Star/Celeb Sightings

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  1. pict from hiddenmickeys.orgMy best friend & I saw Travis Barker while walking the Tarzan's Tree House.
    REPORTED: Sara 05 JUN 06
  2. I was at Disney's California Adventure in December of 2004 and I saw Hilary Duff and Joel Madden in line for the California Screamin' roller-coaster. Although there weren't many people at the park, Hilary did not sign autographs. It was a surreal experience to see a star who rose to fame because of Disney enjoying the park. I wonder if she got in free with an "employee of the company" pass?
    REPORTED: JJ 01 JUN 06
  3. Back when I was 18 or so I saw the late Eric "Eazy E" Wright at the bathrooms on the border lines of Fantasyland and Frontierland he was more than happy to take a pic with me, and after the last Wrestlemania they had at the Arrowhead Pond wich was held on a Sunday that Monday after me and my son spotted Mick Foley aka Mandkind, aka Dude Love, aka Cactus Jack, all of WWE fame, he was nice enough to say hi to my son
    REPORTED: socalaztec 09 MAR 06
  4. We spotted singer Brandy, holding a baby, watching the afternoon parade in June 2005. She was standing on the stairs leading up to the Main Street Train Station.
    REPORTED: Pam 11 MAR 06
  5. Over spring break I was in the fastpass line for Pirates and then we got in the boat and I looked at the man next to me and it was Garth Brooks he took a picture with me and signed an autograph. He was real nice.
    REPORTED: Tim Fink 19 JUN 02
  6. I was at the Disney Gallery above Pirates of the CArribean with my sisters and mom. We saw some people wearing orange shirts. there were like, 3 boys and a woman and a man and some others. My mom took us away from the area and said. Girls, don't make a commotion.I asked her why and she told me that tom hanks was over there. I didn't recognize him at first beacause he was wearing a baseball cap.It is funny though because we had just watched CAST AWAY the day before. my sisters ran to a shop and bought a look and find book for toy story 2 and and pen. they ran to the gallery. fantasmic just happened to be ending so we were stopped. my middle sister started to cry. and i was getting a little upset myself. they finally let us through. Fortunately tom was staying for the fireworks. we got into the gallery and just as tom got out, my mom went up to ask for his autograph. he signed the cover and you could barely see it.(my mom ater went over it with permanent marker.) My mother wouldn't let us read the book for l
    REPORTED: Kayla Sampson 18 JUN 02
  7. Around the end of May in 1996, I saw Taran Noah Smith from Home Improvement. He was exiting Space Mountain as I was walking to the entrance.
    REPORTED: Johnny Schackart 08 MAR 02
  8. About 5 years ago, when I was about 9 or ten, i was standing in line for peter pan, and my grandpa said, "Look! here's Arnold!!" Not thinking anything of what he said i just went about my business. Then i looked, and standing right next to me was Arnold Schwartzanneggar!!! I was too speechless to say anything. Then he ended up getting out of line because people were making a big deal of him being there.
    REPORTED: Amanda Sageser 25 FEB 02
  9. At noon on 2/23/02 my wife and I got in the Fast-Pass line at the Haunted Mansion. In fount of us was a small group led by a Disneyland Star Esort. This turned out to be Wilmer Valderrama (fes on That 70's Show) and his family. It took a second or two to figure out it was him becasue he was wearing a red ball cap and was obviously not wearing any funky 70s cloths. He boarded the Doom Buggy in fount of us and as we left the haunted ball room sceen someone yelled 'FES RULES!'.
    REPORTED: Xavier & Marci 24 FEB 02
  10. Two days ago, I saw Tom Cruise at the Matterhorn with his son on his lap in the car in front of me. I was glad that not many people were piling up on him for autographs because he was there with his family.
    REPORTED: Ben T. 16 FEB 02
  11. Towards the end of this summer [2001] my friends and i were at the end of Main Street walking towards Tomorrowland and we walked by Cone of sum41 with some girl [his girlfriend/wife?]. Later that night when we were going to Taco Bell, around 11:30/midnight, we saw him again walking the streets with the same woman. We didn't think anything of seeing him since we got to meet him and the rest of sum41 a few days before they were popular.
    REPORTED: Kyle 06 SEP 01
  12. My brother and I went to Disneyland yesterday, August 23, 2001, and we were on our way into Adventureland over the bridge when we noticed a security guard blocking off part of the bridge. This guy in a red bandanna was behind the guard pushing a stroller, and it turns out that LL Cool J and his family had decided to visit Disneyland that day. It was really cool because no one tried to bother him or asked for an autograph or photo, so I'm guessing he got to enjoy the park like a normal person.
