Fantasyland Pinocchio's Daring Journey

Pinocchio's Daring Journey

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  1. When you are about to get on the ride, look where the Cast Member controlling the ride is sitting. Directly above the Cast Member is a octagon shaped window with a design of circles in it. It has a row of big circles and then a row of small circles and it does this all the way up the window. The circle rows do not line up on top of each other but instead they go between the two circles from the prior row. This design forms about 35 or so Hidden Mickey's I'll do a count next time I go. Many other places in Fantasyland have windows with circle designs in them but only this one uses two different sizes which is required to make a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Eric B 11 MAY 96
    Yes, the octagon is there and in fact there 71 full Mickeys and more partials. The problem is that the ears are rather small for the head. Other than that, yea i'd say they do look like Mickey (without any features of course).
    CONFIRMED: Josh Ferguson 01 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 06 JAN 97
    In the octagon shaped window with the design of circles in it, it is my understanding that patterns aren't true Hidden Mickeys.
    WISHFUL THINKING: anon 02 APR 97
    Above the operator are some windows painted on the wall. You can make out a head and some ears. The windows are circular and all the same size. It looks like Mickey Mouse with over-grown ears.
    CONFIRMED: Craig Holz 17 JUL 00
  2. At the beginning, there is a dancing Pinocchio puppet. As he is dancing look at the shadows his feet are casting on the floor, they form a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Kelly Lee 17 DEC 97 pict from
  3. In Ghepetto's Toy Shop on the right, there is a long ship in a big wooden case. The top of the case has a Hidden Mickey fashioned into the framing. It may not be on the list because it is in a rather dark corner.
    REPORTED: Rich Koster 11 SEP 93
    As we were riding along we thought we had missed it but at the very end of the ride we saw the ship and then saw the Hidden Mickey right on the top of the wooden case.
    CONFIRMED: Daniel Sydor 23 APR 94
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 26 JAN 96
    CONFIRMED: Barbara Fett 25 MAR 99
    CONFIRMED: Meg 25 JUL 00
    CONFIRMED: Eric 08 OCT 01
  4. Just after Monstro the whale pops up, there is a fake stone wall on the left side. About half way up on the stone wall, there is a grouping of stones that are very clearly a Mickey. There is a large one that is the head, two smaller ones on top for the ears and even a smaller one that makes up Mickey's nose.
    REPORTED: Sue Kruse 22 APR 96
  5. After passing the carnival scene and right after the two foxes you should see a wall directly in front of you. On this wall there should be a clown who is juggling. Next to him on the right is a large jack-in-the-box. Between these two things there are balls of different colors painted on the walls. A purple ball makes up Mickey's face and two smaller balls (yellow and blue) make up his ears.
    REPORTED: Adam & Amanda 01 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Barbara Fett 25 MAR 99
  6. There is a hidden Mickey when the Blue fairy disappears, it's one of her little sparkles. It's really tiny, so you have to look really hard for it
    REPORTED: Tiffany 24 MAY 98
  7. Notice the room with the pool table between a quarter and halfway though the ride. As you are exiting the room with the pool table, look back onto the wall behind the table and you will see a shadow on the wall. This shadow is Mickey's shadow, however, unlike most hidden Mickeys, this is a profile view rather than a frontal view so you will see his nose stick out and the side of his face.
    REPORTED: Charlie Fountaine 31 AUG 01
  8. As you enter the room that is Pleasure Island look up immediately, there are some flags hanging down to the far right you will see a yellow flag with the traditional Mickey head on it.
    REPORTED: Lolita & Charles 11 MAR 97
  9. In the room where you see the Pleasure Island Bad guy in a booth (I think he's supposed to be selling tickets) on a banister pole, on the right side of the car your in, there is a Mickey. Its so clear I wouldn't even call it a hidden Mickey. Its on a wood banister and the Mickey is black and sticks right out, you can't miss it.
    REPORTED: Lauren Ferreira 26 JUN 98
  10. As you enter Pleasure Island there is a large candy cane shaped thing that you travel around in your cart, hanging from the ceiling. In front of it on the ground are three circles that look like they could be Mickey.
    REPORTED: trent and mike 18 NOV 96
  11. When you enter Pleasure Island to your right is a large ferris wheel and each seat is a Mickey head in swirly candy cane color.
    REPORTED: Aurora Rose 03 NOV 00
  12. When you pass by the popcorn stand in Pleasure Island, look at the floor, you'll see a popcorn that makes a Hidden Mickey shape.
    REPORTED: Manuel Gomez 29 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Emanoncu 29 DEC 00
  13. Once you enter the room with the "When you wish upon a star" music, if you look for the main star in the sky, if you look carefully in the center, you see a really small perfect Mickey! It's kind of hard to see since it's the same color of the star and small.
    REPORTED: C-Jay 02 FEB 97
  14. At the very end of the ride there is a cuckoo clock on the left hand side. At the base of the clock the wood is carved into a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Kitty 05 NOV 99
  15. At the end of the ride, there is a painting on the wall of Ghepetto in his workshop. The window has an upside down Hidden Mickey. The second circle on the top row is the head and the two smaller circles in the second row are the ears.
    REPORTED: CindyP 02 APR 97
    On Pinocchio's Daring Journey, at the end of the ride before you exit, there is a mural on the wall of Ghepetto and Pinoccio. Look at the window, it is made up of circles and on the ledge there is a jar with paintbrushes in it. The jar makes the head and two of the circles in the window make the ears!
    UPDATE: anon 20 APR 00

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