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  1. There are other Hidden Characters here.
  2. The Splash Mountain attraction is based upon the stories of "Brer Rabbit, Tar Baby, and Uncle Remus." The story in the ride is slightly different from the actual Brer Rabbit story, though. My great great (great? Not sure how many greats.) grandfather was Joel Chandler Harris, a.k.a the author of these stories. Just a little trivia for ya! :)
    REPORTED: anon 28 JUN 01
  3. Splash Mountain originally opened with a slightly different soundtrack and theme than currently plays at the attraction. Most notable is the complete change of a song just before the long ride to the top of the flume. What was originally somewhat of a hopeful "Sooner or later Brer Rabbit is gonna come home..." being sung by mama Rabbit and Possum is now a more forboding warning of a song to their children. I originally noted the song being sung here because of the ride breaking down and our log getting stuck in this area (when you hear it 20+ times, you start to remember the melody..), and on a return visit the changes were apparent.
    REPORTED: Chris Monsos 09 OCT 01
  4. On the way into Disneyland by way of the tram you can spot Splash Mountain if you look at the top you will notice it looks like a wolf
    REPORTED: kelly 12 MAY 00
  5. Not a very secret fact, but amusing if you notice it...on the Splash Mountain ride, waiting in line, there is a little sign that instructs families on how to properly ride in the log. It's entitled, "How to Load your Log." Me and my boyfriend were feeling giddy and decided this was the funniest thing in the world.
    REPORTED: Nicole 12 AUG 00
  6. If you want to avoid getting totally soaked on Splash Mountain, try to arrange the seating so that the heaviest people are in the back of the log. This will keep your "nose" up on the drops, so that the front of the log itself will shield you from the worst of the splash. Naturally, if you prefer to be drenched, put the heaviest people in the front seat. If the weight is really concentrated there, it's possible to get the very front tip of the log just under the surface of the water, and when it bobs back up, the water will slosh back into the log.
    REPORTED: Kellee Richards 05 DEC 01
  7. On Splash Mountain, there are 103 Audio- Animatrontics on this ride, which makes it the most audio- animatrontics in a single attraction at Disneyland.
    REPORTED: Erik Scanlon 29 APR 00
    On Splash Mountain there are only 100 animals total. I know because when I went with my friend, and we went on Splash Mountain right when the park opened. There was nobody there so we went on it 5 times in a row. The second time we went on it, the employee there told us to look for 100 animals and try to listen for some funny saying some of them might say. We didn't listen for the sayings but we counted all of the animals and we found 100. Just telling some people if you are desperate to find some more animals look for some animals that pop up in the "Laughing Place". The're are hidden in the little gysers in the back.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Colette Harnisch 07 FEB 01
  8. Originally Splash Mountain was supposed to be a water tunnel, but that couldn't be accomplished. Michael Eisner really wanted it to be as dry a ride as possible and stated "This is not Knott's Berry Farm!" (Referring to their log ride and Big Foot Rapids) That is why you still do not get completely drenched on Splash Mountain.
    REPORTED: Kevin G. 18 JUL 97
    I was told that the splash of Splash Mountain is not completly real. Mist hides where the jets of water come from and in the summer some even spray the guests. I heard that origionaly a hidden Mickey was going to be made out of the jets of water but it was too hard to create without being too obvious.
    UPDATE: Brain 09 MAR 01
  9. The original Splash Mountain in Disneyland cost 3 times more to make than the one in Japan.
    REPORTED: Cartaya 30 JAN 00
  10. On New Year's Eve, the Disney people gave out free hats and noisemakers. When we rode Splash Mountain just after the countdown, all the animals had been fitted with hats, and many were holding noisemakers. Confetti and streamers were also strewn around. This is apparently a tradition dating back to America Sings (the Splash Mountain characters have been relocated from that attraction.)
    REPORTED: Tangaroa Jr. 15 JUL 97 Banner 10000017
  11. After you go up through the barn and are winding along, you pass a large birdhouse. It contains a security camera. Be sure to wave!
    REPORTED: Rachel 12 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Jordan Wasyliw 16 JUL 97
    I passed the camera in the bird house. As you suggested, I waved and a cast member came on the speaker and stated "hello!" It was pretty cool.
