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Peter Pan DVD

  1. There are other Hidden Characters here.
  2. When you are in line for Peter Pan, look at the mural on the wall. The skull's eyes and nose form a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jennifer and Becky 04 APR 98
    CONFIRMED: Shawn Smith 11 MAY 98
  3. If you look closely you'll notice there's a picture of Mickey Mouse on the wall of the nursery.
    REPORTED: Dynara 22 DEC 96
  4. There is one orange boat on the whole ride the rest are black. The eyes and nose of the skull on the the orange boat's sail (the inside of the sail) make a Mickey. This is the only boat with 3 perfect circles forming the face of the skull making a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Nellie 23 NOV 98
  5. As you are flying over London, look to the left of the London Zoo. Then, look about 4 paces up. Then go about 2 inches to the right, and you will see a faint shadow on the manhole on the street. The shadow converges and definitely forms a Mickey ears and head profile.
    REPORTED: Harry Johnson the Third 23 AUG 96
  6. When you fly into London there are clouds no the wall. Look closely and there are 2 Hidden Mickey's side by side. They are clear as day. There are no doubts about this one. I have had several of my friends see it also.
    REPORTED: Cindy 20 NOV 98
  7. As your flying over London you will see the moon off in the distance, three of the craters are set up in Mickey's shape.
    REPORTED: trent and mike 18 NOV 96
    The craters are way too dark to be natural, and they also are much larger than the craters we see on the moon when we look out the window at night!
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 06 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Theresa K. 07 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 23 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Justine Fry 27 JAN 01
    On the Peter Pan's Flight ride there is a Hidden Mickey. I know this is true because when I saw it I kinda shouted and the man running it at the end of the ride asked me if I enjoyed seeing my first Hidden Mickey. It is in the moon when you go from the roofs of London to Neverland. You pass right by a moon and the three craters in the moon create an authentic Hidden Mickey. Go see it tell me waht you think.
    CONFIRMED: Tweedle dee 20 JAN 02
    When you are flying over London in Peter Pan's Flight when you are leaving london if you look to the left just a little bit up you will see a moon with three black craters making Mickey Mouse's head!!!
    CONFIRMED: Disney Lover 29 MAR 02
  8. As a cast member of the park, and attraction worker for the Peter Pan ride, I just thought I would mention the fact that someone once told me of a hidden Mickey on the side of Big Ben. When I did my closing walk through the other day, I walked up to Big Ben and on the side of the roof was a spot where a Mickey had been, painted the same color as the tower. It is not there any more, it looks like someone knocked it off, too bad, but the shadow and imprint is still visible with the lights on. Maybe someone will get lucky enough to have the ride brake down while they are in "london town" and can see this.
    REPORTED: anon 01 AUG 00
    When going on Peter Pan's Flight, sit on the left side of the ship. As you are flying over London look on the right side of Big Ben, Mickey is standing in the top right window.
    UPDATE: Casey 22 MAR 06
    On the Peter pan Ride, when you fly over London, look at Big Ben. When you first enter, wait until you have gone to the opposite side. Look in the windows on Big Ben, and you will see, very clearly, the entire body of Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: David Norse 19 MAY 06
  9. As your flying over London you will see the moon off in the distance, a series of stars at each end of the moon in the shape of circles in the exact right place form a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Mark Mitchell 22 NOV 96
  10. When you see the city lights there's a Mickey head made of lights
    REPORTED: Noah orozco 02 OCT 99
  11. Right when you go in the bedroom above the blocks, there is a ball by the door with two little balls above it. We're not sure it's a real Mickey because the ears are real small.
    REPORTED: Alex Goldman & Michael Smyrak 28 SEP 96
  12. My sister is a Cast Member at Disneyland and she told me about the REAL Hidden Mickey of Peter Pan's Flight. As you go into the room where there is the big Pirate Ship, look down. There are three cannonballs on the floor of the ship that make a Hidden Mickey. It is upside down, but you can't miss it.
    REPORTED: Andrew Prine 03 JUL 97
    When you're flying over the pirate ship, look down to the right at the cannon balls. From two directions they form Mickey's head.
    CONFIRMED: Debbie Bowman 08 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: Sabrina 23 JUL 00
    CONFIRMED: anon 01 AUG 00
  13. On Peter Pan, while circling Neverland, about halfway around, below and to your left there is skull rock, when viewed from certain angles the eyes, and mouth make a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Ricardo JuaREZ 13 JAN 97

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