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  2. It's not exactly hidden, but as you walk between Alice in Wonderland and the Matterhorn, there's a figure of the Cheshire Cat pointing towards the queue to Alice in Wonderland. There's also some of the hammer birds.
    REPORTED: Becky Richards 06 SEP 00
  3. If you are standing between Alice and Wonderland and the Matterhorn, there is a big wooden door to the right of the bathrooms. Outlined in that large door is a smaller one with a handle. Now the natural reaction is to pull on the handle, but if you push on the door, you will find that it is unlocked and opens to reveal the inner workings of the ride. But beware, sometimes there is a cast member standing in front so check back often.
    REPORTED: Jonathan Broomfield 26 NOV 97
    First you pull the door and all it reveals is a small white room with some pipes.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Celia 15 MAY 98 pict from
  4. When they took the caterpillar off the Control tower Mushroom, they left a few pairs of shoes. These were pointed out to myself and a friend of mine, by a cast member. You can see them when you are on the ride, when the car comes outside. Or you can see them when walking up to the ride from the side of the castle by Neptune's pond. They are in plain sight on the ride and you have to really look for them when you are on the ground.
    REPORTED: Shannon Lamaster 08 NOV 97
    I made it a point to look out for the shoes left on top of the operators mushroom. I really looks funny. Don't try to see these from the ground though. Unless you are really tall or jump high, you can't see them.
    CONFIRMED: Celia 15 MAY 98
    At the entrance of the Alice in Wonderland ride, you could see (best from the former skyway) the inside page of the book (which may no longer be there). One page has a picnic of Alice, and another says "A very merry unbirthday". You can also see the caterpillar's feet on one of the mushrooms. Anyone know what happened to the caterpillar?
    CONFIRMED: Cedric Chin 23 NOV 98
    The "Merry Unbirthday" pages of the book atop the mushroom "control tower" for the Alice attraction are indeed still there. An added bit of trivia: this mushroom "mission control" used to be, along with the StorybookLand Canal Boat lighthouse, a ticket booth.
    CONFIRMED: AprilDecember 12 JUN 99
    The caterpillar on the mushroom is still part of the ride. It was just moved into the garden scene after the renovation.
    UPDATE: anon 30 APR 00
    I read in one of the Cast Member's weekly newsletter that the mushroom is actually the last ticket booth, in the park, from the days of E Tickets.
    UPDATE: Nathaniel L. Garza 08 MAY 00 pict from
    I don't remember there ever being a Caterpillar atop the mushroom in the queue area of Alice in Wonderland (though of course I am a young'un of 23). I always thought the shoes on the mushroom were a reference to the scene in the movie where the Caterpillar metamorphoses into an armless, legless butterfly and flies away, leaving his shoes and gloves behind.
    CONFIRMED: Kellee Richards 03 SEP 00
  5. Before entering the garden, directly to the right is a statue of Alice. She is holding a large fake rose which can easily be removed by the any person sitting in the right side of the car.
    REPORTED: kari 03 NOV 01
    Note: Please do not take this.
    Its true that after the last refurbishment of Alice in Wonderland Alice had a rose in her hands. Unfortunately, when I rode last, the rose was gone.
    UPDATE: Fred 10 DEC 01
  6. As you fall down the rabbit hole, look to your left as you pass the portrait of the White Rabbit. You will see a shelf holding such books as "Better Homes and Gardens" and "Joy of Carrots."
    REPORTED: Jed 07 FEB 97
  7. With regards to the sequential order of Alice in Wonderland. Before the renovation of Fantasyland, the old version of Alice in Wonderland had the ride go in chronological order, but the ride lacked a big ending. When they re-did it, they put the Mad Tea Party in to give the ride a better finale.
    REPORTED: Whitney Drake 14 MAR 97
    It was in order originally, but they put the tes party at the end to give it a big finish.
    CONFIRMED: Micaela 20 APR 99
    I would like to comment on the old ending for Alice in Wonderland. Some people say that the new ending is better, but they are practically the same. All they did was move it to the bottom of the ramp.
