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  1. There are other Hidden Characters here.
  2. On the infamous blocks on Peter Pan's Flight (the ones that spell out Peter Pan and Disney) They also spell out Route 3, which is its location number in all the Fantasyland attractions.
    REPORTED: Candace and Eric 07 AUG 98
  3. Did you know that at Disneyland, the flying ship vehicles at Peter Pan's Flight stop at the platform to load. After the passengers are seated, the ship takes flight. However, at Disney World's Magic Kingdom, the ships move on a continuous moving convayor belt. This means that passengers must board the ship from a moving footpath.
    REPORTED: anon 20 FEB 01
    On Peter Pan's flight in Disneyland the cars do stop but the cars in Disney World don't.
    CONFIRMED: matt 16 FEB 02
  4. When you enter the ride look at the mural on the wall. Look at Hook, you will see his hook is on his left hand then on the ride find Hook again you will see his hook has changed hands!
    REPORTED: Lauren Ferreira 03 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Tangaroa Jr. 15 FEB 98
  5. The Voice of Peter Pan towards the beginning of the ride (I think he says a couple different things) was a teacher at my High School. His name is Tim Miltenberger, I don't know the exact date that the voice was recorded, but he did it one day for the students in class, it sounded exactly the same!
    REPORTED: anon 02 MAY 02
  6. As your ship flies into the nursery, it passes a small white door on the left before turning the corner. After you have passed this door, it bounces a little, swinging inward a few inches. I've never been able to see anything, and I don't know why it happens, but it's fun to check out.
    REPORTED: Jed 09 APR 97
    It's the box that contains the machine projecting Peter Pan's shadow on the wall over Wendy's bed...the shadow of Peter Pan flies away to the left along with you just before you make the U turn into the dark room. The box's door closes and withdraws a bit so that PPan's "shadow" doesn't get projected onto you!
    UPDATE: Norm Thomas 30 JUL 97
  7. When you are in the childrens bedroom, look at the white ceramic pitcher sitting out on one of the night stands. There is a Mickey head on it. It's hard to see because it's just a raised image on the surface and isn't painted a color. It's unmistakeably intentional.
    REPORTED: Angela 16 JAN 02
  8. Immediately look down once you exit the bedroom. You'll be able to see Wendy's dog below!
    REPORTED: Cedric Chin 23 NOV 98
  9. When flying over the town with clock tower look down to see clouds on top of the moving cars. Those clouds are actually white garbage bags thrown on the floor.
    REPORTED: anon 25 FEB 97
    The clouds are only plastic bags! The city of London that you fly over is simply painted flourecent dots on the floor with black lights shining on them. The moving car lights are also dots of paint painted onto a simple chain that looks no different than a long thin bicycly chain. I walked through with the lights on and saw that the clouds are plastic bags just lying on the ground.
    CONFIRMED: Chuck Keeler 17 APR 02 pict from
  10. If you lean over the side of the ship as you fly over the model of Never Never Land and look down into the volcano you will see a nice effect of bubbling lava. It looks like glass beads being blown around by air.
    REPORTED: Andy Bach 03 FEB 97
    When flying over the volcano, the lava is little bean bag beads bouncing with an orange light.
    CONFIRMED: anon 25 FEB 97
    After a long day the valcano will be all out of the little foam balls and you'll see the wire mesh.
    CONFIRMED: Cliff Robertson 03 MAR 97
  11. On a recent trip, I noticed that there was only 1 Peter Pan flying ship with an orange sail, all the others were black. I asked a cast member why the special color and she said it was used for testing the security cameras in the ride. It appears that black sails won't show up on the black-and-white monitors at the console.
    REPORTED: Devin Smith 07 JAN 98
    I always loved the orange sails on the Peter Pan ride, and felt extra special when I got to ride one. However, I was there July 2000 and they all seemed to have a new coat of paint, and there were no orange ones. It made me feel pretty sad, to say the least!
    UPDATE: Laurie 28 OCT 00
    I am sad to report that they have indeed taken the special sail out of Peter Pan's flight
    CONFIRMED: Sabrina 21 NOV 00
    I just got home from Disneyland and wanted to update everyone that the red sail is back on in Peter Pan's flight.I didn't get to ride on it, but it's there!!
    UPDATE: Alisa 29 JAN 01
    CONFIRMED: Tyler Welsford 11 MAR 01
    Last time I went to Disneyland, I saw the orange sail. But along with the orange sail, there was also a RED AND WHITE STRIPED ONE!!!!!
    CONFIRMED: *~Tinkerbellette~* aka Disneyland Smarty 11 SEP 01
  12. On Annual Passholder Night, Snow White's Adventure and Peter Pan were both rigged for walking through, and you got to see how some of the effects work. Wow, it's amazing what you can do with a little paint and some mirrors!
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 15 JAN 97
  13. Watch the windows above Peter Pan. Twice a day, someone looks out of the window. He never does it at the same time though.
    REPORTED: anon 25 FEB 97
  14. Only two of the Pirate ships have red sails. The rest have black. I consider any trip during which I get to ride in a red-sailed ship to be extra-special.
    REPORTED: Ryan Miller 09 JUN 97
  15. At the end, there is a Hook with a latern -- a cast member told me that this hook was the only thing left from the orginal Pirate Ship (I'll asume its the Jolly Rogers) resturant before it was torn down during the 1980's because of it was rotten. They put the hook in as homage to the Pirate Ship when "new" Fantasyland was build circe 1983.
    REPORTED: Keith Jones 06 SEP 98
  16. Who did Walt Disney use as a model for Peter Pan's Tinkerbell? It was Margaret Kerry. She is now a retired elementary school teacher and being model for Tinkerbell in the movie Peter Pan is the only thing she ever did for Disney.
    REPORTED: Sonny Snarr 01 AUG 00

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