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  1. Disneylands Fantasmic will be closed on the June 17 for refurbishment until June 27. It really stinks. But I hope for the show to look better and maybe add somethings.............
    UPDATE: Ashley p 08 JUN 06
  2. Fantasmic! was originally called "Imagination" in 1992
  3. On a recent trip, I found out that the control room for the Fantasmic show is right above the balcony that is next to the Disney Gallery. During the day it is covered by shutters, but at night you can see the glow coming from all the computer screens. Under the center lighting tower lies the safety control panel, where the stage manager sits. The employee who told me this also said that most of the show is controlled by computer and that adjustments can be made to the show depending on weather conditions. The height of the water spray can be adjusted depending on the wind.
    REPORTED: Mike Chan 17 DEC 97
  4. Fantasmic! is 22 min long, can have 10,000 guests per show, and has a cast of 51 performers, most of them in multiple roles. The crew are 50 per performance and 341 costumes are necessary in order to present the show 7 nights a week in the summer. In addition, 120 "theater blacks" had to be made as costuming for the stage crew. The 3 mist screens are 70mm film images projected from Tom Sawyer Island.
    REPORTED: Jordan Wasyliw 09 MAR 97
    The show is 22 minutes long and costs approx. $22,000 per show. Some nights feature as many as 3 shows. (Anyone ever heard of 4?) In comparison, Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks cost $58,000 for one show a night.
    CONFIRMED: Tony Crescenzo 09 JUL 97
    The average number of guests seeing Fantasmic is about 15,000 plus a few more when the show starts. In November of 98', Fantasmic will have it's first full renovation. I was a nice chat with one of the 80 fantasmic yellow shirt people.
    CONFIRMED: Anthony Blythe 17 AUG 98
    I'm sorry to say but the Fantasmic show does not cost $22,00o a show, as a former cast member our manager told us that they were told by people in the TDA building (the big ugly yellow building) that the show cost $75,000 per show.
    UPDATE: anon 10 NOV 99
  5. The average guests seeing Fantasmic is about 15,000. plus a few more when the show starts. In November of 98', Fantasmic will Have it's first full renovation. I was a nice chat with one of the 80 fantasmic yellow shirt people.
    REPORTED: Anthony Blythe 17 AUG 98
  6. Before the show Fantasmic, at about 8:50, you could see the flower pedals from the jungle scene being ready. Also if you go toward Critter Country you could see the cast members preparing the ship for the Peter Pan scene.
    REPORTED: Disneyfrk 09 JUN 06
  7. Facing the island, for the far right light tower, there is a sitting area almost right in front, but to the right a little bit. In that area is a fenced off grass area to the left of the petrified tree. On the grass is a big rock...Inside the rock that just "pops" open is the control panel for the light tower. All you need is a key to activate the tower or bring it down!
    REPORTED: Ryan Helsley 02 JUL 97
  8. Did you know that underneath Tom Sawyer's Island there is a 15 foot basement that is the main storage area for Fantasmic! It also is where Malicifent is stored and where they keep all of the island props -- the snake, the fiberoptic twirly things, etc.
    REPORTED: Tim Crandley 25 JUL 98
  9. I know how the high-pitched hum at the very beginning of the soundtrack to Fantasmic is made. They run a bow (from a stringed instrument, like a violin) back and forth along the edge of a key on a vibraphone.
    REPORTED: Becky Richards 06 SEP 00
  10. Here is how Mickey appears at the beginning of Fantasmic! Most people think that he is crouched on a lift 2-4 feet below the surface of the stage. This is not true. He actually is 15 feet below the surface of the stage, on the "floor" of the storage basement below. The lift is an air lift that raises Mickey 15 feet in 3 sec (believe it or not!!!). On the platform that Mickey is standing on is a red foot pad which Mickey has to keep a foot on top of all the time, otherwise the lift will stop. Also, at the base of the lift is a tech who has to keep his hand on a fail-safe switch other wise the lift will also stop. When an actor starts practicing for the Mickey roll, they have to spend lots of time on the lift practicing bending their knees and standing just right, otherwise he is launched 2-5 feet into the air, depending on who it is.
