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  2. After you pass the first turn, walk about 10-15 steps and turn to the right stone wall. (If you looked over the wall, you should be looking at the entrance.) Look at the center top. There are three stones that stand out as a Mickey. If this helps, the right ear is a black stone.
    In lower left corner of the picture. This view is from the general area of the entrance. It takes a bit of imagination/Mickey madness, not much though!
    CONFIRMED: Bud & Linda Hayes 18 AUG 98
  3. In the line, you walk through a maze of stone walls. Around the very first corner, about knee level, there are three stones arranged nicely. A large tan colored stone and two small black stones. This can't be an accident.
    REPORTED: Brad Willoughby 19 JAN 96
    CONFIRMED: Robert Lucas 03 SEP 96
  4. About half way through the line on the ride side straight down on the ground at your feet is a painted hidden Mickey maybe four inches high.
    REPORTED: Cindy Palmer 10 FEB 99
  5. As you pass over the stream by the mill (in line) you can see three little pools shaped like Mickey's head!
    REPORTED: Greg Price 15 APR 96
  6. While standing in line for Big Thunder Railroad at Disneyland Anaheim, if you look in the pool with all the coins, there is a copper coin shaped as a Mickey Mouse head. It's all the way on the right side on a little underwater ledge, away from most of the coins. It's totally obvious if you see it.
    REPORTED: Andrew Prawoto 31 DEC 99
  7. While in line for the Big Thinder Mountain Railroad, my friend and I noticed a hidden Mickey. It is a cluster of three wire baskets, in the appropriate arangement to form a Mickey head. These baskets are hanging off an overhang on a porch up above the queue area in the ghost town, by the Mill. Although the baskets are square, we find it hard to believe they were "accidently" placed in this arrangement.
    REPORTED: Dustin Froehlich 04 JUN 99
  8. In the queue line, when it splits before going up the stairs, there is a hidden Mickey on the ground. In the little dirt patch between the two paths, there are three circular metal rings (possibly to the bottom of a barrel?) that were placed there to form Mickey's head. I was not the only person to see this, actually three other people saw it at the same time as I.
    REPORTED: Kyle 22 DEC 00
  9. Near the mill and on the right side is a blue light that shines its light on a Hidden Mickey shape.
    REPORTED: Mc C 08 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Wayne R. Will 09 JUL 96
  10. At the tip of a very tall rock formation at Thunder Mountain, there are two vultures perched atop this rock. One of the vultures lifts its wings up and down (as if it were shrugging its shoulders). When the wings are up in this manner, it makes a perfect hidden Mickey! This is best viewed at night when the bird is nothing but a silouette.
    REPORTED: Frank Klos 27 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Bethany Valentine 24 JAN 99
  11. You have to sit on the left to see this Mickey. As soon as you start moving and you start going up that first large hill. As soon as you get to the top and start to come down the Mickey is on your left on a stone. it is very hard to see but it will be right in front of you
    REPORTED: Chris Burns 02 JUL 00
  12. As you start going up the first big climb in the train, if you look in the back of the chamber sitting against the wall is three rocks in the form of our friend. They are leaning against the wall right next to where you enter the chamber.
    REPORTED: Trent and Mike 18 NOV 96
    This isn't really a wishful thinking, it's more of a "not sure". I've looked every single time I go up that climb, and I've sat in almost every cart of that train and I still can't see it...but if someone can take a picture of it or something...I'm anxious to see what's up.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Theresa Kyame 07 FEB 97
  13. As you start going up the first big climb in the train, to the left you see the three pools that look like they could be a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Trent and Mike 18 NOV 96
    When you are going up the first hill, if you look back after you reach the top of the hill, looking down at the pools of water on your left, the last pool has lights that light up in the form of 3 circles, making a Mickey head. You can only see if for a moment, since it doesn't form the head until you are at the top of the hill and about to go down the first fall - you must look back in order to see it.
    CONFIRMED: kimera lawrence 09 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: Cody Aharonian 21 AUG 97
    After the first climb where the pool of water are, if you turn around at the top of the climb the Mickey can be seen lighted up.
    CONFIRMED: anon 26 FEB 98
    While going up the ramp on Big Thunder Mountain, look to your left where the pools are. There's a big one and two smaller ones that definetly forms a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Discostar28 08 JAN 00
    As you go up the first hill, look back and you can see pools of water on your left, the last pool has lights that light up the three circles of Mickey's head. But look quickly for you can only see it for a momment since the head doesn't form until you're at the top of the hill.
    CONFIRMED: Hannah and Mindy 08 NOV 00
  14. There is a circle of water to the left as the train goes up one of the climbs. If you look at the center of the water, it looks like there is a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Loretta Drummond 15 AUG 97 pict from
  15. In the middle of the ride, there are three large gears shaped like Mickeys head. Coming out of a tunnel and around a corner to the left of the track. You can see it if you look behind you.
    REPORTED: Sean Kale 03 JAN 99
    I confirmed this with one of the ride operators, the imagineers put in this hidden Mickey for about a month then removed it. About a third of the way on the ride, on the left, are three large gears on the ground. During January, these three gears where in the Mickey shape but the imagineers moved one of the small gears and it no longer exists. Even the ride operator was suprised cause he'd only found it a week before.