    CONFIRMED: Don Shaw 04 MAR 98
    When we were freshmen in high school we went to Disneyland on a trip with our orchestra, on Splash Mountain, we filled the lemonade cups up with water and would throw it over the edge over the mountain at random spots.. At one point we all stood up and looked over the edge to see if we could hit anyone at the bottom, then all of a sudden on the speaker, really loud, they said "PLEASE KEEP UR HANDS AND ARMS INSIDE THE VEHICLES AT ALL TIMES"...
    CONFIRMED: Anonymous 19 MAR 00
    CONFIRMED: anon 02 JUN 01
  12. When they were about to open the ride to the public, and were testing it. The log was turned around and cast members testing it were sent down the big drop backwards to make sure everything was ok.
    REPORTED: Witwiyl30 JAN 00
  13. Before Splash Mountain was added as a ride in Critter Country, there used to be a cave in the rocks opposite from the Country Bear jamboree entrance. In this cave you could hear the sound a a very large grizzly sleeping and snoring loudly.
    REPORTED: Mark A. Huffman 11 DEC 96
    I remember the snoring bear!!! I grew up going to Disneyland at least twice a year, and I'd make my family stand there so they could all hear the snoring bear in his cave. I was hoping they'd incorporate him into Splash Mountain, and looked & looked for him... guess he's on a vacation!
    LOST: Deanna Lynn 08 DEC 97
    Rufus the Snoring Bear is still in Critter Country; he has been incorporated into Splash Mountain. During the ride, as your log approaches the first drop, you pass a cave on the right with a mail box that reads "Br'er Bear." If you listen carefully, you can hear a loud snoring coming from behind the closed door of the cave. I believe it is the same snoring used for Rufus.
    UPDATE: Greg Carter 23 JUL 98
    In one if his trivia books (volume one to be precise) Dave Smith said that the snoring bear in Splash Mountain is in fact Rufus. They added Rufus because Splash Mountain was built on the spot where his cave now stands. Rufus is the bear who runs the slide show in the Country Bear Playhouse.
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 14 SEP 98
    Before Splash Mountain and Critter Country, it was called Bear Country in honor of the Bear Country Jamboree. There was little to do as an adult in Bear Country other than going to the arcade or watching the animatronic musical. One neat thing was there was a cave high up on a hill covered in ivy and there was a sign saying "Sleeping Bear - Quiet!" There was a sound track with nothing but loud snoring and a few yawns and grunts. Funny as it was, that was probably the quietest part in the park as guest would not want to wake up the bear.
    BACKGROUND: Steven M. Saito 04 JAN 00
    CONFIRMED: Linda M. 16 MAY 00
    Rufus the Snooring Bear, can be brought home now! You can go to the music store on Main Street and go to one of those "do-it-yer'self" CD makers ("Disneyland Forever"). Go to the Critter Country area...and there's Rufus in all his snooring glory!
    UPDATE: Brian Dixon 15 SEP 00
  14. If there is a long line, you go up a mountain. As your climbing the mountain you should look in one of the holes in the mountain. You will see a dog watching TV.
    REPORTED: Martin Clemena 29 MAY 97
    I looked inside one of the holes and saw a animal watching T.V. It was either a bear or a fox!!!
    UPDATE: Nathaniel Agustin 02 MAY 98
    I am so sorry to say BUT the dog/animal, is Brear Rabbit whatching the T.V. You see the same exact thing on the ride!
    UPDATE: Zach 03 JAN 99
    Brer Rabbit is not exactly watching TV He's actually just lying there and singing about how happy he is free for being free. You can also see him there through a little window as you're passing through the line.
    CONFIRMED: Lindsay Jan01 09 JAN 01
    Brer Rabbit is not watching TV. He's actually singing next to what looks like and old radio, this is actually a speaker where you can hear the track of Brer Rabbit singing about how happy he is free for being free. You can also see him there through a little window as you're passing through the line.