    REPORTED: Tim Crandley 25 JUL 98
    Tim Crandley claims the 30 foot lift drops in 4 seconds after the stage goes dark. I deliberately watched Fantasmic from the pumphouse, next to the Mark Twain/Columbia boat dock, so I could get a side view. I watched the lift go up slowly, taking 15-20 seconds. When the stage went dark I watched it descend (I could do this because with the side view the lift was not obstructed by the "fog") and it went down at the same rate as it rose, taking about 15-20 seconds all told. The motion does not have to be rapid because the fog hides the slow descent from the majority of the audience.
    UPDATE: Ed Johnston 21 AUG 98
    The Maleficiant Lift CAN NOT reach it's max height in 4 secs. It goes up in 18 secs. Also, the reason that the character is played by a male is because of the height of the required performer, not the weight of the costume. The whole 2/3 rds of the costums is attached to the lift. The performer only wears a head piece and a small upper body pieced. And just another thing -- All of that flinging around that Malificant does is a tightly horeographed movement, it isn't just done out of free will by the performer.
    UPDATE: anon 06 DEC 98
    Here's the real scoop on Maleficent, from the guy who played the role for three summers! The "Malefi-lift" raised up from 7 feet below stage to stage level and then 38 feet higher to tower above Mickey. It does this in about 3-5 seconds which isn't that fast if you time it on your watch. The lift itself is very stable and was manufactured by Genie, the garage door people.
    UPDATE: Patrick 02 AUG 99
    Maleficent's original costume cost $33,000 and there were two of them originally. A newer, lighter costume was designed in 1994.
    UPDATE: Patrick 02 AUG 99
  11. No Mickey's have ever "fallen down the stage well." It's a 20 foot drop to a steel grate so it would have severely injured any performer.
    REPORTED: Patrick 02 AUG 99
  12. Here's how Mickey in the Fantasmic! show at Disneyland shoots the pyros from his fingers in the beginning if the show:there are hidden wristbands up his sleeves and he pushes a special button to activate the wristbands. If you taped the Super Bowl Halftime Show, N'Sync does the same thing, only they show the wristbands.
    REPORTED: anon 11 FEB 01
  13. The door over the dragon pit (as it is actually known rather than the stage well) weighs 10,000 pounds.
    REPORTED: Patrick 02 AUG 99
  14. On Fantasmic the snake is held by the pirates. If you look under it you can see their pants. This is used to get them from one side of the island to the other where the pirate ship is. This was shown to me by a former cast member.
    REPORTED: Tim Rasmussen 29 JAN 01 pict from
  15. The light "barges" for Fantasmic sink down when not in use using hydraulics, and rise up in time for the performance. They have a "cement bathtub" there, and they only have to drop the planks down, and drain the tub for maintenance.
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 20 JAN 97
  16. Fantasmic! Depending on who the performer is, Mr. Smee on the Pirate Ship has a tendency to point with two fingers, much the same as the cast members who work in the park.
    REPORTED: anon 18 JUN 01
  17. The tree house on Tom Sawyer's island has a laser on it for Fantasmic. It is located just under the steps leading up to the top of the tree house. All it is, is a small brown box with a small hole cut out on it. The laser is used for the very end of Fantasmic when Mickey is standing on top of the mill and a green laser shoots out from behind him. That was confirmed by a cast member.
    REPORTED: Tim Rasmussen 29 JAN 01
  18. The Barges used in Fantasmic each have a number
    1. Barge 1 starts by the canoe dock, is the first monkey barge, and then is Snow White's.
    2. Barge 2 starts by the canoe dock, is the second monkey barge, then is Beauty and The Beast's.
    3. Barge 3 starts from the Mark Twain, docked at the Fort, is King Louie's barge, then is the Little Mermaid's.
    4. Barge 4, the Crocodile, follows the Columbia
    5. Barge 5, Ursala, starts from the Mark Twain, then hides in the inlet by the Indian Village.
