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  2. An easy way to remember the names of all 7 dwarfs: 2 S's, 2 D's, and 3 emotions. Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Grumpy, and Bashful.)
    REPORTED: Meg 29 JUL 96
  3. When Snow White sings, her voice is the original voice of Snow White, 18-year-old Adriana Caselotti, trained in Italian opera. When the newly restored Snow White's Scary Adventure re-opened in 1983 following renovations, a new soundtrack was recorded, featuring Adriana Caselotti, the original voice of Snow White.
    REPORTED: Meg 29 JUL 96
  4. In Snow White's Scary Adventures, there is only one figure of Snow White and 4 of the Wicked Witch in the entire ride!
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 30 NOV 99
    You only see Snow White once and the witch four times because you are supposed to be her and see the ride through her point of view.
    CONFIRMED: Christy 23 AUG 00 pict from
  5. On Snow White's Scary Adventures, right after you come out of the dwarf's cottage and out into the woods, you see a figure of the wicked queen peeking into the cottage window. She says, "These dwarfs cannot hide Snow White from me", or "Soon I'll be fairest in the land", or something like that. That figure hasn't always been there. I remember when it wasn't there, and I'm only 16, so obviously it hasn't been there all that long. They must have put it there because the area was too blank, or maybe to try and explain the story a little better. But come on, who doesn't know the story of Snow White?!
    REPORTED: Clint 26 OCT 00
  6. On Annual Passholder Night, Snow White's Adventure and Peter Pan were both rigged for walking through, and you got to see how some of the effects work. Wow, it's amazing what you can do with a little paint and some mirrors!
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 15 JAN 97
  7. There is a bookstand right when you enter the building to the ride. On the bookstand is an apple, if you touch it, thunder claps and the Wicked Queen laughs. It might take you a while to make the thunder clap because it need time to reset itself after someone has done it before you.
    REPORTED: Erika Ely 07 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: IceWizard 12 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: C Sorensen 15 JUL 97
    As a former Fantasyland Cast Member, I was informed of the 'disappearing apple' in Snow White's Scary Adventures. The glowing apple, held by the evil witch, is appearantly stolen frequently by guests...often daily!?
    REPORTED: anon 29 DEC 97
    The apple is often stolen and a cast members must follow a car into the ride to replace it. There is a bag of apples behind the scenes each apple costing $16. Disney goes through these apple pretty fast because the apple is stolen sometimes more than once a day. Its also a real pain to replace while the ride is in normal operations so please don't steal it, plus if you are caught, you'll be fined $400. Also the reason the apple is not glued to the witches hand is because people would end up stealing the whole hand.
    CONFIRMED: Nellie 13 DEC 98
    The apple in the Snow White ride cannot be stolen anymore - its screwed down tight.
    UPDATE: David Enertson 26 MAR 98
    According to "Mouse Tales: A Behind-The-Ears Look at Disneyland", it says because of the tradition at Grad Night of stealing the poisoned apple, Disney made the apple an optical illusion. But for all I know they may have taken this away since now, since you guys say it is still there.
    UPDATE: Joey (Future Imagineer) 28 MAR 99
    The apple on Snow White is not screwed down.
    UPDATE: Justin Dodd 27 SEP 99
    The first apple when the witch comes out on her rowboat is always loose and remains unglued. When I was 14 I stole the apple from her hand, my mom found out, and made me call one of the Disneyland Operations offices and tell them what I did and offer to take the apple back and/or pay for it. The manager that I talked to said that people steal the apples all the time, they cost pennies to replace, and it's no big deal, they didn't need it back, and thanks for being so honest and calling. :)
    CONFIRMED: Diana 16 APR 00
    This past December 2000 we had taken the poison apple from the witch only to discover that it had been switched to a perfect and quite real orange. Thinking Disney had done this to cut down on costs we figured it would be the same this past time. However, it was early enough that we discovered this time it was a glowing apple. Looks like someone is switching the apple with different fruits as a joke to others who decide to take the poison apple.
