Fantasyland Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle

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  1. pict from
  2. At the top of the castle there are several gold crowns located near the top of the mast. The design on the crown is that of a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: TDS LP Team 13 FEB 98
  3. My girlfriend and I were waiting for the firework show to begin and sure enough there it was as plain as day or night for this matter. This one is in Fantasyland at the castle although you have to stand from a distance and it has to be at night time to see it. On the highest tower of the castle where the hole for the window is will make your big circle for his head and surrounding wall that goes up and down makes his ears and this is the only part of the castle that makes a upside down hidden mickey at night. Good luck, Have fun and belive!
    REPORTED: Gary Marcellus 14 NOV 01
  4. Check out the Disney family crest above the drawbridge of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Specifically, check it out at night. The spotlights illuminating the crest are in the shape of Mickey Mouse.
    REPORTED: Ben Morgan 15 FEB 98
    It's really there.
    CONFIRMED: Ronny Bjarnason 19 MAR 98
  5. In the moat in the front of Sleeping Beauty Castle on right hand side of bridge there is a cement stone at the top are two bushes for the ears the stone is Mickey's face
    REPORTED: Torstvet Family 26 JAN 97
  6. If you walk into the castle from the north there is an arch directly in front of you and one on the right and left hand side of you. Is it Mickey's head? You be the judge.
    REPORTED: Pete Perreault 29 MAY 97
  7. I found a Hidden Mickey in the castle, but not were you would expect. Most people look for it in the main entrance but this is in the side entrance. As you walk through the Tomorrowland entrance look up at the ceiling you can see two circles and one large one in the stone. A perfect Mickey. It is blatant and in the center of the walkway.
  8. Deep in the heart of the castle, there is a monumental drinking fountain, with Aurora and Philip on top in their final storybook pose from the movie, cast in bronze. Above their heads is a white wooden trefoil, modified into an unintentional hidden Mickey!
    REPORTED: Blaine 04 SEP 99
  9. At the back of the Castle (and directly above the bronze spike in the ground, that used to mark Disneyland's center), is a hanging light fixture made of iron. Note, the very bottom-most part of the fixture and you'll see a bronze-like circle with two circular rods forming the ears. This may not have been an intentional Mickey, but the basic shape is there.
    REPORTED: Michael Martin 30 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 MAY 96
    Look at the picture and you be the judge.
    MAYBE: Allen Huffman 02 SEP 96
    Actually more like a chandelier.
    CONFIRMED: Ed Johnston 15 OCT 96 pict from
  10. Mickey formed on hinge in Sleeping Beauty Castle.
    REPORTED: Joan & Steve Wong 09 JUL 01
  11. There is a Hidden Mickey in one of the story books. It is very obvious.
    REPORTED: Andy Murphy 20 JAN 97
  12. If you look at Sleeping Beauty Castle directly from the front there is a distinct Mickey visible in the center of the castle above the drawbridge. Two lights shine on a plaque and from a distance a perfect Mickey can be seen. This Mickey is only visible at night and is especially apparent through a video camera. Up close no Mickey can be seen and in my experiance the best place to see this Mickey is up the stairs and just before the train station.
    REPORTED: Doug Benner 19 AUG 98

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