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Jumpin' Jellyfish

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Jumpin' Jellyfish

  1. When my friend and I were standing in line for the Jumping Jellyfish ride he spoted a hidden Mickey. We had been searching all day for something, cause we were new to the idea, but when standing in line, at a certain point in the line on the left side there is a rail, on the other side there is rock on the ground and little round green grassy looking bushes, there small, and there are only a few of them that line up, and make our Mickey Mouse friend.
    REPORTED: Cat 27 AUG 01
    Several of the bunches of seagrass planted along the beach next to the Jellyfish ride are in the classic Mickey shape.
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Heeren 17 JAN 02
  2. When I was walking out from Paradise Pier I noticed a hidden Mickey made of three bubbles on the ride, and my sister even confirmed it. My hidden Mickey was on the left side of the left ride (there are two). I can't pinpoint the excact location of the Mickey, but I'm pretty sure that if you look up the line of bubbles you'll find the Mickey.
    REPORTED: shaida 09 JUL 01
  3. If you go behind Jumpi'n Jellyfish and go to the left side. Go to the exit and look down near the jellyfish in front of you. You will see shells that form a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Matt Jackson 01 SEP 01

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