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  1. There are other hidden characters here. pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  2. My mother's uncles owned Playland at the Beach in San Francisco California. As most people know, Walt Disney traveled all over the country and employed other amusement park owners as consultants for what would eventually become Disneyland. They were glad to help because they really thought he would need help. They all thought building an amusement park on the site of an old orange grove was crazy and he was so far away from themselves that even if his park did succeed it would never interfere with their own business. Well this of course was right at the start of television and the jet age. Little did they know that Disney would revolutionize the business and take it over. Anyway, in 1954 Walt stayed with Mom's uncles and visited Playland in San Francisco. The next morning the Whitney Brothers got the idea to take Walt across the San Francisco Bay Bridge to Oakland to a little park called Childerns Fairyland, which is still there. Walt loved the place. They have a walk through attraction based on Alice in Wonderland, which later played a part in influencing the Alice attraction at Disneyland. Walt liked the cartoons that were painted on the wall and he therefore asked permission to contribute one of his own. I am sure that Fairylands owners were thrilled at the idea. So they gave him some paints from the supply room and Walt hand painted this Mickey Mouse directly onto the wall. So, enjoy the photo and if you are ever in Oakland California, go to Childrens Fairyland to see what is probably the oldest Hidden Mickey of them all.
    REPORTED: Warren Crandall 24 FEB 02
    CONFIRMED: anon 23 JUN 02
  3. On the Disney Studio Lot facing the University Center and Disney Store outside of the Commesary, there is a (Park type) bush in the (full body) shape of Mickey. (A donation from Disney World)
    REPORTED: Brian Hoffman 23 MAR 99
  4. At the University Center (the Employee Store) on the (studio) lot in Burbank there are three clocks on the wall in the form of a Mickey. This is also the same at the Employee center store in the Disney Channel Building. This is a rather large building off the 134 freeway in Burbank with a Disney Channel sign on it - obviously the Disney Channel offices. In that building is the store. There are also Mickeys in a motif around a security desk on the bottom floor.
    REPORTED: Brian Hoffman 23 MAR 99
  5. I recently went to the Disney Channel building in Burbank California to drop off a resume and on the 7th floor, I found tiny hidden Mickeys inside of the up and down elevator buttons in the hallway of that floor.
    REPORTED: Brian Rainey 28 SEP 98
  6. In Burbank, CA at The Burbank Center building in the Disney University Employee Center as you walk in the door on the wall straight ahead there are three clocks on the wall. The large clock is local time and above that clock is two small clocks to form the three circles. The clock on the left is New York/Florida time and the one on the right is Paris time.
    REPORTED: Pete 21 NOV 97 pict from hiddenmickeys.org pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  7. I recently toured the Disney Animation Studios. Inside, (well, unless you count the wizard's hat on the outside) there are hidden Mickey's EVERYWHERE.
    REPORTED: Jill 02 AUG 97
    I live a few blocks away from the Disney Studios headquarters in Burbank, CA. I've been inside a few of the buildings and I noticed they are full of hidden Mickeys! The fence surrounding the lot has the Mickey Mouse ears and face at the top of the fence posts. If you look at the ceiling in the screening room of the new Animation building, there is giant M.M. ears and face from which the projectors hang. I've also been told that there is a very exclusive restaurant at the top of one of the buildings that has M.M. dishes and M.M. chair-backs.
    CONFIRMED: anon 28 NOV 97
    At Disney HQ in Burbank (CA) the fence around the perimeter has the three-circle image on top where the spikes would be on a normal fence... drive by it every day - just noticed them.
    CONFIRMED: anon 16 APR 00
    CONFIRMED: Jim 29 APR 00
  8. The Walt Disney Studios Feature Animation Building in Burbank, California prominently features a large Sorcerer's Hat (like the one Mickey wore in Fantasia) in front of the building. Inside this hat is a cone shaped office (belonging, incidentally to Roy Disney, Walt's nephew). Hanging from the inside tip of the cone are several ring-shaped chandeliers. When viewed from the center of the room looking up, these chandeliers form at least three Hidden Mickey silhouettes.
    REPORTED: Mr. Baby Man 06 MAY 97
    It is true that the chandelier in Roy's office is a Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Heather Anderson 22 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Jill 02 AUG 97
  9. If you look at the top of the office building at the northwest corner of the Disney Studio lot in Burbank, California (Alameda Avenue and Buena Vista Street), you will see two round windows on either side of the corner of the building. At the angle where you can see both windows at the same time, you will see Mickey's ears. This is of course right above the green iron fence with ornamental shapes on the posts shaped in the form of a Mickey.
    REPORTED: SirOsis of Liver 23 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Jill 02 AUG 97
  10. The new building at Disney Studios in Burbank, CA has the ears as the top (facade) of the building on each side. You have your basic cube of a building with these giant partial circles (ears) at the top on each side.
    REPORTED: Quidam 06 MAR 98
  11. In the video conferencing room, as well as other areas of the building, there are clocks on the wall which show the times in LA, Paris and Orlando, the LA clock forming Mickey,s head, and the other two forming his ears.
    REPORTED: Jill 02 AUG 97
  12. Inside the studio are scattered several three-level coffee tables; black, with one large round surface and two smaller round surfaces at two levels over it. Seen from above, these tables are Hidden Mickeys!
    CONFIRMED: Jill 02 AUG 97
    There are coffee tables in the recreation area, right beside the pinball tables, which form another Mickey
    REPORTED: Heather Anderson 13 JUL 97
  13. He's in the carpets, in the tiling, and some production artwork for a couple upcoming movies.
    REPORTED: Jill 02 AUG 97
  14. The guard desk inside the lobby is covered with small ingraved Mickey heads. decor
    REPORTED: Heather Anderson 13 JUL 97
  15. Inside the screening room off the main lobby - in the center of the ceiling is a large black metal light support that is a large Mickey head! decor
    REPORTED: Heather Anderson 13 JUL 97
  16. There is a decorative railing, light blue, around the tops of halls, and in the offices and cubes - intended to allow the hanging of the large cork boards that storyboards and artwork are pinned to. These rails are carved with Mickey heads! decor
    REPORTED: Heather Anderson 13 JUL 97
  17. Disney built an Ice skating Arena "Disney Ice" on Lincoln and Clementine in Anaheim. The Ducks Practice Arena. The shape of the building seems to represent Mickey ears.
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 08 NOV 96

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