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  1. There is a GREAT way to celebrate a birthday at Disneyland. First, tell the ticket-taker that it's your birthday. S/he will tell you to go to City Hall. Go into City Hall and tell the Cast Members in there that it's your birthday and the ticket-taker sent you. They will give you a personalized sticker to wear. If other Cast Members see you wearing it they will say "happy birthday!" and be real nice to you. It was only my 13th birthday so I don't know if this works with grown-ups.
    REPORTED: Amy 05 APR 99
  2. At City Hall, you can fill out laud sheets for your favorite cast members! Those who have been particularly helpful, or really enjoyable, should be officially praised! When promotion time rolls around, having glowing guest comments in one's file certainly couldn't hurt.
    REPORTED: AprilDecember 13 JUN 99
  3. You can get a map/guide book in any language you desire (provided they carry it) just by asking for it at City Hall. I got one in Japanese!
    REPORTED: Becky Richards 03 SEP 00 pict from
  4. Disneyland posts all of the awards it recieves for community service in City Hall. It's nice to see all the positive things Cast members have done for the community.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Cargile 10 SEP 00
  5. At City hall they have phone books for almost all of southern California. Both yellow and white pages. They are in a cabinet on the wall behind the desk.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Cargile 10 SEP 00
  6. We were at Disneyland on a hot day. It was probably 85 degrees. The mayor of Disneyland was wearing a woolen jacket. We were sorry for him. I think he was hot. My suggestion is that he gets a cooler outfit for the hot days of summer. He needs a cotton outfit.
    REPORTED: sasha tichotsky 06 MAR 06

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