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  1. While standing in line for the story book canal boat ride, my wife noticed a hidden Mickey in the lighthouse at the entrance of the ride. If you look at the reflector that spins around the light, it has two ears on it making it look like Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jack S. 19 SEP 00
    CONFIRMED: Meg 17 NOV 00
  2. The pumpkin carriage on the drawbridge approaching Cinderella's castle seems the most obvious to me. The pumpkin itself is Mickey's head, and the two wheels make his ears. It's simply upside down.
    REPORTED: anon 25 JUN 01
  3. We may have found a Hidden Mickey on the Storybook Land Ride. It was hard to see, so we wan't someone else to look and let us know what they thought. As you pass through the Cave of Wonders, on the right side, there are 2 caves with jewelry. The second cave had a golden camel with holes in the neck possibly forming a Hidden Mickey.
    Circles same size.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Wendy Park 27 AUG 96
  4. On the Storybook Land Canal Boats ride, we asked a cast member if there were any hidden Mickeys on the ride. She told us that there is one where Cinderella's house is, but it is hard to find when it's dark. We rode the boats at night, (and on a rainy day) so we couldn't find it...
    REPORTED: Tai&Eve 17 FEB 98
    Yes, in the Cinderella section on the Storybook Land Canal Boats there is a hidden Mickey. If you look at all of the houses in that scene you'll notice that they have three circles in the shape of an upside down Mickey, on one of the houses the circles are rightside up-with a big circle and two on top for the ears. You can't see it at night because they don't have it lit up, but during the day it's easy to see.
    CONFIRMED: Alice 03 NOV 99
  5. As you enter the cave of wonders, in the first treasure trove on the cast member's right there is gold vase. Near the bottom of the vase is a Mickey-shaped diamond. It is hard to see until you are slightly passed the trove so just keep looking back.
    REPORTED: Kat 09 APR 06
  6. I know where there is a hidden Mickey. Unfortunatley for the guest it is hard for them to see. As the guest exits the boat and heads toward the exit door, there is a pathway to their left. It goes to the back of the ride and is for cast members only, but if you stick your head over there really quick like, look down at the path just as it turns. You will see 3 stones imbedded in the cement walkway that form a Mickey. It's upside down.
    REPORTED: anon 01 AUG 00
  7. When a guest is taking a tour in the Storybook Land Canal Boats they forget to notice that here are hidden Mickeys. Well one that is very well hidden would be the one where Alice lives. When the boat makes a turn from the Three Little Pig's homes a little english village. A guest will first locate a water mill thinking that the water is Alice's home, it's not. Follow the stone walkway up abd then there is a church, then following down is Alice's home. Just following the stone walkway down south it leads a guest's eyes to the hole of the white rabbit. All through the direction of the village and story of Alice in Wonderland there a guest can see, without noticing, the hidden mickey. The church and Alice's house are the ears and the water mill is the nose, but all through it the walkway is drawing out the outline of the side view hidden mickey head.
    REPORTED: anon 29 APR 01

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