Indy Fruit Cart Fun Facts

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  1. The Cast Member tending the jeep/food advised that it's an authentic World War II jeep.
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 02 SEP 96
  2. I am a cast member at Disneyland, Anaheim and a lead at the Indy Fruit Cart, though we there prefer to call it the Adventureland Fruit Cart (ADVFC). I just wanted to submit that there have been several guests that believe they have found a hidden Mickey inside the authentic 1942 WWII jeep that we use for our cart. I wanted to make sure that other guests know that it is not an actual Mickey, though does resemble one. It appears to be on the dash board of the jeep where the gas guages and speedometer would have been, there are now holes in their place. The hole do form the Mickey shape but are not meant to.
    REPORTED: anon 23 APR 99

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