    UPDATE: Alex Bellamey 10 NOV 01
  15. My friend and I were waiting in line for Splash Mountain. As you have probably noticed, there are signs on the wall telling you how "everybody's got a laughing place." Well, there is one sign that's pretty close to the stairs, and my friend, being totally clueless, fell flat on her face down the stairs while she was reading the sign. Yah... that sign is in a weird spot, right by the stairs.
    REPORTED: anon 01 JUL 02
  16. Once you reach near the end of the line, where you can look out through a open area in the mountain, if you look out all the way to the Right you can see the MONITORS from the cameras.
    REPORTED: Dark Deity 27 JUL 97
    Yes, it is true that Pirates of the Caribean has the most cameras it has twelve. But it shares the number with Splash mountin which also has twelve. I know that they have twelve because when you look back on Pirates before the first turn you can see twelve black and white monitors looking at different points of the ride. You can also see the monitors on Splash they are on the right after the ride starts, you can see the first nine easy but the last row is hard to see.
    UPDATE: Brandon Sanders 14 NOV 99
  17. At one point, inside, there are bees that are humming "Zip-a-dee-do-da!" well, before that there is a drop. durring the drop you can hear "There's no one in here but beeeeeeees!" it's cute. it's a fun drop too!
    REPORTED: JuNGLe CRuiSeR 07 APR 02
  18. When Splash Mountain was first tested with riders the ride got people so wet that they were given pochos to wear.
    REPORTED: anon 09 MAY 06
  19. One of my instructors at UCLA paints at Disneyland - he's actually the fellow who painted the mural at the entrance to Peter Pan in Disneyland - and I attended UCLA at the time of Splash Mountain's opening and he told me this about it: The original design idea behind Splash Mountain was not to get wet at the end, but that the water would loop around you and the log would go through a sort of "water tunnel." Apparently, though, the folks building the ride bought a "stock" roller coaster where the final drop wasn't at the correct physical angle for this to happen; during on of the inaugral test ride, a logfull of men in suits got to the bottom of the drop, the water splashed up, and then all fell in the log, the riders ending up soaked with water filling up the log. The opening of the ride was delayed and the final splash changed to a standard "get wet" ride, since they couldn't replace the roller coaster.
    REPORTED: Jason Duplissea 03 FEB 97
    You can absolutely soaked on Splash Mountain! My husband and I went about 3 weeks ago. We ended up in the very front of the log. I too thought "This is Disneyland, how wet can I possibly get?" Bad question to ask! Every hill we went down, the water splashed directly over the front of the log and into MY LAP! The part "where there's nothing but bees!!" Again, I got drenched! We left the ride completely soaked and in jeans no less! The couple in the back of our log fell over from laughing at me when they saw my pants!
    UPDATE: Tinkerbell 27 SEP 99
  20. Space Mountain and Splash Mountain are actually taller than the Matterhorn, but since the Matterhorn is a Disneyland landmark, the taller buildings were put partially underground so as not to dwarf it.
    REPORTED: Meg 29 JUL 96
    I would like to confirm that Disneyland did sink Space Mountain and Splash mountain a few feet under ground, so it would make the Matterhorn look bigger.
    CONFIRMED: Maeve C. 03 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Jordan Wasyliw 31 MAR 97
  21. The top of Splash Mountain is named Chickapin Hill.
    REPORTED: Meg 29 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 04 MAR 97
  22. Right before you take the final plunge, there is the last scene of the hill climb. In this scene, Brer Rabbit is tied up and the cooking pot in front of him. I noticed in my many trips thu this attraction, that Brer Fox actually has more than one script for this scene. No matter what Brer Fox says will be the fate of Brer Rabbit however, Brer Rabbit always says "___ me if you must Brer Fox, but please dont throw me in the briar patch!" I have herd Brer Fox to have said the following phrases... Please add on to these if you have herd different.
    REPORTED: jesse 17 NOV 01
  23. Splash Mountain has a 52-and-a-half foot drop at a 45-degree angle, going at a speed of 40 miles an hour. From the very tip of the tree stump at the top to ground level, the mountain is 87 feet tall.