    LOST: Will 27 FEB 99
    The three gear hidden Mickey is BACK, as of today, 4-17-99... On the lift hill, look backward to your left, and the three gears are there on the ground in the shape of a hidden Mickey. (In Big Thunder Mountain)
    BACK: Mike Evans 18 APR 99
    CONFIRMED: Meg 25 JUL 00
    Folks, I personally know that there are no real hidden Mickeys on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This was one of the few attractions that WAS NOT built with them in. Although, several years ago, the cast members there got sick of everyone asking where it was so they made one. This just so happens to be the three gears on "B" lift, or the second lift of the ride (the one with the goat on it.)
    UPDATE: anon 29 JUL 00
    I can confirm that the "hidden" Mickey at the base of the 2nd lift, on your left was put there by cast members, that were tired of being asked where the hidden Mickey was, so they took it upon themselves to put the one large gear and the two smaller gears there, upside down. That is the "hidden Mickey" of the disney cast members on thunder mountain.
    CONFIRMED: anon 26 SEP 00
    On Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, when you start going up the first big incline, the one with the goat at the end, there is a hidden Mickey! Right at the beginning, on your left side, there are three big rusted gears, two smaller ones overlapping a big one. It is upside down, but unmistakeable a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Amelia 21 JAN 01
    On Big Thunder Mountain is right before the second to last big hill (the one with the goat, snakes, turtles, and skunks), right after you come out of the tunnel before it you look to your left and you can see three rusted gears. These gears form the Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Someone 12 APR 01
    On the ride Big Thunder Mountain, on the second slow trek uphill, lying on the ground on the left hand side is 3 large rusted gears that appropriately make a "Hidden Mickey".
    CONFIRMED: Ashly Vallimont 05 JAN 02
    Yep guys this hidden Mickey is for real. On the second hill in the attraction right as you begin there are three large gears. The are upside down to you when you are ridding it but are perfectly postioned when you are walking the track. I got trained on this ride a few months ago and was assured by my trainer that this was our only real hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: anon 09 JAN 02
    On "B" lift of thunder mountain, the second lift on the attraction, about a 1/4 of the way up on your left hand side are 3 big gear wheels, one big and 2 smaller ones, laying upside down in the form of Mickey mouse.
    REPORTED: anon 11 JUN 02
  16. While going up the second climb, I spotted a big hidden Mickey in the tallest mountian to the left. It seems to be his head pressed into the mountain.
    REPORTED: Stacey 19 MAR 99
  17. As you go up the second hill, look to your right and up. You'll see a kind of a motor right before you go up the hill. There is a Hidden Mickey in the middle.
    REPORTED: David Floyd 04 DEC 99
  18. On Big Thunder Mountain, next to the second or third climb, There are three wagon wheels that form a mickey.
    REPORTED: anon 15 FEB 01
    This one is clear-cut; it's upside-down on the left-hand side as you're going up the hill, but if you look at it over you shoulder as you pass you can't miss it.
    CONFIRMED: Stephen Peters 15 JUN 01 pict from
  19. As you go up the last or second to last lift, the rattle snakes when looked at from a certain angle appear to form a Mickey.
    REPORTED: gates browne 17 MAY 97
    On the 2nd incline, there are two rattlesnakes that are coiled in the shape of a hidden Mickey. There are on the left hand side. They are upside-down, and all doubt is removed when you pass them and look back at them.
    CONFIRMED: SteelAngel 24 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: Ryan Curtis 14 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Deb Brown 27 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: anon 10 SEP 01
    CONFIRMED: Ashly Vallimont 05 JAN 02
    REPORTED: eileen o 09 MAR 06
  20. As you are climbing up inside the hill with the pools in it, if you look to your left you will see a pool with water droplets making colors as they hit. To find the Hidden Mickey, watch for the drops to make hit at the right time for a head and two ears inside the pool
    REPORTED: Mitch Dorz 25 APR 99
  21. There is a Hidden Mickey on Thunder Mountain Railroad that no one has noticed yet. On one of the hills, there is gold sparkling up above the door. If you look really close it is a Hidden Mickey sometimes. But, because it is sparkling it is not always there.
    REPORTED: Heather 10 AUG 98
  22. Going up the very last hill in the cave, on the left hand side, you will see three lanterns in the shape of Mickey's head, two on top one on the bottom
    REPORTED: anon 19 FEB 02
  23. On the last turn heading for home on Big Thunder Mountain, there are baskets in front of some store facades. There is a basket with 3 peaches forming a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jeffrey Gee 04 JUL 01 pict from
  24. When you exit, take a right and head toward Fantasyland. There is a small cactus garden to the right which has many cactus that are shaped like Mickeys head. This is also near the area were the bird cage use to be. The cactus garden has several prickly pear cactus which form Hidden Mickeys (as long as the gardeners trim new pads which grow from the Hidden Mickey shapes). These Cactus Hidden Mickey at the end of Thunder Mountain are not official. Every time it starts to grow, one of the cast members usually goes out and kicks off the new sprouts so it looks like a Mickey again. Sometimes they add eyes and a nose.
    Real Hidden Mickey See the list of contributors
    Note: I am no longer taking reports on this one unless there is a refurb and the Imagineers change this effect.

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