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  1. There is an extremely odd looking building where Adventureland empties out into New Orleans Square on the north side of street. The architecture changes in the space of three "buildings" (facades) from Jungle/Afro-Polynesian to 1800's French. This is the area opposite Tarzan's Tree House and behind the Golden Horseshoe Review.

    The center "building" is truly amazing in its transition. Note how the pots are placed so the right side of the facade looks more "Adventurelandish" than the left side. The stark transition is successfully completed in a 20 to 30 foot section! If you look at this section on its own merit (sans environment) it looks rather silly. However, hundreds of thousands walk by without even the slightest sense that something is not right.
    REPORTED: David Vaughnn 27 AUG 96

  2. The petrified tree stump at the pict from edge of the Rivers of America was given by Lillian to Walt as an anniversary present.
    REPORTED: an150734 02 NOV 95
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Gregg Ziak 08 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 20 JAN 97
    According to "Disney Magazine" Fall 1997, the petrified tree at the edge of the Rivers of America was given to Lillian by Walt. Walt saw the petrified tree for sale on private land in Colorado, and had to have it! He purchased it as a gift for his wife for their anniversary in 1956. Rather than keeping the 5-ton tree at their home, he had it installed next to the Rivers of America at Disneyland.
    UPDATE: Kim Nissen 10 SEP 97
  3. A few weeks ago there was an accident in Frontierland. A tree fell, and landed on a popcorn stand. A few people were hurt. Within 5-10 minutes Disney legal, emergency services, and plenty of Guest Relations were on the scene. The gates to Frontierland were closed, and when asked, GR simply said that it was closed for the evening. In less that 3 hours the tree was cut up and hauled away, the people gave their statements, everythng was cleaned up, and Frontierland was reopened. You would have never known that a tree had falled except for the fresh stump.
    REPORTED: Natalie B. 22 MAY 01
    I want to confirm the incident the the fallen tree in Frontierland. The tree was located adjacent to the peice of petrified wood out side the Golden horseshoe.I was there that night. I was in the land about 10 minutes before it fell. When I came out of POTC the entire area was already cleared of people {except disney people] We were really bummed because we wanted to go on thundermountain. To our surprise in about 3 hours the entire tree was cut up and gone, and all that remained was a stump {which was covered by a large tarp} and 2 Employees watching the area.
    CONFIRMED: Dustin 17 AUG 01
  4. There is a McDonalds in Disneyland, located in a covered wagon hidden back in the forest of Frontierland.
    REPORTED: Kari Musselman 07 MAR 00
  5. The Frontierland station is a copy of the station built by the Walt Disney Studios for the motion picture, "So Dear To My Heart". The original station building was a three sided set piece which Walt gave to animator Ward Kimball for his full-scale backyard Grizzly Flats Railroad. The Frontierland Station originally sat across the tracks where passengers now board. The telegraphy recording was added when the station was moved in the early 1960's. In the earliest days of the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad, you boarded the passenger train at Main Street Station and disembarked there only. At Frontierland you boarded the Freight Train. There was a passing siding for the Passenger Train to bypass the station. This was removed when the depot was relocated and all of the station stops were added. All trains now make all stops at all stations.
    REPORTED: Roger Colton 17 AUG 96
    Orig Art
    Original Art
  6. As you walk towards the old Festival of Fools show in Frontierland from the Rivers of America, you will walk across a small, almost unnoticeable bridge near Big Thunder Mountain. If you look over to the left in the water for a few moments you will see what appears to be a fish thrashing around in the water. This occurs in the middle of the pond every 30 seconds or so. This is actually a wire that used to hold up a fish that was about to be eaten by a bear. When they removed the fish and the bear, they left the wire in the water, hence the term Phantom Fish.
    REPORTED: Matt Ford 05 SEP 96
    The phantom fish is a portover from an old attraction called "Natures Wonderland", an attraction which included a train ride and a mule train tour. Guests were taken by train into the wilderness to see bears catching their meal (the phantom fish) in the river, a ride through the desert and a trip through the rainbow caverns. Mule trains carried riders into the same areas for a prospectors view of the great outdoors.
    CONFIRMED: Louis Kanuha 18 NOV 96
    The fish stories are true. When you pass over the small bridge leading from Thunder Mountain to Fest. of Fool & the BBQ. You can see a fish jump every few seconds. If your good you can get a few passers by to think it's a real fish, jumping in the same place every 30 seconds or so, most people will belive you. SCARY huh!!
    CONFIRMED: Todd Richards 23 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 04 MAR 97 Shop The Orvis Catalog Button 1 - 121x70
    There are actually two phantom fish in the water by Big Thunder Mountain. One is in the center and one is over by the tree towards the back. If Big Thunder Mountain is not operating, you are also able to hear phantom bear growls in that area. Perhaps this is from the old attraction, or perhaps this is meant to be part of the Disneyland Railroad is entering the wilderness of America idea.
    CONFIRMED: Cara Witte 24 APR 97