    REPORTED: Meg 29 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Christina Mierau 09 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 09 MAR 97
  24. Before it was open to the public, it had much more "roller-coaster" (such as that one super dip) type effects but the boats would de-rail. So, it was toned down. That's why it's opening day was pushed back so many times!
    REPORTED: Mike P 02 JUL 96
  25. Disney's Song of the South was written before political correctness was something good. That's why in the film, Brer Bear and Brer Fox capture Brer Rabbit with a Tar Baby made of tar. When Disney was building Splash Mountain, Disney decided to be P.C. and replaced tar with honey, a wise move. Incidentally, Song of the South is no longer availible in the U.S.
    REPORTED: Jed 07 FEB 97
  26. Everytime you see Brer Bear on Splash Mountain, you see his rear end. He is always hanging or bending over or just facing backwards.
    REPORTED: DuPree H. 07 AUG 00
  27. On the first hill, when you go up, is that owl, have any relationship, to the photo owl, or the owl in Bambi. Maybe the first owl is taunting you to take a great picture.
    REPORTED: erik scanlon 22 APR 00
  28. Don't try to take your shirts off so that you have a "wacky" photo when you tumble down Splash Mountain. The ride will stop, and an ominous voice will say "Please put your shirts back on.
    REPORTED: Cabel Sasser 21 MAY 96
    Could this be due to the rumors of women exposing themselves for the cameras?
    NOTE: anon 21 MAY 96
    In early March some friends and I tried pulling our shirts up for a picture on Splash Mountain. After the drop we were able to see it on the screen next to the owl just before the end of the ride. But when we exited and wanted to buy it we were told it had been erased. When we asked the lady why, she said it is a Disneyland rule to have your shirts on and they can't sell a picture of someone breaking the rules.
    UPDATE: Trent Collicott 10 JUN 96
    The business about screening the photos is true. As a former Cast Member we used to view the pictures on a 35 sec delay computer imaging system and could delete if inappropriate. I saw some amazing stuff.
    CONFIRMED: Doug 19 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Chris 15 JAN 97
    If you ride on Splash Mountain with someone who exposes themselves and if you tell a cast member they will take you to the front of the line so you can ride again and purchase a souvenir picture.
    UPDATE: Gomer96 01 AUG 97
    Many women have exposed themselves on Splash Mountain. Somehow some of them got their pictures and many of the pictures are on the Flash Mountain website, which features, you guessed it, pictures of people flashing the camera on Splash Mountain.
    CONFIRMED: Joy 21 MAY 99
    You DO get in trouble if you're doing inappropriate things going down Splash Mountain. When I went on a band trip to Disneyland in seventh grade, some obnoxious teenage boys decided to flip everyone off as we went down. Needless to say we didn't get to buy the picture, and we were really ticked off.
    CONFIRMED: Stephani 22 MAY 99
    In responce to the deleteing of innapropriate splash mountain pictures, my 3 friends and I were visiting Disneyland for the first time and upon learning that they took your photo going down the drop, we decided to do something funny and buy the pitcure. We set it all up and tried to get our own log however they stuck this father and son behind us in the last two seats. We still wanted to pose and buy a picture but it turns out that while we were going down, the father and amazingly his son as well, had turned around and mooned the camera. Because of this tender father son moment, our picture didn't show up. It was very disapointing.
    CONFIRMED: Timmy B. 27 JUL 00
    Shortly after Splash Mountain opened, a friend and I decided to wait in the 50-minute line on a particularly hot afternoon. We started talking with the people in front of us, two local, middle-aged couples who had season passes (which, apparently, are relatively cheap for locals). We were college students, and so were their children -- they seemed rather conservative, but we had a surprising amount in common, and we enjoyed chatting with them. They so nice that when we got to the front of the line, they let us get into the log ahead of them, so that we would be in the first row. After the big splash, we went to look at our pictures. Being locals, our friends weren't too interested, so they disappeared into the twilight. We waited for more than 10 minutes, and our picture never came up. Fortunately, my friend remembered the number, so we went to the counter and asked for it. We were told that they were very sorry, but it "had been removed from the system." No further explanation was offered, but we now know.
