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  1. On opening day, Art Linkletter couldn't find his microphone during the Fantasyland dedication.
    REPORTED: chernabog 23 NOV 98
  2. The first person to fly as Tinkerbell after the Main Street Electrical Parade, was a 71 year old woman named Tiny Kline, aformer ringling bros. aerialist. After her came 19 year old Mimi Zerbinin, a french circus acrobat, and then was succeded by Judy Kaye
    REPORTED: kat 04 JUN 97
    According to a cast member, Tinkerbell is more often than not a man. Something about the rig they have to fly down on calling for a certain body weight, etc.
    UPDATE: anon 23 JUN 01
    I was at Disneyland in mid July. It has always been my dream to be the Tinkerbell in the fireworks show. I asked a cast member which lucky person the job went to. It was NOT a man. In fact, it was originally an older woman who passed it to her daughter, and then the daughter down to her own daughter. A man has never been Tinkerbell and it has always been the same family. Additionally, the cast member informed me that she gets 600$ a night to fly. This has since then been confirmed by a few of my friends who work there.
    UPDATE: anon 27 AUG 01
    After the first Fantasmic! is over the fireworks start and Tinker Bell flys down from the Matterhorn, Tinker Bell is a man. He is a older aged man (this was a while back so I don't remember the exact age, but was older than 40). The man has been doing it since he was 20. He does it himself most of the time but sometimes it is a girl. The man wears lights and the girls do not. This was told to me by a Cast member.
    UPDATE: Anthony Bingham 14 JUN 02
  3. Tinkerbell gets paid $650 each flight.
    REPORTED: anon 07 AUG 98
  4. There are approximately 350 miles of fiber optics used throughout Fantasyland, with the most apprearing in Peter Pan's Flight.
    REPORTED: Troy Carrington 13 MAR 97
  5. When Fantasyland was remodeled in 1983, designers built an underground complex that is now covered by the Pinocchio attraction and Village Haus Restaurant. The basement features offices, storerooms, a break room and an audio/ride control room. There, engineers can run the area's sound systems with computers, audio equipment and cassette tapes.
    REPORTED: Troy Carrington 13 MAR 97
  6. The drawbridge on Sleeping Beauty Castle has been lowered only twice. On Opening Day and in 1983 when the new Fantasyland opened.
    REPORTED: Troy Carrington 13 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Jordan Wasyliw 14 MAR 97
    I was at the opening of the new Fantasyland as a member of a youth band that marched out from behind the castle, over the drawbridge once it was lowered. The drawbridge did not go up all the way! Only about 70%. Also we stood back there, waiting to go on, listening to the Carrousel. If anybody else was at the re-opening, (we played four nights a week for two weeks, marching out), can you remember if they raised the drawbridge every night? I think they did. But the first night was the most special since the old mouseketeers came out with us, leading the procession.
    CONFIRMED: Shari London 15 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Stacy Hartman 07 APR 97
  7. A likeness of the main character of each dark ride can be found somewhere within the attraction. What follows is a list of as many as I know of. (I am not mentioning entrance signs, wait time signs, restriction signs, or murals.)
    1. Peter Pan's Flight: 3 Shadow in the nursery; fighting Captain Hook; preparing to sail the ship home,
    2. Alice in Wonderland: 1 Across the track from the Caterpillar,
    3. Snow White's Scary Adventures: 1 Climbing the stairs in the Dwarfs' house,
    4. Pinocchio's Daring Journey: 4 Performing on the stage; in Stromboli's cage; playing pool with Lampwick; on Gepetto's bed (note that he is still a puppet!),
    5. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride: 2+ In various works of art throughout the three rooms of Toad Hall; as a statue in the center of town.

    REPORTED: Jed 07 FEB 97
  8. Each dark ride has its own special type of car.
    1. Pinocchio's Daring Journey features carvings of Jimminy Cricket, Figaro, and Cleo on the sides,
    2. Peter Pan's Flight seats you in pirate ships,
    3. Alice in Wonderland lets you ride in a Caterpillar. There are six color variations: yellow/yellow, green/green, pink/pink, yellow/orange, green/blue green, pink/purple,
    4. You ride through Snow White's Scary Adventures in a mining car labelled with the name of one of the seven dwarfs,
    5. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride lets you drive one of Toad's "Motor Cars", each painted differently and named after a character from the film: Mr. Toad, Ratty, Moley, Cyril, MacBadger, Winkie, & Weasel,