    REPORTED: David Huerta Jr. 24 AUG 01 pict from
  13. Renee Russo in Fantasyland near Casey Jr.
    REPORTED: Tammy Vega 21 AUG 01
  14. Back in 1995 I Spotted Ben Savage of "Boy Meets World" with a few of my friends while we were waiting in line for food in tommorowland.. but didnt know how to approach him but later on we saw him in front of the castle so we decided to go up to him and aske for an autograph and a pic in which he was very nice and did and also talked for a while!!..... Then about 2 years ago i went to disneyland with my brother.... to go watch some bands play in tommorowland... and well we strolled over to toon town and saw Emma from the "Spice Girls".. and my brother wanted to talk to her so he went to aprroach her and was very rude and said dont take pictures of me and walked off so whate ever!
    REPORTED: Jaimie 31 JUL 01
  15. My brother was a former CM working as a valet at Disneyland hotel and in July of 99 he parked Rick Fox (of the LA Lakers) car and got a 100$ tip. He also saw Shaq and other such members of the team.
    REPORTED: Colin 11 AUG 01
  16. On the last Sunday of July (the 26th I believe) my fiance and I were enjoying a nice cold scoop of Fantasia ice-cream cone near the steps by the Main St Fire House. After sitting there for 10 minutes watching the kids take pictures with Goofy I noticed someone very familiar looking wearing a baseball cap walking our way on route to use the restrooms. I didn't think much of it until I noticed the familiar Disneyland Star Escort with him. It was then when struck me it was none other then guitar great and the last person you would ever expect to see at Disneyland Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine! We waited to see if he would walk pass us again and when he did I ask if he would take a picture with me and after pausing for a second he said 'SURE WHY NOT?!!' put his arms around me like he was my drinking buddy and then gave me one hell of a hand shake. He was the nicest guy you will ever want to meet too! I guess even hard-core rock activist need to let loose at Disneyland every now and then.
    REPORTED: Xavier and Marci 13 AUG 01
  17. I was in line of the Matterhorn in April 2000, I looked over to the resturant and noticed someone with a bald head eating a hotdog and it just happened to be my hero Stone Cold Steve Austin. I have been waiting in line for a straight hour, but when I saw him I jumped out of line and got his autograph and even got to talk to him. He was a very nice guy and the cool thing about him is he didn't have any security "protecting" him.
    REPORTED: Kevin SArna 05 JUL 01
  18. While in Disneyland in the Summer of 1993. My wife, mom, nephew and I were standing waiting for Fantasmic to start. (The early show.) I noticed my wife talking to a lady standing next to her. The Lady was asking if we had seen Fantasmic before, and if it was a great show. My wife talked to her for awhile and when the show started. I told my wife she was talking to Amanda Bearse(Marcy)from "Married with Children." My wife said to me so that's why she looked so fimilar. We laughed about it so much after the Show, which was great.
    REPORTED: Tim 13 JUN 01
  19. On the very first day Captain EO opened, a cast member was giving out special tickets for people to see the premiere. My family got tickets and was sitting in the theatre right before the lights went down, when in walked in Michael Jackson. He was dressed in an overcoat, hat, sunglasses, and surgical mask and was accompanied by a huge entourage. He waved and sat at the back of the theatre and left before the lights came back on. Minutes after we left the theatre, we saw his helicopter leave the park.
    REPORTED: Shauna Dean 18 JUN 01
  20. Around August of 2000 me and a few friends went to disneyland and we saw this limo in the parking lot. We thought nothing of it at first cuz all we saw was a guy in a sailor hat with some other girls. When we were at mainstreet we saw that sailor guy and he happened to be the great playboy owner himself Hugh Hefner with some of his "bunnies" we got it on video till one of his security guards told us to get across the street and leave him alone. It was so amazing.
  21. I personally didn't see this, but some friends did. On December 18, 2000, Hugh Hefner was spotted in the Main Street Shopping area. He was in one of the larger shops. He was surrounded by a couple of Bunnies(my guess is his girlfriends). Somehow i missed it. To this day i still get hounded about it.
    REPORTED: Preda Jittanoon 24 JUN 01
  22. On Friday 4/27/01 - My family saw Will Farrell from SNL and voice on "The Oblongs" at DCA. He was with a group of people, no one was bothering him, neither did I - but I wanted to do a cheerleader ROLL CALL !!!!!!
