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  1. It's A Small World
  2. On the outside right side of the building, there's a wall with a huge gold circle on it. Some shapes are cut from the circle and you can see the tree or bush behind it. If you look at the upper left corner of the circle, you'll see a small Hidden Mickey: his ears are gold and his face is green (because his face is a cut-out circle and you can see the tree or bush behind it).
    REPORTED: Maeve C. 25 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Frank Carrillo 05 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Hastin Zyltra 28 JUL 01
  3. On the outside near the top of the facade, there are a lot of small gold propellers. On some of them (I noticed that the ones made this way generally moved slower than the rest of them), there are, on each petal of the propeller, one large circle and five smaller ones surrounding it. If you disregard three of the five small circles, the other two along with the large center one will form a perfect Hidden Mickey. I know there's some debate about Hidden Mickeys with extra circles (specifically the ones on the pillows in the Captain's Chamber in Pirates), but I don't see any reason this type should be disregarded.
    REPORTED: Amie Babineau 02 DEC 96
  4. As one stands in line for It's A Small World, look at the three round towers in which the ride operators sit. You will see a round, large-diameter tower in the center (on the right as you are in line) and two, round smaller-diameter towers to the left (the ears). If you stand on the hills to the right of It's A Small World (you must get permission from a CM to do this) you will see a giant hidden Mickey made from the three round towers. I didn't get a chance to measure the "face" but the "face" with the "ears" together are approximately 15 feet across.
    REPORTED: Richard W. Church 08 SEP 97
    I was a cast member at Disneyland as well as a ride operator on It's a Small World and can confirm that the hidden Mickey that is made from the two ride operators are the ears and the captain's tower as we called it was the face of Mickey Mouse.
    CONFIRMED: Chad Smith 06 FEB 99
    I was a cast member at "It's a Small World" and I can also confirm that the dispatching towers are meant to be in the form of a Mickey Mouse and are one of the two It's a Small World Hidden Mickeys.
    CONFIRMED: Clarice 19 MAR 99
  5. When you are in the line look at the facade. Immediately to the right of the clock there are three trees pruned as spheres. The one closest to the clock is beneath 2 gold balls that make the ears. You only can see it from certain locations in line.
    REPORTED: Frank Carrillo 05 JAN 97
  6. In some of the over sized leaves you can see a head and two ears.
    REPORTED: Michiru364 23 JUL 99
  7. When you first get in the ride in the snowflakes I saw a hidden Mickey in between the first and second snowflake on the wall.
    REPORTED: Sienna Naggar 14 JUL 01
  8. Right as the ride starts, there are a bunch of balloons, and three of them make up a Mickey head. It can't be missed I am surprised it hadn't been reported yet.
    REPORTED: James Wilcox 20 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Jamie K. Sleight 16 AUG 97
  9. There is a hidden Mickey on one of the baloons in the beginning-middle of the ride.
    REPORTED: Sienna Naggar 14 JUL 01
  10. Here is a set of clowns in hot air balloons in the 2nd or 3rd room. The 3rd balloon contains a clown whose nose is shaped like a Hidden Mickey. I admit that it could also be an upside-down club, but everyone in my family thought it was a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Gary A. Mott 17 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Gates Browne 17 AUG 97
    The clown's nose is a club, not a Mickey. His other facial features are also playing card symbols. Anyway, a playing card club cannot be considered a Hidden Mickey because all three circles are the same size and are conjoined (there is no space between the "ears").
    WISHFUL THINKING: Kellee Richards 06 MAR 02
  11. I was on the ride, solely looking for Hidden Mickeys and I think I succeeded. It is in the second or third room on the ceiling. It is where there is a balloon, or a carpet flying around. The shadows on the ceiling above this make a very distinct shape, that looks very much like our old pal Mickey. The shadow is a front view: just the ears and a face.
    REPORTED: Vickie R. 29 MAR 97
  12. In the 3rd or 4th room, on the right side of the ride, there are a bunch of flowers, if you look closely three flowers on the wall form a hidden Mickey. If you look closely you will see it.
    REPORTED: Candace and Eric 02 AUG 98
  13. In the South Seas behind the mermaids in the bubbles that go up on the right side of the girls...there's a Mickey but he's upside down. (Even imagineers make mistakes.)
    REPORTED: Clarice 19 MAR 99
    I asked one of the cast members where the Mickey was and they told me that it is in the bubbles behind the mermaids.
    CONFIRMED: Sabrina 03 JUN 99
  14. Toward the end, in a room reminiscent of an underwater scene, look to the right, next to the mermaids, where imaginary bubbles rise up the wall. These bubbles are actually made of light circles, but one in every fifty or so is a Mickey-head shape. I asked several cast members after the ride and they said it was a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Richard W. Church 08 SEP 97
  15. While you are in the India room and you are half to 3/4 of the way thru it...Look to the left and there is a screen with a dancing lady on it. The dancing lady on the screen goes thru a sequence of being very bright at first...and then fades slowly to the beat of the song until it is just a shadow against the screen and the the shadow makes up a hidden Mickey. All you have to do is keep your eyes on the dancing lady!!!
    REPORTED: Susan Daddio 13 MAY 98
    There is a faded tri-circle HM in the India room. The dancing lady is on a screen that is the front of a temple that every so often fades and displays the Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Christopher A. Cook 22 JUL 00
  16. I don't know which room this is in, but on your ride right there is a Hidden Mickey on the face of a white doll up towards the ceiling. The eyes and nose form a Mickey. The doll looks like a clown.
    REPORTED: Vicki Morrison 24 MAY 06
  17. In the International Room (the last one) there are several dolls on the left as you enter the room. The third doll is wearing what used to be called a "poodle-skirt", yet this one is a Mickey instead. 3 fuzzy green balls in that famous pattern. This was seen by my sister.
    REPORTED: Brian K. Eddy 17 OCT 96
    In the last room the a girl with a poodle skirt has three green balls that forms a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Lisa Rodriguez 03 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Gates Browne 17 AUG 97
  18. In the "Peace on Earth" room, as you leave look up and to your left. The three holly berries seem to form a very obvious hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Bitzie 26 NOV 99
  19. clover
  20. Found a possible hidden Mickey in 'it's a small world'. Not sure of the name of the room, but I believe it's the one with all the European countries since it seems to be Ireland with all the green clovers. My friend Michael snapped a picture and I think he captured an upside down hidden Mickey in one of the clovers in the very front. It's kind of obvious once you see the picture, since none of the other clovers has the perfectly round cutouts like the hidden Mickey one does.
    REPORTED: Kim & Gary N. 26 APR 06
  21. As you ride into the last room with the children of all the nations look to your left there are three swedish girls singing, the one farthest to the right has three fuzzy balls on her dress that form the traditional Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Lolita & Charles 11 MAR 97
    I think they moved the balls. If I remember correctly, it was the middle girl that had these 3 green fuzzy balls.
    CONFIRMED: Matt & Laura 16 JAN 98
  22. In the last room, the Hidden Mickey is made from a spinning globe, and some discs that take on a Mickey apperance.
    REPORTED: Truckman 24 FEB 97
  23. Directly across from the exit of Small World, you will come to a building facade with a picture of an elk on it and a vine with grapes. The bunch of grapes farthest to the right (and I believe the bottom most as well) had a hidden Mickey in it in the form of the bottom 3 grapes.
    REPORTED: Disney Princess 26 FEB 00

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