    CONFIRMED: James Rudoff 10 OCT 00
  29. You know the owl at the end of the ride? Well, he used to speak and the white board by him used to show the Splash Mountain pictures they took when you went down the hill. I think it broke down a few years ago. I wonder...
    REPORTED: The DisneyFrk 06 JUN 06
  30. Something fun to do on Splash Mountain: When visiting Disneyland last summer, my family and I wanted to make a memorable picture keepsake from our fav ride, Splash Mountain. We decided that when the on-ride photo was taken (down the big drop) we would pretend to be asleep. We did several practices to find a picture we liked. We ended up with such a great picture that when we went back to buy a photo the next day, we noticed our "Sleeping Picture" on top of the cash register. Try it out next time!!!
    REPORTED: DisneyFreak 11 DEC 01
  31. If you take a quick look behind you as you whisk by the bird-house (it's pretty hard to miss), smile for the camera inside watching you.
    REPORTED: Chris 15 JAN 97
  32. The animitronic characters in America Sings (the old motion theatre) were moved and are used in Splash Mountain.
    REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 21 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Rachel 12 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Cartaya 30 JAN 00
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  33. The voice (and singing) of Brer Rabbit and some other animals on Splash Mountain is supplied by voice actor Jess Harnell. Jess Harnell is probably best known as the voice of Wakko Warner (the one with the red cap) on the animated series "Animaniacs." He has also done voices for Hanna Barbera's "Secret Squirrel" and has performed the voice of Roger Rabbit. Splash Mountain was one of his first big gigs as a voice actor.
    REPORTED: Dan Alexander 28 APR 97
    The voice of Brer Rabbit, as well as others in Splash Mountain, is in fact, a voice actor and singer, Jess Harnell. Jess is best known as Wakko Warner and Hunter from Road Rovers, as well as a singer with an album out "The Sound of Your Voice". If you are lucky, as many others have been, you may spot Jess waiting in line at Splash Mountain. He visits the park often and is sighted most of the time waiting in the Splash Mountain line.
    CONFIRMED: Kylen Miles 29 MAR 99
  34. The voice of Brer Bear is performed by Nick Stewert, the same actor who spoke the part in Song of the South when it was released in 1946.
    REPORTED: Erik Scanlon 29 APR 00
  35. As you near the end of the queue, just as the log loading area appears to your right, poke your head outside in that direction and look upwards to your right. You will see several windows that provide a nice view of banks of security monitors and security personnel!
    REPORTED: Derek 13 AUG 97
  36. When the log does its climactic splash into the Briar Patch, the splash is actually caused by water pumped into "tubes". Watch it a few times and you'll notice this consistent splash. This same effect is more obvious in Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
    REPORTED: Cedric Chin 20 NOV 98
  37. If there is not a picture of you on display at the end it could be a technical problem or one of the people in your log doing something lewd. If that happens let one to the cast memebers know and will put you back onto the ride without actually lining up for it again.
    REPORTED: Tink 01 JAN 99
  38. We were talking to the "log loader" and he said the record for fitting the most people in a log was 16! The logs are made for 7. Four of them were adults. This cast members personal record was 12.
    REPORTED: VBSJ, LCMR, SL 25 JAN 99 pict from
  39. After the big splash at the end of Splash Mountain, the log makes a quick bend that quickly extends into the Rivers of America. It happens right after the drop, so riders usually don't notice where they are; they're too busy examining how wet they got. But if you go on Tom Sawyer's Island and wait around in an area where you can clearly see Splash Mountain, you'll see a log appear from a little cave and bend counter-clockwise into another one on the Rivers of America.
    REPORTED: anon 19 JUN 99
    To see the logs come out after the drop go across the road to a quiet area looking on to the Rivers of America. If you look down you will see the logs - They pass under you for about 30 seconds. There is no need to go to the Island
    UPDATE: Liz Nicholson 27 JUL 99
    You can also look to the other side of the quiet area and see the logs going back into the ride.
    UPDATE: TR Shaw 17 DEC 99
    IT'S TRUE!! Splash Mountian's logs do enter the River! I was on the Davey Crocket Canoes and we got rocked coming into the dock by a group of wet and scared (but happy) folks who we're giving each other hi-fives and laughing. Now I know that that isn't from The Haunted Mansion...