    REPORTED: anon 03 MAY 01
  23. In late September of 2000 I saw miss pop queen herself Brittany Spears walking down Main Street with security surrounding her
    REPORTED: Princess Lexie 02 MAY 01
  24. I work at the Main Entrance selling tickets and occasionaly guest control, so i see alot of people enter the park(s). My first celeb incounter was Chuck Henry from channel 4 news. He was covering the Grand Opening of DCA. Since then, I have seen at or near my ticket window: Christina Ricci (on valentine's day); "Sony Carrinthos" from General Hospitol; Ricki Williams (Soccer player) and "Mr. Banks" from Fresh Prince of Bel Air!
  25. In March I was walking through the pier, and was passing the Wolfgang Puck restaurant, Avalon and noticed two cast members sitting at the outside bar area. I thought that it was strange and then noticed that they were sitting with a red headed man and a little girl. As I looked closer, I discovered that it was one time child star and current radio DJ, Danny Bonaducci and his daughter Isabella. Soon after I was having chicken strips and saw the little girl from Remember the Titans (the coaches daughter).. She later said hi to my 10 year old son, who said he played it "cool". It appeared to be a "special event" for Cast and Crew of the new movie "Spy Kids". The Park was covered with them.....
    REPORTED: anon 14 APR 01 pict from
  26. Last I went to Disneyland we saw Melissia from MTV's the Real World in New Orleans Square; she was posing for pictrues with her fans in front of the Haunted Masion. We saw her 8-13-00.
    REPORTED: David Leon 23 SEP 00
    My family had recently our annual Disneyland trip this past August. As we were nearing the entrance gate at the tram walkway, my sister was staring at someone. She told me that the girl in front of us resembled Melissa from MTV's Real World in New Orleans. The mystery girl was wearing dark glass (perhaps a disguise!) I approached the girl and asked if she was Melissa. She took off the glasses and she smiled. I was so excited that my hands started shaking. I found out that it was her first trip to Disneyland and that we were the first ones to recognize her that day. Needless to say, I took a picture with her and had a memorable day!
    CONFIRMED: Tonantzin 01 FEB 01
  27. It was my first time at Disneyland and I guess it was about 1996 and we had just go on Big Thunder and my grandma was sitting behind me. Before the ride started I was talking to grandma and my sister turned arrownd to join us and she turned white. She was star struck! The ride started and she told me that about 2 seats behind my grandma was sitting Joey and Anthony Lawerance. I was like "OMG!" When we got off we looked around and we saw them but there was a bunch of girls arrownd them. We were soo happy to see them.
    REPORTED: princess 10 SEP 00
  28. I was in the middle of my shift on August 26, 2000 at the Stage Door Cafe when Jane Seymour walked in with the Guest Relations guy and her husband and children of course I got in trouble for blurting out omg, it's Jane Seymour it's just that normally big stars don't come into our restaurant.
    REPORTED: anon 27 AUG 00
  29. In November of 1999, I was with my family for thanksgiving break. While waiting in the loading area of Splash Mountain, we saw the one and only Burt Bacharach exit from a log, just having arrived back from the trip down the flumeand through the briar patch. My dad was the one who noticed him first and pointed Burt out.
    REPORTED: Ese 28 JUL 00
  30. I once saw Ananda Lewis from Mtv walkin along in Frontierland with her whole enterage and since I never seen anyone famous before, I didn't think she'd sign an autograph for me, but I tried anyways. I went up to her and told her I was in love with her and she laughed and said she'd give me an autograph and even offered to take a picture with me and my friends. It was so cool!
    REPORTED: Timmy B. 29 JUL 00
  31. I saw Arnold Scwarzenneger on July 15. He was enjoying the trip with his wife, Maria, and kids. Kind of funny seeing the Terminator push a stroller. I first saw him hollering for his kid at the exit of Indiana Jones, and later at the exit of Pirates, I could have touched him.
    REPORTED: Josh Campbell 18 JUL 00
    I also saw Arnold with his kids on the morning of July 15, 2000. We had entered the park on an early admission pass and were unloading off The Matterhorn when we saw Arnie and his kids unloading off the car in front of us. About 3 hours later, we saw them again at the train station at New Orleans Square.
    CONFIRMED: Dano 26 AUG 00 pict from
  32. In the early nineties I was at Disneyland with my family. I was only 11 and afraid to go on some of the rides. While I was waiting for my family to get off of the Matterhorn, I saw Scott Weinger, from Full House and also the speaking voice of Alladin. He was escorted by two cast members and his girlfriend, and they got right on the ride. When my family got off, we waited for him and ran up and snapped a picture. My friends at home were way impressed.