    Each Barge (except Crocodile) has a driver and a technician. The driver drives, and the tech controls the lights, sound and effects. The tech also does the change-over between passes. If you watch the area on the island across from the Mark Twain Dock, you can watch barges 1 and 2 dock, offload performers, and change the effects. If you watch the dock across from the canoe dock, you'll see barge 3 dock and change over, also the Columbia will stop and unload performers. Have fun watching the show behind the show.
    REPORTED: scott 25 NOV 96 pict from
  19. Ever wonder if Fantasmic performers have fallen into the water? Well, at least one stunt performer. While playing Captain Hook was doing the swing around the stern, when the Columbia was running too slow, and hit a lightpole on the mainland. He was knocked off of the rope, and fell into the water. He was shaken, but recovered and swam to the island side of Fowler's Harbor, and then swam over to the island. I think this marked the first time the Stage Manager had to E-STOP the show in four years. There was another incident this summer, when an intoxicated guest decided to take a swim during the show. The idiot stripped to his boxers and jumped off of the pump house platform (the building to the north of the Mark Twain Dock) and swam around in the water. Because he jumped in as the Columbia was center stage, the Stage Manager had to cut the two Princess Barges that start from that side, because they backup towards the Twain Dock. The Stage Manager really should have stopped the show, but didn't. Security grabbed the soggy guest in Frontierland.
    REPORTED: scott 25 NOV 96
    From my junior year in high school, to the summer prior to starting grad school, I worked at Disneyland, a total of 8 years. I started in Adv/Frt Attractions, originally dept. 951, later this merge with NOCC to become Westside attraction. I was one of the original river drivers for the Columbia and Mark Twain. You mention an incident in which the stuntman playing Captian Hook smacked a light post and ended up in the water. Actually he didn't hit a post he hit the boat. On a seperate incident a different stuntman performing the rope swing on the port yard arm did hit a pole. In neither case was the speed of the Columbia the cause of the incident. The stuntmen are supposed to open their eyes and check the position of the boat before jumping. The Columbia has many generator problems, mostly due to the new generators installed at the request of the entertianment dept. Sorry, but we take things like this personally... Also, the river drivers, who are the only people in the show who work for the attractions dept. are known as bus drivers, and I have the hat to prove it.
    REPORTED: James K Geoghegan 06 DEC 96
  20. Towards the beginning of Fantasmic, King Louie and some monkeys go around on three rafts, while on the Tom Sawyer's Island, a large snake comes walking from stage left and exits stage right. Once this act ends the water "screens" come up and everything else goes dark. But if you watch from the Mark Twain Steamboat landing, you will see that the pirates on the pirate ship, are the same people who were the snake and the monkeys.
    REPORTED: jason young 12 OCT 96
  21. A former security guard said that the large and sinister Ursula rarely "performed" every night during the week. Because of her complex technology, she is in storage very often due to break-downs. This is why she may not always come out for every show.
    REPORTED: Patrick Keown 02 MAY 96
    There have been some comments of why Ursala, sometimes does not make an apperence. The main reason why, is because the technician that drive her, is also on Captain Hook ship. From the time the ship docks after its' run in the show, the person has less than a minute to run across Tom Sayer Island and get into the Ursala barge. If anything goes wrong, Ursala is a big no show.
    UPDATE: Jonathan Reuel 07 JUN 96
    I have just become an annual passholder at Disneyland. 5 years ago when I was visiting and watched Fantasmic, they did have the big Ursula float, however, it has been replaced. What they do now is the water screens go up and you see Ursula on the screen.
    UPDATE: Disneyland Local 31 JAN 01
  22. Like the Broadway play, the Peter Pan that swings around on the pirate ship is played by a woman. Disney chose her because she was the finest gymnast that applied for the job.
    REPORTED: Patrick Keown 02 MAY 96