    REPORTED: Jed 07 FEB 97
  9. I wrote Disney asking what happened to the cobblestones in Fantasyland. They told me that due to the wear and tear from the guests, they had to take them all out. They didn't tell me what happened to them, though.
    REPORTED: Elisa 22 NOV 96
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  10. The Sword in the Stone, Excalibur, that pops up a little when Merlin tells the guest to pull on the sword, is controlled off stage. If you look up in the window between Mr. Toads Wild Ride and Peter Pan you can see a green light and if you watch during the ceremony you will see the light turn red when it is able to be pulled up.
    REPORTED: Lincoln Chan 04 NOV 95
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 30 DEC 96
    During the Sword in the Stone Ceremony, if you stand in front of Mr. Toad's wild ride, and look towards the turret with the evil queen in it (above the entrance to Snow White) sitting just outside of the turret to the left (closest to the castle), is the technician that runs the sound and controls the sword. Merlin is supposed to stick to his script, so the tech knows what will happen next, but Merlin has been known to improvise and then the tech is not sure what is supposed to happen next. If you see the tech, be sure to wave at him or her.
    CONFIRMED: anon 14 JAN 97
    The sound technician is not the one who controls the lock on the sword. The sword lock is controlled by a sweeper (one of the guys/gals who walk around the park and keep it clean). If you are watching the Sword in the Stone ceremony, look around the landscaping next to the area where the sword is (the Carrousel is on one side, the landscaping on the other side of the Sword in the Stone). You will see one of these sweepers kneeling down next to the fence that keeps the guests out of the planters with his small broom handle thrust into a bush. Actually, I think it is a rock that is hidden by the bush. He is the one controlling the sword. The sound tech is a fairly new addition to the ceremony, because originally Merlin had to belt out his script over the noise of the crowd. Granted, I have not worked there for some years, but that was how it was originally designed.
    UPDATE: James Ho 24 JAN 97
    The sword in the stone is controlled by a janitor. On my recent visit, I looked for a rock in the bushes around the sword. Sure enough, there was a rock. The rock lies between the pinocchio wheel chair entrance and exit. The rock is about the size of a big water mellon, and has a hole on the top, big enough for a hand and arm. I stuck my hand in and felt nothing but leaves, so I lifted up the rock and sure enough there were wires coming out of the bottom. i stuck my hand in again and felt a little metal box with a switch on it.
    UPDATE: bryan hinkley 29 APR 97
    I think that the sword in the stone is held in place by some sort of hydraulic device. When I was 7 years old, I was the child picked out of the crowd to pull the sword out, and as it came out of the stone, I remember wondering why there were all those little drops of water on it.
    UPDATE: Danny Holwerda 17 AUG 97
    The Sword in the Stone ceremony's sword movement is NOT controlled by janitors or anything. I know someone that used to work as merlin and he controlled the sword with a little remote control thingy that looked like a garage door opener.
    UPDATE: Olivia Astika L. 18 FEB 98
    Actually, when I was last at Disneyland I noticed that there was a switch labeled "Sword" on the operator's control panel for the carrousel... I believe that that operator flips the switch to deactivate the electromagnet holding the sword in place.
    UPDATE: David Dayton 12 AUG 98
    There is a bench that you can sit at and see a red light. At a time of the day, the light will turn green and you can pull the sword out of the stone.
    CONFIRMED: anon 05 JUL 99
    When standing inside the castle looking at the sword in the anvile with the carosale in the background, look up to the right and you'll see a little window with a green light in it. When the wizard comes out for his show look for the light to change red. When it does, the kid pulling on the sword with be the one to move it.
    UPDATE: Andy Beattie 05 FEB 01
  11. The Fantasyland construction in the early '80s was undertaken after the original plans were unearthed in Disney's archives.
    REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 21 FEB 96
  12. Many of the rides in Fantasyland that are based on Disney cartoons tend to show scenery in the order of the plot of the cartoon, but there are two exception. In the Alice in Wonderland ride, the last scene that the rider sees is the Mad Hatter's Tea party. In the animated feature, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party takes place in the middle, rather than the end of the film. It almosts seems that the Tea party scene was added to the ride as an afterthought. Snow White does not go in the order of the movie either.
    REPORTED: Mark Huffman 05 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 30 DEC 96
  13. Fantasyland--more exactly, the stretch leading to It's a Small World where Fantasyland's Autopia and Motorboats used to be--was the location set up for Afternoon Avenue, a tribute to the Disney Afternoon. There, they altered rides and stands to fit the cartoons, and also had costumes of the different characters. And at the Fantasyland Theater (then Videopolis) showed a play called "Plane Crazy" starring the casts of TaleSpin and Rescue Rangers. It was a lot of fun... I wish they would bring it back for old-times' sake.
    REPORTED: Becky Richards 13 SEP 00
  14. This is a secret that unfortunately can only be confirmed by someone who already knows. Next to the bench in font of the villain's shop, this area was all cobblestone, there was one lone shiny blue rock. This was the only rock like it in all of Fantasyland. During the renovation of the castle this past winter, the cobblestones and alas the blue rock was removed. Does anyone know what happened to it?
    REPORTED: David Jacobi 13 APR 96

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