    REPORTED: Shannon 06 JUL 00
  33. It has been so long ago I can't remember the date but I did see Whoopi Goldberg on Indiana Jones once...I felt really bad for her because people were chasing her around the park and I felt she deserved a nice vacatiion like the rest of us!
    REPORTED: Michele Howard 23 JUN 00
  34. Last June while I was waiting on the loading dock for Big Thunder Mountain railroad I was lucky enough to meet Oscar winner Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. Although they were on the opposite side of the dock they were kind enough to talk to me. Needless to say it was the most memorable ride on Big Thunder I've ever had.
    REPORTED: maleficent6969 15 JUN 00
    I saw Tom Hanks and his family on Saturday Jun 3. He was with his family.
    UPDATE: anon 05 JUN 00
  35. We were at Disneyland for my daughters 2nd birthday. Walking through the castle we walked past Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger with their kids. My husband saw them and got them on video tape. They were waiting in line to meet Cinderella.
    REPORTED: Tammy Vega 05 JUN 00
  36. 4/4/2000 We were coming out of the Village Haus Restaurant and heading towards Frontierland, when I looked up and saw WWF Superstar Mick Foley aka Mankind aka Cactus Jack walking with a Disney CastMember and his wife and 2 children. WWF was in Anaheim for Wrestlemania and we were looking for the wrestlers all weekend and I didn't expect to see Mick Foley there. We said Hello to eachother and wished eachother the best in life when the Disney CastMember told us we had to leave... I was so happy to see him!!!
    REPORTED: Xenia Smith 11 APR 00
  37. 4/1/2000 My friend who works security at Disneyland said he escorted WWF Superstar The Rock for 2 hours. He rode Space Mountain & Indiana Jones. He said they needed 5 security guards to escort "The Rock" and he was very nice.
    REPORTED: Xenia Smith 11 APR 00
  38. On July 10, 1999 my daughter, Lorinna, my grandchildren Alexandra and Nicholas an i were having lunch in the Blue Bayou Restaurant at 1:40 pm. On the way to our table my daughter commented on the fact that DREW CAREY, of the "Drew Carey Show", was talking on his cell phone near the restaurant entrance. About 3 or 4 minutes after we were seated, DREW CAREY joined his party at the table next to ours. At the end of our meal I approached DREW CAREY and had my photo taken with him and we also got autographs.
    REPORTED: Marie Sullivan 08 APR 00
  39. On Wednesday before Wrestlemania 2000, I saw wrestler Road Dogg Jesse James. I followed him around the park and he was upset. He even got in a fight with his wife and stormed out of the park in the middle of a parade with his kids.
    REPORTED: anon 30 MAR 00
  40. Tommy Davidson, co-star and comedian on "In Living Color", was in line for the Indiana Jones Adv. in mid-December. I was sitting on those rock out front waiting for a friend and Tommy and his wife and kid walked passed me and got in line. And I was like, "Hey, that's Tommy Davidson!" I was about to follow him in line, but I didn't want to ditch my friend. The funny thing was that no one else around him knew who he was. If you don't remember him, he's that skinny black guy in "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" who fights Jim Carrey and messes up his hair and all that scene.
    REPORTED: Tadao 14 FEB 00
  41. We were at Disneyland saturday(2/26) and saw Anne Hathaway, Meghan from Fox's Get Real in line for pirates of the carribean. She was with her mom and dad and little brother and they got in the boat ahead of us.
    REPORTED: Marci & Xavier 28 FEB 00
  42. In early November of 1996 my sister and I met Cathrine Hicks from WB's 7th Heaven. She was in line for Peter Pan with her daughter and her husband. We talked for a few minutes and she was very sweet.
    REPORTED: Filmgirl 03 FEB 00
  43. In July of 1995, my wife and I were on our honeymoon at Disneyland. The second day we were there, we were standing at the area to enter the actual ride of Star Tours( you know where they show the little safety movie). Well my wife leaned over and whispered that she saw Julia Duffy from Designing Women in line next to me. I turned around and sure enough there she was with her kids. Being the outgoing guy I am i said "Hi Miss Duffy" She said Hi back and then the doors opened to the seats. As luck would have it we were all in the same row. We chatted for a minute before the ride started and I told her we were on our honeymoon. When the ride was over Julia said goodbye to my wife and I and wished us well in our new marriage.