    There is a women that does play a Peter Pan, but she also has two male counterparts that routinely rotate off with her. Ever wonder what these stunt people do when they're not in the show? Go to Las Vegas, and see them in the Treasure Island Stunt show. Yes, there are women in that show too!
    UPDATE: Jonathan Reuel 07 JUN 96
    About the stunt people, I live in Las Vegas and my mother works at Treasure Island. She asked about that and got all no's.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Mickey 24 OCT 96
    The rumor of stunt people who also work at Treasure Island in Las Vegas, that is true, both male and female. When they don't work one, they work another.
    CONFIRMED: anon 15 MAY 97
    None of the stunt performers works, or has ever worked at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. The stunt performers on Fantasmic! are professional stunt people and work in Hollywood when they're not in Fantasmic! That's because Hollywood is closer than Vegas, and pays better. Some of the movies that these stunt people have worked in include "Batman Forever," "Titanic," "Scream 2," "George of the Jungle," and "Mighty Joe Young."
    WISHFUL THINKING: Patrick 02 AUG 99
  23. Fantasmic uses an astonishing 44 home runs (homerun = 1 control cable running from the lighting console to a lighting rig for all of you non lighting designers), so that means 44 different cables were used in getting the console connected to the lights. The console is a Wholehog 2 made by Flying Pigs Inc.
    REPORTED: LightGuy 01 MAY 02
  24. I think this is interesting. The first Peter Pan in Fantasmic was Josh Searcey. When Disneyland felt that he was getting too old to play the part {he is now 18 and a senior} they offered to transfer him to food sales. Intead of taking the offer he decided to turn it down. The reason? He said " Going from $20 and hr. to min. wage? I dont think so! ".
    REPORTED: ferrisb14 05 FEB 00
  25. Fantasmic show, none of the Mickey's are over 5'3".
    REPORTED: anon 27 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 15 MAY 97
  26. In Fastasmic, it seems that the princess' dresses are very twinkly and are loaded with rinestones. Really, they are connected to their float! The twinkle on their dresses are electric! And the monkey suits are really make of foam and a little tiny bit of hair! The monkey suits look like they are full of color and are painted heavily but they are not! When you look at at then with the lights on, the are really pastel colors with a UV light on them. Cool huh?!
    REPORTED: Riley 23 MAY 06
  27. The performer who plays Malificant at the end is done by a male performer. The reason for this is because the costume weighs too much.
    REPORTED: Kurt Norby 23 FEB 97
    I'd like to confirm the story that the Disney Imagineers use a male to play the part of Malificent. My Best-Friends brother works for Disney and recently auditioned andgot the part for the villianess. By the way If you knew anyone that worked at Disney when the Main Street Electrical Parade was turned off, see if they can get you a light bulb with a picture of where it came frome, more valuable then the ones Disney sells.
    CONFIRMED: Joe 29 DEC 97
    In Fantasmic, Malficent is really a man becasue the costume is so heavy. For the first two weeks of Fantasmic, they tried using really buff women, but they were to weak for the weight of the costume.
    CONFIRMED: Lacey 07 APR 98
    I got the lowdown on Malicifent. She is in fact a big stick, but it is really cool how she comes up. First the guy who is playing Malicifent gets raised up into the air. Just as he get to the top of the 30 foot lift, the water plume raises up and the film part starts. The minute the main stage is dark, that 30 foot lift drops in 4 sec. The guy has to crouch down and hold onto a loop so he doesn't get thrown off. While he is plumiting down, the entire main stage splits apart, reveling the "stick." It has like 15 sec. to get all the way up and get the stage closed together befoer Mickey come out to Zap it. If you notice Mickey will always stand in the same place, this is because the stage doesn't close all the way and Mickey fell in once during practice before the show started.
    UPDATE: Tim Crandley 25 JUL 98
    Both Malificent and the Evil Queen (the hag, not the face character) are played by men.
    UPDATE: Kurt Anderson 26 AUG 98