    The phantom fish in the pond next to Big Thunder is actually a little fake fish on a wire/stick. If the sun hits the water just right (late afternoon mid-summer) it backlights the fish and stick for about an hour and you can see the whole under-water unit. The part you can see consists of the stick, the little fish-shaped attachment at the end and another rectangle shaped flange lower on the stick about 3" wide, 4" long and about a foot below the fish that extends straight out from the pole towards the tail end of the fish. The function of this flange appears to serve as a rudder to keep the fish pointing the right way as it flip-flops back and you can clearly see the fish turn around for its return trip again and again.
    UPDATE: Matthew Olsen 30 AUG 97
    The existence of the remnince of a fish being captured by a bear---In the lake across from Big Thunder---is indeed true. It's a spastic little wire that's almost invisible, and It's sort of on the left when facing the lake. But I am positive that at one time there were flying fish in that lake. (well, not ACTUAL flying fish, but JUMPING fish) My big brother and I both remember watching them, along with my mom on countless visits to Disneyland. I grew up near by, and we used to go all the time. If anyone can say anything about this, or remembers them, please email me! Thanks, and rock on!
    UPDATE: figmente 14 APR 98 pict from
  7. The "Old Mine Train" was a old Disneyland attraction which was removed to make way for Big Thunder. You can still see one of its cars / engines on the railroad tracks at a "dried-up" waterfall near the Rivers of America (where the squirrels have made their home) as have the phantom fish.
    REPORTED: Cedric Chin 20 NOV 98
  8. Re: "Flying" fish in the pond near Big Thunder. There were real fish in that pond. In the early days you could rent poles and actually fish there. Cast members used to find the fished fish all over the park after closing because people would either accidentally leave them somewhere or decide they were tired of carrying it around all day.
    REPORTED: Brooke C. 01 APR 99
  9. Just past the phantom fish and after the snack stand you can hear a clucking chicken.
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 06 NOV 97
  10. The old shack that you pass while riding on Disneyland Rail Road just before getting to the Big Thunder Ranch. The shack is actually one of the original train stops. Now, just an old run down shack. They left it in just for looks.
    REPORTED: Eric B 25 MAR 96
    pict from
  11. When you pass the burning cabin on the train you're told that some unlucky homesteader has accidentally set their house on fire. They used to say that the fire was started by attacking indians. I assume it was changed in order to be politically correct.
    REPORTED: Jim Windisch 18 MAY 96
    When riding the Riverboat on the Rivers of America, guests pass a burning log cabin. The log cabin actually used to have a settler slumped over a tree stump with a flaming arrow in his back, the victim of attacking indians. I assume he was taken out due to the violent aspect of this display.
    CONFIRMED: anon 23 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 20 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: kat 03 JUN 97
    As a cast member and ride operator in Frontierland from 1969 to 1973 I often traveled past the burning cabin on Tom Sawyer's Island while piloting one of the two keelboats (Gullywhumper(Mike Fink's boat) or Berth Mae(Davy Crockett's boat)). At that time the burning cabin was said to have been the result of a stealthy indian arrow attack. This was a completely verifiable and historically acurate fact of life for early pioneers. The last time I was at Disneyland, while enjoying a cruise on the Mark Twain steamboat, I was almost sickened by the new "politically correct" reason that was given. What I saw was a bald eagle mother screeching at the baby eaglets in their nest about ten feet over the cabin. What I heard was even worse. The recorded spiel said that an incondiderate settler had inadvertantly set fire to his cabin, thus endangering himself and the environment around him. First, show me a bald eagle that builds a nest ten feet off the ground, and second, show me someone who can build a log cabin with only basic hand tools and then cannot contain a fire in a stone fireplace. I do not think this is at all verifiable or historically accurate.
    UPDATE: anon 24 MAY 99
  12. At the point where Fantasyland and Frontierland meet, there is a large gate that looks like a fortress. Behind these gates is where cast members travel to and from their dressing rooms. I had the privilage of performing on the Carnation Plaza stage in which I had to use these "back-stage" passage ways. On the other side of the gates which open to the public, there are mirrors so the characters can check themselves to make sure they look alright. There are also signs which say something, I can't remember the exact words, that remind the characters to smile.
    REPORTED: Justine 08 AUG 98
    I was brought through there for a trip and cast members said no photos or cameras they would be taken away. There is left over parade stuff from Lion King, Aladdin, Light Magic and much more.
    CONFIRMED: josh 03 MAY 99
    Regarding the cast member "fortress" gate between Frontierland and Fantasyland: I also used it when my musical theater group performed in carnation plaza. There were about twenty of us and the cast member had quite a job ushering us unnoticed through the little strip of Frontierland we had to pass through to get back stage! While passing beneath the railroad tracks we sighted Belle hurrying along, and a friend of mine (a fairly obsessed "Beauty and the Beast" fan) ran after her, screaming her name. Belle looked over her shoulder and rushed away with a slightly frightened look on her face. I suppose cast members aren't used to having screaming fans behind the scenes!
    CONFIRMED: StormSong 13 OCT 00
  13. There is an ATM within Disneyland! It in Frontierland, immediately left when you enter the land from the central hub. It's in a mini log fort with some pay phones.
    REPORTED: Matthew Lynch 13 FEB 99

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