Fantasyland Snow White's Scary Adventures
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  2. I found a Hidden Mickey on the outside of Snow White. It's the metal decoration on a lamp in the handicapped entrance. Go to the main entrance from Fantasyland to the Toy Shoppe and look to your right. The Mickey is on the bottom of the lamp mounted on the ceiling.
    REPORTED: Jennifer O'Neil 20 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Mrs. O'Neill 22 MAR 97
  3. While boarding Snow White's ride there is a mural painting on the wall in front of you. A hidden Mickey jumped out at me. It's made up of three bushes, they distinctly form a hidden Mickey. While even showing it to some cast members, they were really taken by surprise.
    REPORTED: Mike 11 FEB 99
  4. Before boarding, in line, a hidden Mickey can be made out of three bunches of leaves at the top right of the front mural.
    REPORTED: Mike 11 FEB 99
    Just before you board the "cart", in the tree by the house at the bottom right there is a bunch of leaves in the form of Mickey Mouse.
    CONFIRMED: Ryan Sherwood 16 APR 01 pict from
  5. I was at Disneyland yesterday and asked the Hostess about the Hidden Mickey on Snow White. She replied, "I can't tell you but if I was you I would look at the turtle." Towards the beginning of the ride, you enter a room in which Snow White is going up the stairs and a turtle is following her. On the turtle's shell, there is one large circle in the middle surrounded by smaller circles. The two at the top form Mickey the ears. It's there!
    REPORTED: Christopher Thornton 27 MAR 98
    The hidden Mickey is on the turtle's shell at the beginning of the ride in the 2nd room.
    CONFIRMED: Cindy 20 NOV 98
    CONFIRMED: Natalie B. 18 APR 01
    CONFIRMED: heidi 12 APR 02
  6. As you ride into the mine where the 7 dwarfs are working is a mine cart that is painted on the wall in the mine cart I believe there is a Hidden Mickey painted as part of the gems.
  7. There is a room with all seven Dwarves. When you look straight at Doc, his nose and eye glass lenses form a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: The Randolph Family 06 JAN 97 pict from
  8. In the room where the witch is brewing her potion, a skull and crossbones Mickey is there. You can see it if you lean out of the car.
    REPORTED: Missy Watford 06 APR 97
  9. On the scene where the Wicked Queen is looking in the mirror and turns around as the hag. Look to the right at the throne. Just above and behind the peacock's head on the throne is a Mickey in the mosaic decoration on the throne. It's subtle - but it's there.
    REPORTED: Tammy Vega 09 MAR 01 pict from
  10. I noticed that when you enter the dungeon there is a skeleton hanging on the wall and as you turn the corner there is another. Their hip bones are shaped differently and the second one sways back and forth. To me the hip bone of the second one forms a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Mike 11 FEB 99
    WISHFUL THINKING: anon 18 MAY 01

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