    Here's the real scoop on Maleficent, from the guy who played the role for three summers! No women have ever been cast or trained for Maleficent in Fantasmic! There were no "buff women the first couple of weeks....." it was always guys. The reason for this is that the original costume weighed 45 pounds, all of which rested on the performers shoulders. Also, the performer needed to be at least 6'1" to be able to play the proper height.
    UPDATE: Patrick 02 AUG 99
  28. I know how Maleficent turns in to the old witch. What happens is that when the fog comes Maleficent falls down behind the trap door and the other wirch from Snow White Come Out. When the witch from Snow White is waving her arms around by the cauldron that is to spread the smoke around to hide Mallieficent. Then Maleficent takes the lift down and is gone.
    REPORTED: Thomas Snyder 21 JAN 02
  29. The voice of Mdm. Leota is Eleanor Audley, also the voice of Malificent of Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
    REPORTED: Kurt Anderson 26 AUG 98
    I would like to add something to the Eleanor Audley thing. She happened to also be the voice of Lady Tremaine (a.k.a the wicked stepmother) in Cinderella. She died about 4o year after Cinderella.
    UPDATE: sleepygrl 12 JUN 06
  30. No other soundtrack has sold more albums inside Disneyland park than the soundtrack of Fantasmic. One time, when they were out of CD's, a woman demanded to have to the address of the manufacturer.
    REPORTED: Patrick Keown 02 MAY 96
  31. It was during an early morning rehearsal and they were going to show some of us for the first time the dragon breathing fire. When they did it, it wasn't powerful enough to shoot forward, so it shot upwards and burnt the nose. A Disney fire safety was there just in case something happened. The small fire was put out immediately and no one was hurt. But the nose was replaced within a couple of weeks, well before the show was complete.
    REPORTED: anon 15 MAY 97
  32. This comes from my friend who was an original performer in Fantasmic. She played a monkey, a pirate, and Steamboat Willy in the original cast. According to her, there was a fire that took place aboard one of the monkey floats that almost injured some of the performers. The floats on the monkey barges used to have, and my still have some kind, four fire toches on each corner of the boats. They each contained kerosine. Since these monkey barges double for the princess barges, they must extingiush the fires and transform the barges quickly. The tarches had a special clamp that would close over the fires and put them out. On this occasion during a show, one of the clamps did not close so a technician simply piked up the torch which had the effect of dumping the kerosine while the torch was lit. The kerosine, apparently ignited and part of the barge was on fire. From what I understand, the nearest fire extinguisher was located inside the barge where the driver sits. The driver was unable to lift up the hatch to put out the fire because the performing monkeys were all standing on the hatch. The monkey suits, at least at that time were highly flamable and so the performers were understandably frightened to the opposite end of the boat. From my understaning, the show was stopped and the Disney fire department had to come over to put out the flames.
    REPORTED: Jason Sherman 05 DEC 97
  33. I got this from a friend in the original cast of Fantasmic that when the show was being put together and various aspects were being tested, the tech crew were going to test the fire on the lake. They failed to notice that ducks were swimming in the main area where the water is set to fire. As a result, they ended up frying some ducks.
    REPORTED: Jason Sherman 05 DEC 97
    My daughter and I commented a while ago about how, when the music starts all the ducks take off and fly away. We thought at first that they had been programmed to recognize that the music signified the start of the show and that they knew it was dangerous. Talking with cast members about this, though, we found out that when the music starts a crew starts feeding the ducks on the other side of the island. So the music does not warn them about the show, but rather tells them there's food to be found where they ain't. And they go where it is, which just happens to be out of harm's way.
    UPDATE: Ed Johnston 21 AUG 98
