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Phsst: Fun Facts

  1. The Disney Family Christmas logo is a red ball with to ribbons around the sides which form the ears of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Michael 25 NOV 96
  2. The Christmas 1997 "It's a Small World Holiday" food containers and napkins have a candy cane Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 07 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 28 DEC 97

Main Street USA

Phsst: Fun Facts

  1. The Christmas tree is now up at Disneyland, Anaheim, CA. On the side facing the train station, about eight feet from the ground, is a Mickey made from a wire mesh ball (head) and bow (ears).
    REPORTED: Jim Wilcox 09 NOV 99
    In the winter of 1998, my dad pointed out that there was some ornament balls on the trees that made the mickey sign. This Christmas, the one of 2000, the tree had another on it in relatively the same place, facing the entrance. Its probably always on the tree somewhere as I could only find one.
    CONFIRMED: Erik 18 JAN 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  2. We looked at the flowers found around Mickey's head in the flower garden just inside the gates during Christmas 1996. They look like little Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Bill Catherall 25 MAR 97
  3. During the holiday season wreaths are hung up on the buildings on Main Street. If you look at the Bank Building at the beginning of Main Street, the wreath that is at the farthest to the right has four different oranaments that are each set up to make Hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: John McKoy 25 DEC 96
    pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  4. For the Christmas season there are wreaths mounted on the lamposts. They are mounted under two white globe lights which form the ears. decor
    REPORTED: Frank Carrillo 05 JAN 97
    When the lamp posts by the Christmas tree are decorated, the wreath and the bulbs make a Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: anon 06 JAN 97
    When having a treat at the Carnation Ice Cream Parlor I looked out the window, across the street at the garland that was strung around the buildings. What to my surprise, a glass ball with two smaller ones in the appropriate position were hanging in the garland. There were lots of glass balls but these were the only ones that were in the right confirguration.
    CONFIRMED: Marie Sullivan 24 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Tammie Catherall 25 MAR 97
    The Mickey garlands strung across Main Street aren't really hidden, I'd say more of a decor, but they are there
    CONFIRMED: Tiffany 02 JUL 98
    Weaths are everywhere.
    CONFIRMED: cynthia hungate 27 FEB 99 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  5. While watching the Christmas Parade on Main Street, I noticed the garland that was strung across the street from building to building. In the middle there are three wreaths, a large one in the middle and two smaller ones attached to it that make perfect Mickeys. These are strung across at about two to three building intervals.
    REPORTED: Marie Sullivan 24 JAN 97

Main Street Photo Supply Company

  1. There is a Holiday display in the window facing the castle at the end of the store. Above the animated Mickey and Minnie, the display table has two obvious hidden Mickeys on each end of the top level of the wooden table the items are displayed upon.
    REPORTED: anon 24 DEC 96
pict from hiddenmickeys.org
pict from hiddenmickeys.org

The Christmas Fantasy Parade

  1. The Parade may have Hidden Mickey Ears in one of the snowflakes on one of the floats. My wife thinks that the ears look right, it's just without the typical head.
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 05 JAN 97

New Orleans Square

The Disney Gallery

  1. In the center room (exit the initial room you enter off the stairs to the left), there's a large original painting hanging with a Christmas theme of Goofy. He's holding a gold ornament in his hand, looking at it. If you look closely at the ornament, there's a shadow in the lower right side of it: blatantly Mickey's head and ears, as well as most of his arms (waving his left one). This painting is on the south side of the room, to the left just as you enter from the "original" room.
    REPORTED: Theresa Kyame 05 JAN 97

