Fantasyland Sleeping Beauty Castle

Inside Sleeping Beauty Castle

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Note: The interior display of the Sleeping Beauty Castle has been off limits to the public since at least the Fall of 2005. Fireworks are now stored inside. Hopefully Disney will reconsider hauling in fireworks from another storage location and reopen this unique walk-through site.
REPORTED: Chao Family 22 JAN 06
I was just at disneyland in july then November then December and each time i was there it appeared as the sleeping beauty diorama had closed also if it were still open (im not saying it isnt) it would now end in a crystal store that used to be a disney princess store!does anybody know if it is still being used?
UPDATE: Mackie 06 MAY 06
The Sleeping Beauty walk in, where you see the basic story line of Sleeping Beauty in animatronic scenes, is now closed. The last time that I looked, it was just a plain brick wall leading into the Doll Shoppe. I can't believe that it's gone. Everyone loved that place.
UPDATE: Riley 22 MAY 06

You can walk inside Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland. As you walk from the Hub through the castle and exit into Fantasyland turn to the left and you will see a small sign above a small door. It's a very small opening that has a simple yellow "Sleeping Beauty Castle" sign over it.
Sleeping Beauty Castle
As you enter, the story unfolds.
Sleeping Beauty The Beginning
Inside the castle, you walk along corridors and up, down and around winding staircases. All along the way, from beginning to end, the story of Sleeping Beauty is told both in giant books in glass cases and in diorama-style scenes behind glass 'windows' with puppet-type characters from the movie. you walk through a series of partialy animitronic displays that show the basic storyline of Sleeping Beauty.
Sleeping Beauty Diorama
Sleeping Beauty Diorama

Many of the dolls used in the scenes inside the castle were donated by Shirely Temple.

Sleeping Beauty Diorama
The exit is on the opposite side of the castle and only has a small yellow "Exit" sign above it.

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