  34. At a recent trip to Disneyland, I found out where the laser that comes from the end of Mickey's sword and slays the dragon at the end of Fantasmic! really comes from. You see, there is a long, black cloth type thing attached to a rock and the dragon's neck. The laser is projected onto the cloth after the fire comes from Mickey's sword. Mickey has to position the sword right in front of the cloth, or else people will see the cloth. When the dragon goes back into the pit, the blacks detach the cloth from the rock. I saw the shoe twice to make sure, then it was confirmed by a cast member. This could be a wishful thinking, though.
    REPORTED: nutcase 14 JAN 01
  35. The fire that belches from the dragon's mouth in Fantasmic is actually COFFEE CREAMER. It is blown out by compressed air and ignited electrically. This creates a small "dust" explosion that cascades into the water where natural gas takes over.
    REPORTED: anon 06 OCT 98
  36. My sister was part of the All American College Band a couple years back, and told me how they get Ariel (in full fishtail) off of her barge-- the Prince grabs her off her pearch, turns, and drops her into the arms of a waiting crew member!!! My sister's friend was the lucky crew member, and he said he only dropped her a couple of times!
    REPORTED: Deanna Lynn 07 DEC 97
  37. If you walk to the Rivers Of America from the walk way that comes from the Festival Of Fools and the side of Big Thunder Mountain while Fantasmic! is going on you will be able to see how the huge fire breathing dragon really operates. It seems to be a really long stick that is operated by some crew memembers. When the lights go out and the dragon is destroyed you can actually see the crew pulling it down. All this can only be seen from this location.
    REPORTED: Manuel caneri 24 DEC 97
  38. During Fantasmic you may notice that on the balcony next to the Disney Gallery there probably are people up there sitting watching Fantasmic. I had a chance to sit up there and it's a blast. You get a dessert buffet and along with the best seat to watch Fantasmic in all of Disneyland. Also it costs around $35 a person and there are around 15 seats available. The best way to get the tickets if you're intersted are to go to ask guest realtions how early they start selling those tickets. It's usally way before the park opens so you may have to run to the parking lot to get em!!!
    REPORTED: Karl 28 MAR 98
    For quite a while now, it's been possible to purchase a seat in the balcony at the Disney Gallery for viewing Fantasmic. The viewing includes coffee and a very nice dessert, but it's fairly pricey: $30 per person. The spaces are extremely limited (less than 20 people per showing), and they go fast. You have to purchase them at the Gallery first thing in the morning.
    UPDATE: anon 13 JUL 98
    There is a balcony for viewing Fantasmic in the the Art Gallery, however, it is not a free viewing site. There is a $35 fee and this does include a dessert buffet. There are only approximately 12-15 seats there and they ususally sell out for all shows by mid-morning. I don't recommend going there for viewing Fantasmic, the best place is in on the bridge over the Pirates ride, but be sure to go for the second showing as there is only a 30 min wait with optimum viewing pleasure.
    UPDATE: Tracy 28 NOV 98
    For different show times of "Fantasmic!", you can sit on the balcony above the entrance to POTC, where the Disney Gallery is, by making reservations FIRST THING in the morning at the exit to Mr. Lincoln. It does cost ($25/person last time I checked) but the desserts are wonderful, and the coffee comes in handy if there's a breeze. You get cheesecake, tarts, chocolate everything, lemonade/coffee/tea, and 1 cast member for every 3 people to wait on you. It is awesome to not only look at "Fantasmic!" without having to crane your neck, but to kinda look at all the other people looking up at you and you KNOW they're wondering how you got up there in the first place! We took my husband up there for his birthday, and that was the year that they still had Aladdin's Palace for dinner. (The old Polynesian Terrace had been transformed into a dinner show with an Arabian Nights twist, and it was pretty good.)
    UPDATE: Lynne Shapiro 28 JUN 99
    I am a true Fantasmic fanatic. My mother purchased tickets at the small art gallery above the "Pirates of the Carribean". For an extra fee, you can eat a dessert buffet and watch fantasmic from Walt's Old Loft Apartment with close to 15 other people. This was an incredibly experience and I will never be able to see Fantasmic from the ground again. Make sure to get there early. There are only 2 performances a night and they are sold out by early morning. My father stood in line at 5 a.m. to get ours for the first show of the night.
