Snow White Grotto Fun Facts

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  1. The Snow White Grotto is now a picture taking spot with the princesses. It is no longer a nice quiet unknown spot to rest and visit. You can not just go whenever you want to visit the wishing well and take pictures of the cute little well and the waterfall. You have to schedule it for when the princesses are not out.
    REPORTED: Tricia 11 APR 02
  2. The flawlessly crafted marble statuettes were sent to Disneyland Park, anonymously, from Italy in 1961.
  3. The recording, that is now heard at the Snow White Grotto, of Snow White singing into the well is a rerecording done for the New Fantasyland opening in 1983. Stacia Martin had the privilege to actually direct Adriana Castelotti who recreated her role 45 years after her original performance in the 1937 film.
    REPORTED: Jim O'Connor 12 APR 97
  4. The Snow White fountain sings all day long near the wishing well in Fantasyland.
    REPORTED: Ken Coates 31 OCT 95
    The Snow White fountain does, in fact, sing all day long. It starts back up every minute or two, and can get really annoying when you are waiting for someone to meet you for an hour and a half. It is by the wishing well, and bells go off before Snow White starts her song.
    CONFIRMED: Tiana 07 SEP 99
    The money people throw into the wishing wells is all given to charity, as is the money thrown any-/everywhere in the park.
    UPDATE: Becky Richards 05 AUG 01
  5. This is fairly well-known, but the Snow White at the top of Disneyland Wishing Well diorama is actually there because she was mistakenly made the same size as the Dwarves. The fountain enclave where the statues rest is, in fact, an ingenious optical illusion, with the purpose of making Snow White appear larger than her Dwarf counterparts.
    REPORTED: Rob Teitelbaum 04 MAR 96
    The dwarfs and Snow White were anonymous gifts postmarked from Italy, deduced to be modeled after hand soaps licensed at the time. Snow White is a little taller than the dwarfs, but not much, which is why she is above them
    CONFIRMED: Meg 29 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    Snow White is the same size as the dwarfs. This is why she is at the top, this way she will look taller than the dwarfs.
    CONFIRMED: anon 26 FEB 99
    When Snow White and the Seven Dwarf sculptures were made for Disneyland Paris, the same size mistake was made, so DLP had to arrange them in "forced perspective" like Disneyland Anaheim. When they were made for Disneyland Tokyo, the error was corrected. Tokyo sent them back - they wanted theirs to be exactly like Disneyland's!
    UPDATE: Roger Worden 18 MAR 99
    An Italian made the statues modeling them after soaps, so Snow White came out the same size as the dwarfs, so Disney again used perspective to help them out.
    CONFIRMED: Tiana 07 SEP 99
  6. The soundtrack for the wishing well has a remote control for it. There is a keyswitch to mute it during weddings and for other reasons. It is on the wall to the left of the grotto, next to the door. Take a look at it, they didn't try real hard to hide it.
    REPORTED: anon 14 JAN 97

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