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Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor Fun Facts

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  1. The green glass elephant was a gift from Disneyland, Paris.
    REPORTED: Amber Carll 05 MAY 98
    In the back of the Gibson Girl ice cream parlor there is a large green elephant named Penny, which actually was originally in Disneyland, Paris, and was filled to the top with pennies (it's hollow) (thus the name penny). But it was moved to Disneyland, Anaheim, emptied of pennies.
    CONFIRMED: Amber Carll 08 APR 99
    CONFIRMED: jennifer m and m 08 OCT 00
  2. My family always have had a tradition of going for an ice cream before we leave the park every night. On the second night we were there, I sat down at the bar stools near the back of the Parlor to eat my dessert and I over heard someone talking about the history of the Emerald Green Glass Elephant. I turned around and the speaker was the Piano guy who plays at Coke Corner all the time..... he was talking to a family about the Rubies the are embedded into the crown of the elephant. He said that every night when all the lights are turned off..... the rubies GLOW! And noone knows why but this phenomenon always occurs! I say its all that Pixie dust being thrown around in that place!
    REPORTED: Matt Kaufman 31 AUG 01
  3. The scent of vanilla/peppermint definitely comes from BOTH the Candy Palace and the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor. I used to work at DL and on our first day of training we did a walk-through of the park and our guide pointed it out to us, explaining that the scent is pumped in from both places. If you look down, you can see the vents where other shops only have paint.
    REPORTED: Sarah 01 AUG 01
    I worked as a candy maker on Main Street at Disneyland from 1985-1987. My co workers at the time, Lee who had worked at the park for so long he had pictures of himself with Walt, and Robbie had been there 15+ yrs (I think he may have just retired in 2005).They told me when I asked how the vanilla smell was pumped on to the street that the fan that did it was so bad it had started numerous little smoke incidents and that it had not been used in years! I asked why the orientation tour still talked about it and they just laughed. Been to Dland thousands of times since I left and have never smelt artificial vanilla. This is a myth that while once true, is false.
    UPDATE: Michael Bergevi 16 FEB 06

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