    CONFIRMED: Katie 06 DEC 99
    The Fantasmic dessert now costs $39. You must make reservations at Guest relations, just to the right of the entrance at the main gate. They can seat up to 20 people. I got in line at 6:30 am was was 4th in line. I got seats 19 and 20. Go for the 9 am showing and you can stay and watch the fireworks. Definitely worth the money. FYI: During fantasmic no one can stand on the stairs leading to the Disney gallery.
    CONFIRMED: Chris Wiles 29 MAY 00
    You can get your own great coffee online at
  39. If you are standing off to any side of the main show area (Big Thunder Mountain - Splash Mountain) you sometimes can see the cast members working the Dragon at the end of the show. It is nothing but a head on a stick. Generally a large amount of smoke is supposed to cover the cast members and the stick exposing only the head and giant wings. But sometimes on breezy nights, the dragon does not get covered. You can see the cast members pulling the ropes and wires like a Macey's Thanksgiving Day Parade Float.
    REPORTED: anon 27 MAY 98
  40. I found one of the best places to see the Fantasmic show. It is from the dock where you get on the rafts to go to Tom Sawyer Island. It's also a good spot to go if you get there late and all the other seats are taken (probably because they don't know that they can stand there)! If you get there about 30-15 minutes before showtime, just go through the exit gate of the dock and stay there (if there is one of the rope barriers blocking your way just ask a Cast Member to let you by. The one I talked to was the one who told me I could go there! If there is no Cast Member, just go under it anyway. That's what My friends and I did when we came back to the spot and the Cast Members were gone). You will see all of the barges pass right in front of you! The only drawbacks are that you have to stand for the whole show and that you will get slightly wet from water spray at various times in the show. Other than that it's a great spot. Enjoy the show!!!
    REPORTED: Drew 13 JUN 98
    I was there last December with my four year old neice (it was her birthday) and we couldn't find anywhere to watch the show where she could see very well. A very, very nice young man took us and led us to the raft landing and told us to have a seat in the front. We were right up against the water (literally the only thing between us and the water was the rope barrier). We were SO close to the action and couldn't have asked for a better view. Sure, it was on the side, but my young niece got a birthday present she'll never forget--Belle, her favorite character, turned smiled at her and waved as her raft passed not more than 5 feet from us. That, alone, was worth the water spray we had to endure. (Make sure to take a jacket to sit on (the raft we were sitting on was a tad wet and got cold real quick) and a sweatshirt as the water gets chilly after a while.
    CONFIRMED: Kim 16 JUN 98
  41. On the Disneyland Railroad, from New Orleans Square to Toontown, you can see the croc from the Peter Pan scene on the way behind the island.
    REPORTED: fantasmic-fanatic 27 MAY 00
    Actually the croc from Fantasmic can be seen when you exit from the hotel and pass through the Mickey and Friends parking to your right but only when there is no Fantasmic.
    CONFIRMED: nash 04 JAN 02
    Actually the croc from Fantasmic can be seen when you exit from the hotel and pass through the Mickey and Friends parking to your right but only when there is no Fantasmic.
    CONFIRMED: Jeremy 17 MAY 06
  42. Triad provided the Show Control for the complex audio source and mixing systems, as well as programming services for this highly successful nighttime spectacular that opened in the Spring of 1992. The show, with Triad's equipment, continues to run on a daily basis.

Fantasmic Facts and Figures




Staged Spectacular


Tip of Tom Sawyer's Island



Show Control

Maryland Sound Industries & Triad




49 performers, 60 crew



Mist Screens

3, each 30 feet tall by 50 feet wide

'KAA,' The Snake

100 feet long

Peter Pan Croc

25 feet tall, 12 feet wide, 17 feet tall

Ursula, The Sea Witch

20 feet tall, 32 feet wide

Sleeping Beauty Dragon

45 feet tall

Performance Length

23 minutes

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