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  1. The Imaginears designed Storybook Land in a number of very special ways. The small village in Switzerland is nestled in its own recreation of the Alps but is placed on the Matterhorn side of Storeybook Land. The imaginears then place the canal so that your boat would pass by the scene framing the village and small Alps in the foreground with the beautiful Matterhorn in the far field. This effect is especially strong for small children.
    REPORTED: Mike Johnson 17 NOV 00
  2. The boats are scaled-down replicas of Dutch, English, and French boats. Each is named after a Disney character.
  3. On Storybookland Canal boats all the boats are named after women/girl Disney characters except for one. The boat named Flower, the male skunk in Bambi. I wonder who made this mistake.
    REPORTED: Brian Malcolm 11 JUL 01
  4. The houses in Storybook Land are fitted with six-inch doors and quarter-inch hinges that open and close, so the Disney electricians can change the lightbulbs.
  5. If there are a lot of people, they usually let little kids sit on the flat, front part of the boat and are called the "whale watchers". just a little thing...and also, if you never noticed, the whale, I forgot his name (shame on me, being a disney freak, but I'm not a big fan of Pinnochio) anyway the whale's eyes or 1 visible eye opens and closes from time to time, and water/steam comes out from his blowhole as well
    REPORTED: Ellen 30 DEC 99
  6. If you never noticed, the whale's eye opens and closes from time to time, and water/steam comes out from his blowhole as well
    REPORTED: Ellen 30 DEC 99
  7. Miniature dwellings called for miniature gardens. All the tiny trees and shrubs growing there are alive, thanks to lots of horticultural talent.
  8. All the little trees that surround the houses are bonsai trees, that are well tended, seeing as bonsai trees need a lot of special care.
    REPORTED: AliceInWonderland 18 JAN 00
  9. Dwellings are fitted with six-inch doors and quarter-inch hinges that open and close, allowing electricians to change light bulbs.
  10. It was late and I was on the Storybook Land boat ride. The lady was telling us things about how they built all of the little buildings. She told us that on the top of the castle in the ride, you know, the really big one, the top was actually gold. She said they have special cranes to clean it, and they never have to worry about people stealing it because if you look at how that area was built, there is no where to reach for it from. . . it is just in the middle, and too high to reach on your own.
    REPORTED: klarebear 06 JUN 01
  11. All of the princesses and their dwellings are represented in the canals, except for Beauty and the Beast. Even the Sultan's castle is represented, and Beauty and the Beast was released before Aladdin.
    REPORTED: Kim 05 MAR 99
    Beauty and the Beast is not the only princess story not included, Sleeping Beauty is not in it either
    UPDATE: brian 03 JUN 00
  12. At the end of the Storybook Canal there is a waterfall that hides the boats and if you look closely you will see the outline of King Tritons castle.
    REPORTED: Stephen 04 DEC 00
  13. On the last few rides that they give on the Story Book Canal, before the park closes, if there are only adults on the boats, they do an intirely different script! One resembling more of a Jungle Cruise sense of humor.
    REPORTED: anon 08 AUG 99
  14. Its very funny when the ducks are up and walking arond the small towns!
    REPORTED: captin eo 17 MAR 01
  15. Once, when I was at Disneyland with a friend, the ride operator let him read the script for the entire ride. I guess they have a preprinted copy on every boat. I am sure that if you are really nice and the ride is pretty empty they would let others do the same.
    REPORTED: Tricia 11 APR 02

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