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  1. In the parking lot just outside of the west door of Disneyland Paradise Pier Hotel Hotel are 21-22 blue parking barriers each with the famous 3 circles, definitely Mickey's. decor
    REPORTED: Julie Reneer 01 MAY 96
    CONFIRMED: kevin zampanti 04 MAY 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 12 MAY 96
    On the walkways near the parking lots, the poles that block cars or motorcycles have Mickey's on top.
    CONFIRMED: Kricket Kimura 02 OCT 96
  2. We stayed at the Anaheim Hilton just a couple of blocks from Disneyland. I hadn't taken three steps into the hotel when I saw them. There, in the carpet of the lobby were scores of hidden Mickeys. The carpet had a floral motif with dark berries in it. There were clusters of three berries that made that a near-perfect Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Lew 07 JUN 01

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