Mad Hatter Tea Party

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  1. On the Mad Hatter Tea Party ride there is a hidden Mickey located on one of the chinese lanterns above the cups. The Mickey is formed in the crease of one of the hearts printed on the lantern. We (my dad and I) confirmed it with the ride operator. He was suprised and agreed.
    REPORTED: Brianna Hill 24 APR 00
  2. Look at the ground of Mad Hatter Tea Party. The three circles create a Mickey.
    REPORTED: DHixson729 26 MAY 97
    Yep that is correct! The three cirles on the ground do form a hidden Mickey
    CONFIRMED: Leah Macaluso 26 SEP 97
    The circles are all the same size (each has five cups).
    WISHFUL THINKING: Barbara Fett 25 MAR 99
  3. When you are standing in line for the Mad Hatter Tea Party, the little shack that the Host/Hostess sits in I think there is a hidden Mickey in the makeshift window. If you are looking for it its pretty darn obvious.
    REPORTED: Matt & Vicky 10 JUN 00

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