    CONFIRMED: Peter Jacubinas 28 APR 00
    CONFIRMED: Patrick 24 MAY 00
  40. When I was on Splash Mountain about a year ago, my friends and I were a little rowdy. When at the end of the ride and entering the area where there is the big party of the river boat there's a little bunny, Pat. Well we reached out(almost fell out of the log) and smacked the bunny in the head. It was the slimiest thing I've ever touched! Next time try it, you'll be suprised what years of moisture can do to a cute little furry bunny!
    REPORTED: sarah 24 APR 01
  41. Rode Splash Mountain last week and noticed a technical error. After the big drop, you go through the cave and see the characters on a riverboat singing the theme song; take note of the organ that the pig is playing. They made a fundamental mistake in building that organ - the pipes on the left side are the exact same lengths as the pipes on the right side ( i.e. the pipes are perfectly symmetric.) In a real organ, no two pipes on the same rank ( or set of pipes ) can be the same length, otherwise they would play the same note ! Each successive note on the keyboard is supposed to be connected to a pipe of different length and this is what makes it possible to play the musical scale. Also, the mouths of the pipes are facing the wrong way. [ For reference, I'm an organist and an pipe organ tech. so I noticed this one right away ]
    REPORTED: Dave T. 17 MAR 00
  42. Splash broke down on right before the final showroom and they evacuated our boat and walked us through the room with the boat. The wall on the left side is actually made out of a dry wall material, you can see a color difference.
  43. When the ride has stopped right as you are about to go down the big drop, CMs have you slowly get out to your right where there are stairs, and you walk down the big drop to safety.
    REPORTED: Witwiyl30 JAN 00
  44. Cold Feet? If your courage fails you, there are three "chicken exits" in the queue area of Splash Mountain, en route to the loading dock- one past the entrance to the building, another farther along by the turnstiles, and the last at the loading area.
    REPORTED: Erik Scanlon 29 APR 00
  45. After the drop on Splash Mountain, you enter the last cave where a large steamboat full of creatures celebrate your return by singing "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah." I noticed just last night that the blackbird who sang along in a gospel style had been subtracted from the animal roster. Her was voice was gone as well. Could this be because too many guests complained? I can see how it may be offensive to African Americans, but am sad to see her gone.
    REPORTED: Daniel Bissell 13 AUG 00
  46. On Saturday, there were some guys that managed to get a picture on the log ride that made it seem as if though there heads were missing. The cast member there said that the picture had been taken that day. The picture is being displayed at the counter where you buy your souvenir picture and I was told it would be there for another week or two.
    REPORTED: Frank 25 DEC 00
  47. I was standing in line for Splash Mountain and right where you go up the stairs in the grassy part there was a mouse. Cool but not really a Hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: anon 02 FEB 01
  48. I was at Disneyland today and suggested that we go on Splash Mountain. My brother told me it was closed. Why? Because they are changing the logs! They currently sit people one in front of the other. However, now they are going to use logs like the ones at Walt Disney World in Florida. Riders will sit side by side. Personally, I like the change. :)
    REPORTED: JuNGLe CRuiSeR 07 APR 02
    I'm sure you all know this, but Splash Mountain did not get side by side seats like posted above. They now seat only 5, but each person has there own seat back. Some logs have only 4 seats for larger people.
    UPDATE: Joel Covnut 31 MAY 02
  49. Last year I had went to Disneyland i had met some strangers my age in the log. After the big drop,The girls i met decided to splash water on me.Luckily nobody had saw us sticking our hands in the water. But in case anybody does that the cast members laughed at us.. I mean most people would get in trouble. But i wouldn't reccomend doing that because the water is really gross and you will smell for the rest of the day.
    REPORTED: sleepygrl 12 JUN 06

Splash Mountain Facts and Figures




Water propelled log




17 July 1989


2,863 feet


52 1/2 feet

Ride Time

11:43 minutes (varies)


12 mph (avg), 45 mph (max)


60 logs, 7 riders per log, 251 logs per hour

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