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  1. The vintage band organ alongside Dumbo the Flying Elephant was built in 1915 by Gavioli, a well-known European manufacturer of circus organs. It came to Disneyland from a couple of American collectors in the early 1970's as an attraction for Bear Country. It languished in storage until 1982, when it was refurbished for the new Fantasyland which opened a year later.
    REPORTED: Troy Carrington 16 MAR 97
  2. Dumbo's band organ was custom made for the Dumbo ride and is adajacent to the King Arthur Carrousel. The organ plays the music for both Dumbo and the King Arthur Carrousel. When Fantasyland reopened in 1984 the custom Dumbo organ played live music.
    REPORTED: Jeff Scott 28 FEB 02
  3. The Dumbo ride was originally planned to have all pink elephants like in Dumbo's nightmare
    REPORTED: Allison 20 AUG 98 pict from
  4. The Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction was replaced with a new version in 1990 that was originally built for the new EuroDisneyland in Paris. A new one was then constructed for the Paris Park, then still two years away from its opening
    REPORTED: Troy Carrington 13 MAR 97
    I have a photograph of my mother on the dumbos when she was 16 and in the center are drumbs as decoration, when I went in 1997 there were no drumbs there where mice spinning
    UPDATE: Carlos 21 AUG 01 pict from
  5. The Timothy Mouse that stands atop the Dumbo Attraction, USED to hold a whip. Now he holds a feather... My dad called it to my attention, I'm surprised no-one here had mentioned it yet!
    REPORTED: Kim 02 MAY 00
    I remember Timothy holding a whip instead of a feather! I also remember that the thread of the whip was flexible, so it moved as he bobbed up and down.
    CONFIRMED: Becky Richards 03 SEP 00
    Timothy Mouse on Dumbo, Disneyland Park, once again holds a whip.
    UPDATE: Chao Family 12 JAN 06
  6. When President Harry Truman visited Disneyland in 1957 he refused to ride Dumbo because the elephant symbolized the Republican party.
    REPORTED: Meg 29 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Jordan Wasyliw 14 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Jackie Sigler 01 MAR 00
  7. The design patent number for Dumbo The Flying Elephant is U.S. Design Patent #286,313 You can view the patent from IBM's wonderful patent server
    REPORTED: Jon Fether 04 APR 97
    Or checkout all the Disney patents online at the Hidden Mickeys' Patent Office.
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 04 APR 97

Dumbo Facts and Figures



Attraction Type

Hub and spoke






Elevated Dumbo


? feet

Number of Vehicles

16 Dumbos

Vehicle Capacity

2-3 riders per Dumbo

Ride Time

1.5 minutes


? mph (avg); ? mph (max)

Vertical Speed

? mph (avg); ? mph (max)


? people per hour; load every ? minutes

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