Haunted Mansion Holidays

featuring Nightmare Before Christmas
Phsst: Fun Facts
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  1. In the elevator, on one of the "pictures" (before the elevator starts to move), there is a Christmas tree, on the top right of the tree, three pink ornaments form our sought out shape, they are rotated a little more than 90 degrees, so it's as if Mickey is sleeping!
    REPORTED: Christine Johnson 06 OCT 01
    One of the four stain glass paintings in the elevator is a Christmas tree. There are red ornaments all over the tree, and three of the ornaments clustered at the upper right hand side of the tree form a Hidden Mickey on its side.
    CONFIRMED: Pianoman 07 OCT 01
    In the elevater that has the streching portraits, when you enter the room there are for stained glass windows in the place where the portraits usually are. The stained glass window of a Christmas tree has a hidden Mickey. It is made of three red ball ornaments, one large and to smaller put together to make a Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Sally 21 OCT 01
    CONFIRMED: randi 25 OCT 01
  2. The second lenticular painting in the gallery is of the twisted hill that has become sort of the icon of Nightmare Before Christmas. There are a number of pumpkins stuck in the snow. The three tiniest pumpkins to the upper right form a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Pianoman 06 OCT 01
  3. There is still a Mickey in the dining room. This Mickey is made up of three plates. Just like the Mickey that is there when the Haunted Masion is normal....but they have moved it. It is at the head of the table on the left end. This Mickey is made up of one large black plate and 2 smaller plates. All three plates are black with a white spiderweb print on them.
    REPORTED: Sally 21 OCT 01
    CONFIRMED: randi 25 OCT 01
    When it was updated for 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' theme, they took out the dinner plates forming a Mickey next to the girl blowing out the candles and moved it to the foot of the table. New plates, new location, same old Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Icka! M. Chif 28 OCT 01
    In the Dining Room on the table, all of the place-settings have a black dinner plate and a small black salad plate, except for the place-setting at the head of the table, which has two salad plates, forming a hidden Mickey head.
    CONFIRMED: Joe Fletcher 29 OCT 01
  4. At the end of the ride, where the hitchhikers normally try to hitch a ride in your Doom Buggy, there's a Christmas display with presents and the three children from Nightmare Before Christmas. At the bottom of the display are spinning disks. On the lower left are three disks that make up a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Pianoman 06 OCT 01
    Where you normally see the potential three hitch-hiking ghosts (before your doom buggy is reflected in the mirrors), there is a hidden Mickey in the black and white spiral spinning decor at the bottom left!
    CONFIRMED: Christine Johnson 06 OCT 01
    In the new Haunted Mansion Holiday, under what used to be the "hitch-hiking ghosts", there are now spinning circles. From left to right, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th spinning circles make the ears (2nd and 4th) and head (3rd) of a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Michelle Vacca 06 OCT 01
    CONFIRMED: Kevin Donaker-Ring 06 OCT 01
    CONFIRMED: Pinguino 06 OCT 01
    CONFIRMED: Shea Carrasco 07 OCT 01
    CONFIRMED: Meg 08 OCT 01
    CONFIRMED: Michael Underwood 08 OCT 01
    In the Haunted Mansion Holiday. When you pass through where the statues of the hitchhiking ghost where there are a couple presents and some kids, right befors you get to the mirror that reflect the toys in your black sleigh if you look underneath the area where the gift and kids are there are a couple of spining cylinders. looking straight on to your bottom left there is one big cylinder and on top there are two small ones the cylinders arent perfectly round but when spinning the form a perfect Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Sam Iam 10 OCT 01
    CONFIRMED: anon 12 OCT 01
    CONFIRMED: Louis 20 OCT 01
    As you leave the graveyard and go by the three hitch hikers... Well the hitch hikers aren't there right now. In their place are halloween toys and packages.... Look down. You will see black and white swirl decorations. Look to the left. You will see three spinning swirls ... one large and two small. Together they are a very obvious Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Sally 21 OCT 01
    CONFIRMED: Jose Lizarraga 21 OCT 01
    CONFIRMED: anon 23 OCT 01
    The caption above the swerls reads HAVE A VERY SCARY CHRISTMAS.
    CONFIRMED: randi 25 OCT 01

Critter Country

pict from hiddenmickeys.org


Small World

It's A Small World

Phsst: Fun Facts

  1. It's A Small World goes through a temporary makeover for the Christmas season. At the end of the ride there is a sign that says "Peace On Earth." There is a group of holly berries here that makes a Mickey!
    REPORTED: andrew furukawa 30 NOV 97
    As annual passholders, my friend, Dale Brooks, and I, are regular visitors to the Park. As part of our trip on December 7, 1997, we rode "It's A Small World", the holiday version. Dale noticed that in the last room ("Deck The Halls" is the main song), right before the final tunnel, there is some holly decorations right above the waterway. On the holly are several clumps of berries. And, as you have probably guessed, one clump is in the shape of our favorite Mouse.
    CONFIRMED: Patrick Naish 08 DEC 97
    Towards the end of the ride look up at the wreaths of holly (I think it's the second one) and there are three Christmas bulbs that form a perfect Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Kristy Bautista 27 DEC 97
    A grouping of three berries occures many times in this last room, however only the final sign shows them correctly, or so that I have seen thus far. The others have spacing wrong, size wrong, or whatever else...
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 28 DEC 97
    As you exit the last room, look at the holly berries on the Peace On Earth sign. The holly berries form a Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Matt Ricketts 16 JAN 98
    As reported by fellow Hidden Mickey fanatics last year, the "Peace on Earth" signs are back again, on "Its A Small World,' with the Mickey-head berries in the corner. There is also a currently-running commercial, for Disneyland, emphasizing the holiday season, that features the "Peace on Earth" displays, so you can catch this Hidden Mickey on T.V.
    CONFIRMED: Bruce and Debby Forrest 02 DEC 98
    I spotted the hidden Mickey while on the It's A Small World ride on Dec. 3rd. the Christmas version. It is on the music sheets held by the kids at the end, if you look close, there is 2 holly leaves and 3 holly berries, the holly berries are positioned in such a way at to make a mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Dan DeMartini 07 DEC 00
  2. In the Holiday "It's a Small World", soon after entering the ride -- just after the French can-can dancers, you will see a large decorated Christmas tree on the right side. There are many gold and silver balls hanging on the tree. In two spots, that we noticed, the balls are obviously hung to form a Hidden Mickey. Look carefully as you first come upon the tree and as you are leaving the tree.
    REPORTED: Kyle's Mommy 01 DEC 98

Disneyland Hotel

pict from hiddenmickeys.orgpict from hiddenmickeys.org

Disney Ice

  1. At Disney Ice, it looks to me that the building is shaped like a Mickey head. The top of the two rinks are the ears, and the lobby is the head.
    REPORTED: hockey 01 DEC 97

Christmas Animals

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Mickey Line
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