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  1. After the re-model of Adventureland for the Indiana Jones Adventure, they messed up on the ceremonial masks near the Enchanted Tiki Room! Most have faces on them, but the Cast Member who installed them never noticed! Look - this one is upside down! (There is also another upside down one right above it!)
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 04 APR 97
    I'm wondering if maybe those masks are supposed to be upside down.... If you look on each of the four walls inside the Tiki room, right below the drumming Tiki Gods that are high on the wall, there are some Tiki masks. On all four of those walls the masks look exactly alike and they are all upside down!
    UPDATE: David Enertson 26 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99

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