Fantasyland Matterhorn

Matterhorn Bobsleds

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Fun Stories

  1. This sighting was found near the top of the Matterhorn. On the side opposite of the "Alice in Wonderland" ride, near the top you can see two eyes and a nose. Together they form the shape of Mickey's face. It is located near the top. I saw one day walking down the street, no one else in my family could see it so I took a picture and when it came out it was obvious.
    REPORTED: Casey Ryan 17 JUL 00
  2. When waiting in line for the Matterhorn you notice that the pillars of the building have different coats of arms. They also appear in the center of the building (on the outside) where both sides of the line enters the building. On the second coat from the Fantasyland side, there is a picture of a key. At the bottom, the key curls around into the Mickey shape. There is another coat with a key on it, but it doesn't form the Mickey.
    REPORTED: Andrew Graves 29 JUN 98
  3. When you are standing in line, presuming that you're approaching the sleds from the side closest to the Fantasyland Autopia, you can see it. Just before you enter the building, look up near the top right side. There are three portions of "rock" that are strategically uncovered with snow.
    REPORTED: Jaycub 01 APR 99
  4. I'm pretty sure that there is one on the bobsleds where the ice crystals are. As you go past it, it is on the right side of the area against the wall, behind the work/tool box. My friend saw it too.
    REPORTED: Colleen 11 DEC 97
  5. Look next to the second abominable snowman. Mickey is carved into the wall.
    REPORTED: DHixson729 26 MAY 97
    We also saw the Mickey carved into the rock on the Matterhorn. It is by the second abominable snowman.
    CONFIRMED: Candace and Eric 07 AUG 98
    Next to the second abomonible snowman, there is a Mickey face carved into the wall. (You have to ride on the ride to the right, not the left one.)
    CONFIRMED: Alexandra 25 FEB 01
  6. To view this Mickey you must ride the left side of the Bobsleds. After the ride is over, when in the unloading area, before stepping out of the bobsleds, look down and to your left. Underneath the track there is a small, unidentifiable, dark grey panel. There is a blatanly looking Mickey printed in white circles on this panel. You might have to look closely but be watching for it and you can't miss.
    REPORTED: Alfonso Aguilar 07 OCT 98
  7. There is a Hidden Mickey on the Matterhorn that can only be seen at night! If you stand at the Mad Tea Party and look over at the Matterhorn you will be able to see a shadow that looks like a slightly elongated Mickey head. I should know it's there because I work the attraction.
    REPORTED: anon 15 APR 97
    At night, when you are in the line for Alice In Wonderland (or around that area) look up at the Matterhorn. Between the top of the mountain and the caves where the skyway used to go through, there are two identically-shaped roundish shadows, and a dark rock underneath them.
    UPDATE: Er The Ic 11 APR 00

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