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  1. This is a place that might be overlooked (even though this station appears on D-lands map...people may not go to check it out). Those of you visiting Disneyland with babies and small children should definitely take advantage of "The Gerber Station" is located down a sidewalk at the end of Main Street on the right hand side. Once there, you will find Toddler sized toilets, wonderful changing tables complete with wipes and, perhaps best of all, quiet little rooms with curtains for privacy so that you can nurse or feed your baby...each room has a rocking chair. They will only allow one adult per child to enter the station. There is a cast member that makes sure only a few people come in at a time to ensure this peaceful non-chaotic place remains that way. A wonderful retreat when the baby just needs to calm down from a day of over-stimulation.
    REPORTED: Kim 16 FEB 99
    At the Baby Center off Main Street (now sponsored by Carnation) you can sometimes get free samples of Carnation baby products. What you can't get anymore is Wally. Wally was a wonderful women who became the unofficial Granmother to all of the children who visited the park. Since she passed away in January of 2000, many people have returned to the park and still ask 'Is Wally here today?' Children all over the world still think of her as their 'Disneyland Grandma'.
    At the Baby Care Center, it is now a single room for breast feeding, while my wife was in there it had 4 other women. Not quite as nice as a little room of your own.
    UPDATE: anon 01 AUG 01
    The Baby Center is a great place to take your child for all childrens necessities.
    CONFIRMED: Ronald Rasp 25 OCT 01

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