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  1. There are other Hidden Characters here.
  2. Tom Sawyer island has a Missouri zip code. If you somehow needed to your letter would be addressed to Missouri.
    REPORTED: anon 15 APR 06
  3. In the early years of Disneyland, you could bring your own fishing rod and catch live catfish off the docks of Tom Sawyer Island. Unfortunately, most of the fish ended up in the trash bins, because it wasn't practical to carry them around all day, especially in the summer.
    REPORTED: anon
    The 'boy' at the time who was hired to bait the hooks and take the fish off the hooks was Tom Nabbe. Tom still works for the Disney Company, as Manager, Distribution Services, Walt Disney World.
    CONFIRMED: anon 27 OCT 98
    pict from
  4. This might go under the heading of Yesterland, but there was a secret exit to the fort on Tom Sawyers Island. There is a door near the back gate of the fort where we used to access this exit. Parts of it can still be seen if you walk out the back gate, turn right, and step down the fake rocks at the base of the fort wall. Old maps of Disneyland still show the 'secret'. I still have that old map!
    REPORTED: Devin Smith 13 JUL 98
    I first started going to the Park in 1956 and went regularly through the mid 60's. In the early years there was indeed a hidden exit through a door to the right of the back gate of the fort. It went to a cave which exited over on the opposite side of the island. Back in those days when you actually played in the fort, it made things all that more exciting. As Devin Smith reported, you can still see some of the observation holes from the cave in the rocks along that side of the fort.
    CONFIRMED: anon 12 JAN 99
  5. The tree house on Tom Sawyer's island has a laser on it for Fantasmic. It is located just under the steps leading up to the top of the tree house. All it is, is a small brown box with a small hole cut out on it. The laser is used for the very end of Fantasmic when Mickey is standing on top of the mill and a green laser shoots out from behind him. That was confirmed by a cast member.
    REPORTED: Tim Rasmussen 29 JAN 01 pict from
  6. Not everyone is perfect. Even Disneyland can make mistakes. In the attached photo look where it says, "Situated in strategic locations an (sic) extending westward...". The word "and" is misspelled.
    REPORTED: Chris Prewitt 03 JUL 99
  7. The Indian Shaman is actually an "Abraham Lincoln" animatronic. That is why his face is mostly covered. Watch his movements and you'll see that it's true!
    REPORTED: Kitty 10 APR 00
  8. Does anyone know why Injun Joe's cave was reversed? The exit used to be near the raft dock, but now that is the enterance. The sign for the bottomless pit is facing the wrong way, as are the signs for Tom and Huck's secret passages.
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 12 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin, Julie and Bengie Rockwell 21 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 21 APR 97
    My friends and I speculate that the reason for the reversal of Injun Joe's Cave is that it is much easier to find the entrance now that it is closer to the raft dock. The current exit and original entrance is on a part of the island that has few attractions and is therefore not something that kids like to frequent all that often.
    UPDATE: Amanda Pettitt 30 JUL 98
  9. You know how Injun Joe's cave seems kind of..well..dull? I don't know if it's actually true, but my mom said that there never used to be any lights on inside! You had to feel your way around the cave and try to find your way out!
    REPORTED: Beth Morrow 12 JAN 98
    Injun Joe's cave used to be pitch black inside when I was a little kid.
    CONFIRMED: James Marks 30 JUL 98
  10. I heard that there is a vent in Injun Joe's cave in the bottomless pit that leads to a room of some sort.... on my last visit i jumped down there and looked around but couldnt find anything... there was another guy already down there looking for it too! He said his friend works there and told him about it.... Does anyone know about this?
    REPORTED: Jon 05 DEC 01 pict from
  11. If you look from Tom Sawyer's Island after you cross the floating bridge,there's a old train that sits across the Rivers of America that has a gopher that pops up in the cars behind the train.
    REPORTED: Larry Clarke 05 APR 97
    The gophers in the "abandoned" mine train across from the floating bridge on Tom Sawyer's Island - there, are, in fact, multiple gophers that stick their heads up out of the mine cars. Incidentally, the engine attached to those cars was an original engine from the old Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland that once operated where Big Thunder is now. Also, the waterfall was part of the Mine Train excursion, and was called Big Thunderer.
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Bingham 24 JUN 97
    Those large "gopher" popping up in the rocks from the wrecked train are actually marmots. Marmots are large rodents that live in the rocks in the western U.S. mountains.
    UPDATE: anon 09 APR 98
  12. Did you know that the burning cabin (Huck Finn's) is real fire. They are actually burning steel rods that they made to look like wood.
    REPORTED: Tynaea Bickel 20 APR 97
  13. On a recent trip to Disneyland, I rode the Mark Twain for the first time in a long time, and discovered that they changed the little indian boy with his wolf to a little indian GIRL with HER wolf! (It was also the only time I've ever seen the cabin fire out.)
    REPORTED: Becky Richards 27 JAN 01
  14. One of the cast members at Disneyland told me that there is an elevator which goes underneath the front part of Tom Sawyer's Island. She said that this is where they store all of the equipment for the Fantasmic show. She even said that it goes down either one or two stories (I don't remember).
    REPORTED: Andy 07 JUL 98
    I currently work at Tom Sawyers Island and yes there are two levels inside the Cider Mill that is used for the Fantasmic control room
    CONFIRMED: anon 15 MAY 01
    CONFIRMED: Jeffrey 03 JAN 02
  15. On December 9th, 1998, I overheard a couple of cast members on the train say that it was the first time in 43 years that they had to extinguish the burning cabin on Tom Sawyer's Island. It was very windy on that day, so there were probably concerns that the surrounding trees would catch fire. The cabin was once again burning on the 10th.
    REPORTED: Nightlyre 13 DEC 98
  16. My Dad told me that back in the 60's, he and some of his friends used to spend the night on Tom Sawyers Island so that they could be in Disneyland all the next day for free!
    REPORTED: Shannon Barnes 07 DEC 98
  17. I have heard that at night when the park is closed, they bring out a bunch of dogs, and take some over to Tom Sawyer's Island to "sniff out" any prospective "overnighters".
    REPORTED: Katherine 25 MAY 99

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