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  1. Tarzan's Treehouse opened 23 June 1999 and is located on the former site of the Swiss Family Treehouse, an attraction that opened in November 18, 1962 and was based on the Disney film "Swiss Family Robinson." For its reintroduction as Tarzan's home, 10 feet were added to the tree. The 450 branches were redressed with nearly 6,000 lacy leaves, then draped with moss and covered with jungle vines to make it feel like the rightful home to the "Lord of the Apes."
  2. There is ONE original branch with the old leaves remaining on the tree, they replaced all the leaves except for that one branch, just to leave behind a little bit of history. So next time you visit Tarzan's Treehouse, make sure to look up as you walk down the final flight of stairs, you might just catch a glimps of the past.
    REPORTED: anon 29 JUL 00
  3. The Grand Opening for Tarzan's Tree House was on Wednesday June 23, 1999.
    REPORTED: Jeff 27 JUN 99
  4. There is an animatronic baby elephant right next to Tarzan's Treehouse! It's not obviously located. When you get to the interactive play area, go to the left of the lizard handlers' tent. Just beyond a short fence, possibly a rope (I forget which) is a very small baby elephant playing in a stream. Poor little thing must have gotten separated from its mother and wandered over from the Jungle Cruise. What's particularly interesting about it (if I remember correctly) is that it is an Indian elephant, when Tarzan takes place in Africa!
    REPORTED: Kellee Richards 03 SEP 00 pict from
  5. Really pull on the anchored rope outside the treehouse with most of your weight for a variety of sound effects.
    REPORTED: Tabby 22 APR 01
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 14 JUN 01
    CONFIRMED: Robert Torres 25 JAN 02
  6. Tarzan's Tree House has many different rooms, but has no bedrooms. When I asked a cast member, she said, "Tarzan doesn't need a bed." I then said, "What about Jane?" and she was speechless.
    REPORTED: CdB 26 JUL 00
  7. The tree is a 150-ton structure anchored by massive roots reaching 42 feet into the ground.
    pict from
  8. The Moreton Bay Fig Tree that Walt used as a model for the tree is about 1 mile from Disneyland and is still standing two houses down from the Mother Colony House built in 1857.
    REPORTED: Mike Tucker 28 NOV 97
  9. The tree is nicknamed Disneyodentron SemperFlorens Grandis (meaning a large, ever-blooming Disney tree.) Some time the name is modified to Disneyodentron Eximus, an out-of-the-ordinary Disney tree.
    REPORTED: Meg 29 JUL 96
    The Swiss Family Robinson Tree is indeed a rare species, "Disneyodron Semperflorens Grandis." Its relative Disneyodron Eximus exists only in Disney world.
    CONFIRMED: Tangaroa Jr. 12 JUL 97
    Disneyland's joke scientific name for their artificial tree is spelled "Disneyodendron semperflorens grandis." This name is taxonomically and botanically accurate. In particular, the Greek word "dendron" = "tree" (as in rhododendron ["rose tree"] and philodendron ["love tree"]), the Latin word "semper" = "always"/"ever" (as in Sequoia sempervirens [evergreen redwood]), and the Latin word "grandis" = "large" (as in Citrus grandis [grapefruit] and Tectona grandis [teak]).
    CONFIRMED: Mark Atkins 18 JUN 02
  10. In the Tarzan Tree House, there's a scene where you see the jaguar in one of the rooms. If you leen in far enough, he'll actually roar at you and a quick rush of air will come out from his mouth. I leaned in one time to take a picture with him & right as I leaned in he roared really loud at me and totally freeked me out.
    REPORTED: Tony Aguirre 23 JUN 01
    CONFIRMED: Paige 07 JAN 02
  11. In the room where Jane is drawing Tarzan, there is a table with some books on it directly to your left as you enter the room. The book on top is 'The Swiss Family Robinson.'
    REPORTED: Mike Pucher 23 JAN 00 pict from
  12. Other remnants of the Robinson family in the Tarzan treehouse include the "Mind Thy Head" warning on the first branch, the ship's wheel, and the stove.
    REPORTED: Star Girl 28 JUN 99
  13. Listen closely as you pass the cradle in the branches. A recording inside it "cries" for a few seconds, then the crying evolves into an infant's version of the famous Tarzan yell.
    REPORTED: Tabby 22 APR 01
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 14 JUN 01
  14. When the imagineers redesigned the Treehouse, they didn't forget that to some of us Swiss Family Robinson is still important becuase at the bottom of the stairs right as you enter the play area for the Tarzan's Treehouse the old phonogragph plays the song from Swiss Family Robinson...I thought it was a nice touch and meaningful to those who remember and cherished the old Treehouse.
    REPORTED: Terry 23 JUN 99
    The old record player that you see as you are at the base of Tarazan's Treehouse does play the tune fron the Old Swiss Family Tresshouse...the Swisskapolka!
    CONFIRMED: GoofyG 14 JUL 99 pict from
  15. Just like in the Movie, there is Mrs. Potts and Chip!
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 14 JUL 99
    Mrs. Potts and Chip is in the campsite where you can bang on pots and pans. That's before you exit out of Treehouse near the stove. Right behind the hanging pans on a crate are Mrs. Potts and Chip.
    CONFIRMED: Christine 29 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: The Wizard ZOTTOZ 29 NOV 99
    pict from pict from
  16. I went in the Tarzan Treehouse when I was 10. I touched a book near the cheetah, and right then a recording of a cheetahs roar went off. A puff of air also blew in my face. I got so frightend that I fell down.My parents laughed so hard. I didn't touch any more books after that.
    REPORTED: Trevor 20 FEB 06
  17. If you walk over to the cooking area after descending from the tree and passing the climbing rope, you will see a cookstove. On the cookstove is a tea pot and over to one side is a bellows. If you pump the bellows with your foot the fire in the stove begines to glow and the tea pot begins to shake and wistle! Once you stop, the fire slowly dies out as does the boilig" water in the pot.
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 14 JUN 01
  18. The hidden Mickey inside one of the light fixtures on the way down the exit to Tarzan's Treehouse. Unfortunately it has since been removed. Cast members used to play "hide the Mickey" - the morning crew would hide it and the night crew had to find it. There also used to be an Adventureland Tiger stuffed toy that was hidden all over the tree house as well.
    CONFIRMED: anon 07 MAR 02
  19. In Disneyland, at the end of Tarzan's Tree House, you descend a staircase which leads to an interactive section. Just past the climbing rope on the left, you'll find a bunch of pots and pans and a xylaphone to bang on. Use one of the small rubber mallets to play the xylophone. Only a few of the metal strips on the xylophone are easily audible and if you're a musical person you can figure out how to play the solo that Ariel is famous for singing as her voice is taken by Ursula in The Little Mermaid with these metal strips. My friend and I were surprised to discover this little secret.
    REPORTED: wakkogump 18 APR 06
    Metal means its a vibraphone not a xylophone. Ariel's solo is simple
    UPDATE: anon 14 MAY 06
  20. The new percussion-oriented theme music for the Treehouse is not available on Disney's "Tarzan" movie soundtrack, unfortunately.
    REPORTED: Mark Atkins 18 JUN 02

Tarzan's Treehouse Facts and Figures



Attraction Type

Walk Thru




November 18, 1962
Updated June 1999

Number of Leaves

306,000 (vinyl)

Number of Blooms


Number of Steps


Tree Height

Approximately 70 feet

Tree Width

90 feet (at its widest point)

Root Length

42 feet

Tree Weight

150 tons

Amount of Water Circulated


Amount of Water Circulated in the Treehouse


Stream Length


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