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Carnation Corner Cafe

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  1. If you ever see a very talented piano player at the Carnation Corner Cafe playing on the days Wednesday - Sunday its my good pal Rod Miller. He's been playing in Disneyland for 27 years and has his own CD selling called "Rag Time."
    REPORTED: Jordan Wasyliw 09 MAR 97
  2. Rod Miller is a fun guy who allowed me to play the old piano there. It was pretty fun - I played a dixie jazz style version of the Indiana Jones theme. All we did was go up and start talking and my friend mentioned I played and Rod let me. Also - there are a large number of Anaheim residents, mostly retired, who have annual passes and come just to listen to Rod and shoot the breeze with him.
    REPORTED: Scott Kooiman 07 AUG 98
  3. According to Rod, the piano player at the Coca-Cola shop at the end of Main Street, Walt Disney said that anyone at Disneyland can tell when it is going to rain. If the flags on Main Street are pointing towards the castle it will rain. I don't know if Walt really said that or not, and I know that it cannot be scientifically possible. However, the night that he told me about it those flags were pointing to the castle and it did rain!!!
    REPORTED: John McKoy 25 DEC 96
    Rod Miller told me the same story eleven years ago. If the flag points straight down Main Street towards the Castle it will rain within 1 hour. I've seen it happen year after year. I know many people who have known Rod much longer who use this method to predict if it will rain at Disneyland. It may not be scientific, but it does work.
    CONFIRMED: Barbara Taylor 28 MAY 97
    Weird, the flag identified every rain shower on Sunday!
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 07 DEC 97
  4. With regards to Rod, the ragtime piano player on Main Street, he wears one ring on his right ring finger and only wears it when he's working. It has 10 diamonds on it, each with twelve points. it was made by the same jeweler who designed Liberace's rings.
    REPORTED: Ken Miller 08 DEC 97

Refreshment Corner

  1. There is a basement underneath Coke Corner. The basement extends from approximately under the counter area to the candy store next door, and then to the back stage area. It is accessed by a spiral staircase located behind the door that leads to the counter area, and via an elevator built into the backstage street. When I was last there it was used for storage of paper goods for Coke Corner and hugh barrels of Coke Syrup (and other beverages) connected to the fountains above. I believe this is the only underground area in Main Street.
    REPORTED: Brad Hoyt 04 SEP 97
    When Coke Corner remodled almost 2 years ago the staircase behind the counter area was removed and any access to the basement from inside coke corner was sealed off. the basement still has an enterance from backstage but it is covered with trash cans and other storage. Coke Corner's storage of paper goods and other supplies is now in the basement of the Plaza Pavillion. the only staircase to this basement is from backstage, so to get supplies from this basement to coke corner the castmembers have to carry the items on stage to coke corners back door which is in candy palace. there is no backstage staircase anymore.
    REPORTED: anon 15 MAY 99

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