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Sun Wheel

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Sun Wheel

Sun Wheel

  1. While waiting in line for the Sun Wheel there are three signs, they show what kind of cart you want to go in- stationary or the funky moving kind. On the sides of the stationary sign are three circles, one larger circle and two smaller circles, which make a hidden Mickey!!!
    REPORTED: shaida 23 JUN 01
    CONFIRMED: Sean Catherall 26 JUL 01
    There are three spots you can board and right before you board the cars on the wheel you pass under one of three white entrance arches. In the middle of each arch there is a picture of what kind of car, swinging or not, you are about to board. On either side of each arch there are three little suns that form the familiar shape of Mickey's head.
    CONFIRMED: Kimberly Buckley 13 NOV 01
  2. This may be a stretch, but look at the the "face" on the Sun Wheel -- the cheeks are uncannily like Mickey's ears. Squinting from a distance: the mouth area becomes head-like, crowned by those unmistakeable ears!
    REPORTED: Hannah 09 MAR 01
    The Sun Wheel's face Mickey is a hidden Mickey. The bottom of it's nose is the top of the central circle, while the mouth makes the rest. Then those cheeks make the rest
    CONFIRMED: Chad Morrison 28 APR 01

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