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Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

  1. The Tower of Terror was built to be 199 feet because if it were built at 200 feet or more there would have to be a red light on top to meet FAA (aircraft) regulations--That kind of lighting would take away from the illusion of the old hotel. The book "Building A Dream - The Art of Disney Architecture" by Beth Dunlop is a great read about Disney architecture at the parks, etc.
  2. pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  3. This is a picture at a reunion at Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors in 2005 of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride Director Joe Dante and Robert Steven Rhine who played Rod Serling on The Tower of Terror Ride.
  4. From a report for the Disney World Tower of Terror: "I stumbled upon your site and noticed a few comments regarding whether Rod Serling was playing himself on "The Twilight Zone - Tower Of Terror" ride or an impersonator. I happen to have the correct answer. Some footage of the real Rod Serling was used as well as an impersonator - a rather good one - I hope. I know this because I played the part and did the impersonation. I have never even seen the ride myself, but I was hired by director Joe Dante and was filmed doing the impersonation for the ride. I was made over to look more like Rod Serling, though I already resemble him and have done impersonations of him before. His widow was at the screen test and approved me to portray her late husband for the ride. Oddly enough, I knew Rod Serling as a kid (and vacationed in Palm Springs with him and his family). Rod told my father, also a television writer, that he thought I should play in the Sandy Koufax story some day. Little did he know that twenty-five years later I would be imortalized on the "The Twilight Zone - Tower Of Terror" I hope this clears up the mystery. "
    REPORTED: Robert Rhine 18 JUN 02
  5. The little girl going in elevator is holding a 1930's style Mickey doll; one of the very first ever made.
    CONFIRMED: Nocturus 05 MAR 95
    In the video you see before boarding the little girl is holding an original 1935 Mickey Mouse Doll.
    CONFIRMED: Jerry Witman 27 JUN 96
  6. Here are the names of the specters of the disappeared elevator: Sally Shine (little girl) Emmaline Partridge (Sally's nanny) Gilbert Lawrence (guy) Carolyn Crosson (lady) Dewey _________ (Bellhop)
    REPORTED: Ben Irwin 08 DEC 99
  7. At Tower of Terror, the ghost girl is played by none other than Lindsay Ridgeway, who also plays Morgan, Cory Matthews' wisecracking little sister on "Boy Meets World".
    REPORTED: anon 14 SEP 01
  8. In the pre-video for the Tower of Terror, if you listen closely, you can hear the little girl is actually singing the old nursery rhyme "It's raining, it's pouring...".
    REPORTED: Sockarboy 09 JAN 01
  9. I noticed that once you enter the hotel to when you enter the service elevator you pass about 5 clocks. I noticed that every one of the clocks had its hands positioned at five past eight. I asked around and no one knew the answer let alone noticed it. Is it possible this is a "Hidden Mickey" and has some intentional meaning?
    REPORTED: Nathanael Wells 31 JUL 04
  10. Upper level in basement, markings on the wall form a portal. If you listen to the wall, you will hear the sounds on a child. Remember the twilight zone episode.
    REPORTED: Jungkhans 27 APR 04
  11. The ride has tie-ins to many of the episodes of the TV show. This is thoughout the queue. However, in the library room (where the television is) there is a bookshelf. You will find a metal vertical separator in the shelf that has "Rod Sterling" printed on it. Below it, for the full length of the shelf, is a set of books initialed "TZ" at the top. The titles of the books happen to be the names of all the episodes.
    REPORTED: Jungkhans 27 APR 04
  12. E. B. Effects created the boilers for the basement of the Tower of Terror. Checkout a sample of their boiler and work.
    REPORTED: anon 14 MAY 01

Facts and Figures




Vertical Vehicle Convience and Elevator




April 27, 2004


199 feet

Drop Height

? feet

Drop Time

? secs

Number of Drops

6-12 (Randomized from 44 sequences)



Ride Time

5 minutes ? seconds


28.4 mph (max)


22 riders per elevator


? people per hour; 1 elevator per ? seconds; ? elevators at once

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