Mad Tea Party Fun Facts

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  1. The reason that the tea cups close down for such a long time when it rains is because the motors are underneath the cups and can not run properly when wet plus the platform is so slippery that little kids run and slip on the ground. Big Safety hazard.
    REPORTED: Nellie 14 DEC 98
  2. If you pick the purple plain colored tea cup, it goes the fastest. We haven't figured out why, it just seems to work the best! And to get going real fast, take turn spinning, not all at once!!
    REPORTED: Linz 11 JAN 99
    The purple tea cup does go fastest! It's my favorite!
    CONFIRMED: AliceInWonderland 18 JAN 00
    Ok, now I've heard rumors that on the Teacups at DISNEYLAND (Anaheim CA) that the plain lavender teacup is the fastest. So upon a recent visit myself and 3 other people managed to squeeze into that cup. No easy task considering our party contained 2 people in their 20's and two teenagers. We were determined to get the thing GOING! Now Im positive that it is the fastest cup because that was the fastest I have ever experianced that ride. We were going so fast I couldnt move my head. Or SEE where we were. People we pointing and my mom couldnt even follow us from the side with the camera. So if you want a fast ride, pick the plain purple cup!
    CONFIRMED: Lane 19 FEB 00
    Over much time and through much observation my friend and I had decided upon the fastest teacup on the ride. Asking the ride operator to open a challenge with all others on the ride (as we normally do), she indeed told us that we were in the fastest teacup. This was based on tests they had ran the night fact, they said the centrifigul force in that cup hit 3.6 G forces!! Needless to say, we creamed everybody on the ride!
    REPORTED: Dan Baird 18 FEB 01
    Last June while riding in the Teacups, my sister, mother, her close friend and I all squeezed into the plain purple teacup. It is infact the fatest teacup, but my mothers friend had it going so fast the whole teacup was rocking unsteadily and making a very loud creaking noise. When we exited the ride I noticed at the bottom of the teacup where it meets the saucer had oil leeking out of it and a few broken attatchments. On my alst visit there it didn't seem to spin as fast, but indeed was still much faster that the rest.
    CONFIRMED: Ashley L. Barnhart 28 AUG 01
    Actually the Orange one with the Diamond goes the fastest, the Pink one with the heart goes the slowest. Check out this website for the report of some guys who tested them ALL! and I can verify their results, cause I have been on every teacup. And the Orange one with the diamond made me the greenest.
    UPDATE: anon 08 SEP 01
  3. I'm not sure if this is still possible, but I was told by my mom that when she went on the Teacups in the 60's her father spinned the cup they were on so fast that their cup actually CAME OFF the platform!
    REPORTED: Christopher A. Cook 23 JUL 00
  4. All of the mad tea party attractions are similar but none are the same. The most different one is the one at Disneyland, California. It is not covered so when it rains this ride is closed, but the cups are better detailed than all the other. The Californian vesion also lacks the giant teapot in the center of the ride
    REPORTED: Brian 10 AUG 01

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