Brer Bar

  1. No Hidden Mickeys Reported Yet

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