Pinocchio's Daring Journey Fun Facts

Hidden Mickeys

  1. Pinocchio's Daring Journey is not an original Fantasyland ride. It was installed as a part of the new Fantasyland in 1983. Before, it was the Fantasyland theater.
    REPORTED: Brian Malcolm 03 JUL 02
  2. Park gardeners claim that a tree, a type of the maple, outside Pinocchio's Daring Journey is unique in the world.
  3. In front of the Daring Journey is a lamp hanging from an ironwork arm. The name "Pinocchio" is spelled out in the fillagree.
    REPORTED: Kate Sweetman 13 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Tina Marie 04 NOV 98
  4. The poolroom scene in which Lampwick turns into a donkey, was the first in which Disney Imagineers used holograms at Disneyland.
    REPORTED: Troy Carrington 13 MAR 97
  5. There is a part near the end where he is in a cage as a donkey. Notice he is wearing a yellow bow tie. Well, this, much like the apple in Snow White's Scary Adventure, remains UNGLUED. My friend grabbed it and it came right off. We asked if we could return it or pay for it, but the people running it said its always like that and people take it all the time. So next time you see the bow tie on the donkey, you can try and get it. Its up for grabs! And if its not there, you know some other clever person got it before you!
    REPORTED: anon 27 AUG 00
    The yellow bowtie on the donkey is indeed unglued. However, after reading that it can be taken we decieded to try and much to our dismay we found that it was tied securely onto the donkey and we would need scissors to take it off. This may have been done to prevent the further taking of the yellow bowtie.
    UPDATE: Amy S. 16 JAN 01
    The bowtie is takeable and not tied securely on! The badge is untakeable in the ride though. People think you can but for two reasons you can't. First it is part of cricket and cricket is secure to the mantle. Secondly there is the sensor!
    CONFIRMED: Nikuku 15 JUN 02
  6. There is a neat trick with the Blue Fairy. She magically appears, then disappears after bringing Pinocchio back to life. However, you can see through her the entire time! This is done by the same effect used to create the "birthday sequence" of the Haunted Mansion. If you look closely before the ride turns, you can see the real Blue Fairy behind a glass opposite where she appears. But, be sure to look fast!
    REPORTED: Dynara 23 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 30 DEC 96
  7. Towards the end of the ride Jiminy Cricket is standing there on a shelf holding his conscience badge. There is a red sensor underneath the shelf. It is used to activate a recording saying "Please keep your hands and arms inside the car and remain seated at all times!" This is to keep guests from steeling his badge.
    REPORTED: Tina Marie 01 NOV 98
  8. The sulptures in the end are reproductions of the ones in the movie
    REPORTED: cindy sundes 07 MAR 01

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