    CONFIRMED: Brian 20 OCT 01
  8. On Alice in Wonderland, just before the white rabbit yells, "The Queen of Hearts!", you can see some cards. If you look real closely, they are doors that lead to rooms in the ride where they do repairs and stuff. I looked in there, and I saw a pink caterpillar. So check out that fun fact every time you ride.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 03 NOV 00
  9. Kathryn Beaumont, who voiced Alice in the film, also voiced her voice in the ride. But it sounds like an American. Note that you never see her in the ride or Mr. Toad on his ride either, because you are supposed to be reliving their adventures.
    REPORTED: Ghost Host 17 JUL 97
    Actually, an Alice figure does appear once in the ride. When you pass by the Caterpillar, look back and to your right. An Alice figure is standing in a little alcove. If you watch the security monitor when you first board the catepillar, you'll notice that one of the video feeds shows Alice plain as day.
    UPDATE: Abree Brand 19 OCT 97
    CONFIRMED: Matt Jones 20 MAY 98
    Alice does appear in the current incarnation of the attraction, and only once. This three-dimensional figure, as well as several others added during the 1984 reconstruction, were originally part of the Mickey Mouse Revue at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Though Alice herself never appeared in the original Alice attraction, the predecessors of the other "new" 3-D characters were all cardboard cutouts. See the Spring, 1999, issue of the "E Ticket" magazine for more information.
    CONFIRMED: AprilDecember 12 JUN 99
  10. Back in like the early 1990's at he end of Alice in Wonderland ride, when the cake explodes; there use to be a jolt(being that the cake exploded)that bounced the little car up and out at the end. I wonder why they took it out?
    LOST: Lindsay 09 JAN 01
  11. On Alice In Wonderland, at the very end of the ride after the cake explodes when exiting the last room of the ride, you can hear a dismayed White Rabbit talking aloud to himself. I was standing at the exit gate waiting for some friends to exit the ride and I heard what the rabbit said. First, when we were on the ride I heard something like "Oh, my poor cake!" but then when I heard the party I was waiting for exit the ride, I heard the Rabbit exclaim infamously "Maryanne!!". So, my report is this: The White Rabbit exclaims various phrases everytime the ride ends! Now how's THAT for making you love Disneyland and the Alice In Wonderland ride even MORE!
    REPORTED: Miss Ginger 16 MAY 00
  12. Near the exit area there is a statue of the White Rabbit holding a large pocket watch. But instead of a clear crystal, the face of the watch is covered by an opaque convex mirror that allows the ride operator to see behind the ride vehicles as guests exit the ride and the vehicles approach the boarding area.
    REPORTED: Sean Catherall 22 OCT 99
  13. I have heard that there is supposed to be a time capsule underneath the big mushroom that the controller sits in for Alice in Wonderland.
    REPORTED: Katherine 25 MAY 99
  14. Disneyland, Californiais the only park to have the Alice in Wonderland ride
    REPORTED: Brian 10 AUG 01
  15. I remember as a kid that there used to be an Upside-Down Room at the very beginning. Does anyone else remember this? It was my favorite part, but being so young, all I can really remember about it were things like chairs and tables on the ceiling (which was supposed to be the floor), and upside down pictures. It was really a very subtle yet disorienting effect. Anyone remember any more details, or why it was removed in the refurbishing?
    REPORTED: Vincent G 05 FEB 02
    The upside-down room and the doors getting progressively smaller in Alice and Wonderland were part of the original version of the ride, which was redone as a part of the new Fantasyland project in 1983.
    CONFIRMED: Brian Malcolm 03 JUL 02
  16. In the original ride there wasn't a scene that featured the Queen of Hearts. That section of today's ride used to house the Mad Tea Party and the Grande Finale, which consisted of flashing lights, banging doors, and crazy signs. After that the cars would slowly drift down back to the station.
    REPORTED: Brian Malcolm 03 JUL 02
  17. Near the end, before the ride pops out in the open the first time, instead of going through doors with cards on them, there were false cartoon-style doors painted on the actual doors which got progressively smaller, giving a shrinking-type effect, with the "Goofy" yell climaxing as you busted through the last tiny door. Please clarify this for me if anyone can.
    REPORTED: Vincent G 05 FEB 02

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