    UPDATE: Amy S. 16 JAN 01
    When you go by the apple that makes the thunder clapping noise look straight up and you will see a tile filled with signatures of the people who made the ride. It includes Roy Disney.
    UPDATE: Darren 23 JUN 01
    The apple held by the wicked queen in Snow White's Scary Adventures is no longer 3D... it is an optical illusion... a hologram I believe. It cannot be stolen, or even touched for that matter.
    UPDATE: Stacee 05 APR 02
    On Snow White's Scary Adventure, the wicked witch is now an illusion. It is a projector shining the wicked witch into the scene. I wanted to take the apple from the wicked witch and when i saw her coming i got ready to grab it but it ended up being just the image of the witch. I think that is so they won't have to keep buying apples.
    CONFIRMED: DisneylandGurl1 20 APR 02 pict from
  8. Next time you are waiting in line at the Peter Pan attraction, look up at the turret on top of the Snow White attraction. Every thirty seconds to one minute or so, the Wicked Queen animatronic figure opens the curtains, looks down on the crowd for a few seconds, and then pulls the curtains closed again. Sometimes, it is easier to see this at night. Very few people notice unless they know to look up and wait for it to happen.
    REPORTED: Holly Benton 06 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Trent Collicott 17 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    In the castle courtyard above the Snow White ride you can see the evil Queen ( Snow White's Stepmother ) in the window opening and closing the curtains.
    CONFIRMED: Brian Curran 19 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 27 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Veronica P. 23 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Alexandra 27 NOV 97
    CONFIRMED: Amy the Hearse Queen 30 NOV 97
    Just before entering Snow White's Scary Adventure, there is the Evil Queen that pops out of the curtains of a window above the entrance to the attraction.
    CONFIRMED: Jason Tan 04 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Nicole 14 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Mike Hamrick 22 SEP 98
    It is true that while standing in line at the Peter Pan ride you can see the Wicked Queen peeking out of the curtain in the window above the Snow White ride. On timed intervals (I can't remember if it's every five minutes or so) the Wicked Witch stands in the window rather than the Wicked Queen.
    CONFIRMED: Erica 20 APR 99 Princess Ballgown
    CONFIRMED: anon 14 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: micheal Cushard 31 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: Keya 28 APR 00
    When the Wicked Queen peeks out of the curtains from the window above the entrance to the ride, she used to do so to different degrees... first a small peek, then throw the curtains wide open (incidentally, that used to scare my cousin to death). But now-a-days, I think she opens them all the way every time.
    CONFIRMED: Becky Richards 03 SEP 00
    CONFIRMED: Joe 12 SEP 00
    CONFIRMED: Selica Figueroa 13 OCT 00
    CONFIRMED: Meagan 18 JUN 01
    With the Wicked Queen submission. It is there and I have seen it myself although I don't think it is "hidden" as people think as Disney's video "A Day at Disneyland" shows her opening and closing the curtains a couple of times.
  9. In the early years there used to be races through the ride. The cast members would turn out the lights so it was dark as heck and you had to run through, racing the other cast members. The trick was, though, not being the fastest, but actually knowing the track itself.
    REPORTED: Tiffany 06 JUL 98
  10. There is a red sensor Snow White's Scary Adventures behind a bucket of jewels when you are passing through the mine. It is used to activate a recording saying "Please keep your hands and arms inside the car and remain seated at all times!" This is to keep guests from stealing the jewels.
    REPORTED: Tina Marie 01 NOV 98
  11. My sister-in-law spotted a small Tinker Bell in the Mining area to the right behind a load of jewels in a tiny cave.
    REPORTED: Stacey Fitts 19 MAR 99
  12. In the cottage scene at the beggining of Snow Whites Scary Adventures, that's Grumpy playing the organ, Sleepy playing the fiddle, Bashful on the guitar, Happy on the accordion, Doc on the mandolin, and Dopey, who has climbed up on the shoulders of Sneezy.
    REPORTED: Erik Scanlon 29 APR 00

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