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  1. There are other hidden characters here.
  2. The original site selected for the location of Disneyland by Walt is the area across Riverside Drive from the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, which is currently the location for the Walt Disney Feature Animation Southside Studios (the "Hat" building, can be seen from Hwy 134) where "Hercules" was made, and the future location for the ABC executive offices currently under construction. Walt wanted a place that the families could go near the studios, but Roy convinced him that the area was too small for an amusement park. Good thing, too, because the whole area is probably smaller than Fantasyland!
    REPORTED: Kevin Freels 16 JUN 98
    The 134 Freeway wasn't built until around 1960, so the property could have been much bigger.
    UPDATE: Stephan Mukai 16 NOV 98
    Four Things pre-empted Walt's idea of using the Riverside Drive property as the site for Disneyland.
    1. An adjoining Army Corps of Engineers easement (for flood control).
    2. The Burbank City Council's displeasure of such an idea, for it's "carnival" atmosphere.
    3. The State of California's impending plans to build State Route 134 in that vicinity.
    4. Walt's ideas for the park had outgrown the size of the Riverside Drive property.

    UPDATE: Randy Ballier 21 APR 99
  3. According to the book, "The Disney Version," when Walt Disney was buying up the land to make Disneyland, one of the owners said they would sell on one condition, that the 2 palm trees that were on the property never be removed. By a happy concidence they are on the land occupied by the Adventureland Cruise. I don't know exactly where they are though.
    REPORTED: Greg 24 SEP 98
  4. The PeopleMovers tested at Disneyland and stayed there until the Rocket Rods replaced them you would think they would move to the Magic Kingdom and made a part of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Instead they are used as transportation through the cast member parts of the park.
    REPORTED: brian 10 JUL 00
  5. Few people realize that there's a cast member gift shop outside of the park. It's located in the cast member parking lot, and it's difficult for non-cast members to get into. If you're in the car with a cast member they can get you in, but you can't purchase anything. About the only way to get in is to be a friend or family of a cast member (unless you are a cast member). They check your cast member ID when you get to the lot gate, then they check it again before you purchase any items. That's the best place to shop for park items though! Sweaters that usually sell for $54.00 were only $15.00, the Chernabog 23 NOV 98 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  6. The Team Disney building that is in Burbank, California was also in the movie "Spy Hard" with Leslie Nielson -- it has the seven dwarfs holding up the roof -- appears twice in the movie.
    REPORTED: Lisa Allison 25 JUL 96
    In the front of the office building at the northwest corner of the Disney Studio lot in Burbank, California (Alameda Avenue and Buena Vista Street), there are the Seven Dwarfs arranged as gargoyles.
    CONFIRMED: SirOsis of Liver 23 MAY 97
    At the Disney Studios in Burbank on Buena Vista, one building which faces into the grounds (Team Disney?) features an homage to classical Greek architecture: the 7 dwarves are columns like the famed caryatids (sculpted figures which take the place of columns in supporting the horizontal structure below the roof)
    CONFIRMED: khs 04 OCT 97
  7. Disneyland Resort keeps every single plant and tree in the park on computer. If you have a question about a tree or plant you see, you can go to City Hall and they will tell you about it.
    REPORTED: Jordan Wasyliw 02 NOV 98
  8. Disney has it's own brand of sound system. I think it's called DDDS (for Disney Digital Dynamic Sound or something) and the park has it's own movie theater next to the T.D.A. building (the one that you can see from the freeway) and it employs this sound system. The whole theater is made out of wood and from what I hear the sound system is superior!
    REPORTED: Joseph Guisti 23 FEB 98
  9. Disney wardrobing is located on the North side of the park behind Mickey's Toontown in a big yellow building. This building is called the Ikea building by some cast members due to it's ugly yellow color. If you want to get a brief behind the scene view of the park you only need to get onto I-5 at Katella and head north. Off to your left you can see all of the buildings behind Mickey's Toon Town and even see the back side of the toon hills.
    REPORTED: anon 23 MAR 98
    Actually, the big yellow building, which appears green to motorists on the I-5, is the Team Disney Anaheim building (more commonly refered to as TDA by our cast members.) This is where all of our administrative offices are. This is not the Cast Costuming Building. The yellow color is visible only from on-property, so if some of you try to look for it from the freeway, the side that you are looking at is green. This building actually started our resort expansion when is was built and opened in 1997. It was designed by the world renowned archetct Frank Gehry. The Cast Costuming Building is right off of the East Esplanade where the Lion King Trams are, and is the big, green building that the monorail runs past.
    UPDATE: Darrin E. Davis 31 MAY 00
  10. There is a road that goes all the way around the park. It is now easily visible on the Harbor Blvd. side of the park and is directly on the other side of the fence. This is so that supplies or emergency vehicles can get all the way to the other side of the park without disturbing guests.
    REPORTED: anon 23 MAR 98
  11. Has anyone noticed that at least one place in the parking lot the speed limit is 14 miles per hour, not 10 or 15 but 14?
    REPORTED: Ashley 24 JUN 06
  12. During the summer months Disney has it's nightly firework show. The show is obviously meant to be viewed from within the park but, if you park right off Ball and Anaheim Blvd across the street from the Disneyland employee parking lot you can sit in a small area of grass across from the Sheraton Hotel. From there you get what is probably the best view of the show and the best part is it's free. Enjoy!
    REPORTED: L8NiTe 03 JUL 98
  13. WDI rents the buildings they need and as their needs increase they take over the next building in line. One of the buildings near MAPO is called the "Bowling Alley" and indeed was a bowling alley (you can go into the building and still see the one lane they saved for the employees use.) Another building is named "The Morgue" which was used before as a casket factory. So you see most of the buildings are identified at WDI for what they were. Kinda wierd.
    REPORTED: Don Saewert 29 JUN 97
    One of the buildings housing the Imagineering department in California is a renovated bowling alley, and they kept a couple of lanes intact to give the designers and engineers an occasional "break" from work.
    CONFIRMED: Chad Hunter 09 APR 99 <<LI>Disney closes the outdoor parking lot at WDI for the fireworks. All cars must be out of the lot then. I gues they allow visitors to park in the garage which is normally set aside for cast members. There are three of the skyway cars being used as chairs there.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 21 AUG 98
  14. Disney Fireworks Patents: US05627338, US05739462, US05526750, 5440990 and US05339741
  15. On Interstate 5 eight miles north of Magic Mtn., there is a billboard of the new Tommorowland. The top of the Astro Orbiter forms a Hidden Mickey!
    REPORTED: anon 26 OCT 98

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