    REPORTED: Mike&Ann 22 JAN 00
  44. On December 22, 1999, my two best friends and I decided to celebrate my best friend's 17th birthday at Disneyland(even though we still go practically everyday). Well, at that time, we were all into *NSYNC, and we made it a tradition to yell out the names of the group at the beginning at each ride. After hanging around in Tinkerbell's Toy Shoppe forever, we decided to go to Tomorrowland. We exited around the store through the front of of the Castle and returned through the side entrance to go onto the bridge(its the side entrance by the little cart in front of Tinkerbell's Shoppe) when I saw a bunch of girls standing by the sleeping beauty fountain. My friend started hitting my arm and when i looked at the group of girls again, I realized it was Chris' girlfriend and him. He was helping tie the show of his nephew. To make it short, we all panicked and just stood there but finally got the courage to go up to him after he went into the toy shoppe. He was so nice and we took a picture with him.
    REPORTED: GENevieve 26 OCT 00
  45. On Nov. 20, 1999, I visited Disneyland with my cousins. While there, I noticed some people walking around with "Film Crew" badges. I was wondering why they were there. Later that day, I saw Los Angeles radio personality Ryan Seacrest, former host of television's Gladiators 2000, filming a Disneyland Holiday TV Special for UPN/Channel 13 in Los Angeles. He was filming near Cosmic Waves in Tomorrowland and near the Pirates of the Carribbean exit in New Orleans Square.
    REPORTED: Roger Rodriguez 01 DEC 99
  46. Back in 1989, I went to Disneyland and it was during the time of the MTV Video Music Awards. My friends and I were walking around and we saw Robert Smith and the others from the Cure in line at the Matterhorn!!! We didn't ask them for their autographs because we wanted to respect their privacy. They are only human and deserved to have a fun day at Disneyland!!!
    REPORTED: Christine Wiseman 09 NOV 99
  47. My friends and I were in line for splash mountain and when we got to the front we saw Bob Saget (Danny Tanner from Full House) right there waiting to get in a log. He ended up being 2 logs behind us. When the ride was over we went to see out pic. and we saw his was soo funny cuz he was in front w/ the funniest look on his face!! We saw him again in Tommorowland in a gift shop
    REPORTED: Erin 20 AUG 99
  48. I don't remember what month it was because I go down so often but my friends and I were going in the exit to Indiana Jones to get on the ride (we had a special pass), passing by a lot of people in the process, when all of a sudden my friends blurted out "Okay, that was Gina Davis!" The rest of us all just said, "Oh, yeah, sure, whatever" and laughed at her. It turned out later two more girls in the group came back from getting a drink and confirmed the sighting because this time there were people asking for autographs and there was a Disney security guy with her. The two of us who didn't get to see her were way bummed and spent the rest of the evening looking for Gina every where we went. It turned into a hilarious yet upsetting game because we didn't see her again after that.
    REPORTED: Lindsay 19 JUL 99
  49. I saw Bob Dole!!!! Right in front of the fountain I met him and his wife, they are very nice!
    REPORTED: Bill 05 JUL 99
    I can confirm the July 1999 sighting of Bob and Elizabeth Dole. I was making a Costume run to INNOVENTIONS and HONEY I SHRUNK THE AUDIENCE and I saw them both exiting HONEY. They were very friendly.
  50. We went to Disneyland Saturday June 5th and as we were waiting in line to take the monorail from Disneyland hotel to the park. My friend and I started watching these kids get into everything as their parents just ignored them. It turned out that they were with ex-Laker Vlade Divats. They got to get on the Monorail first and ride up front, which we didn't really think was very fair, but we still ended up getting off the monorail first!! All day long we were trying to remember his name, finally we got his name from a guy working at the picture booth at Splash Mountain. We also saw Tom Hanks with his wife while we were eating at the Hungry Bear that day. The workers at the picture booth confirmed this as well. Quite a day it was, our first TWO celebrity sightings at Disneyland!!!
    REPORTED: Joy 02 JUL 99
  51. This past Saturday my boyfriend and I were at Disneyland and we were walking from the Mattahorn. We looked up and saw Ex-Laker Vlade Divac walking toward us. We were in shock, we both thought that it was him but started doubting ourselves. We finally decided that there is no way anyone could pass for him.
    REPORTED: Julia 08 JUN 99
  52. I saw James Cameron, his girlfriend or his wife, I don't know, and his 2 kids. They were in the Haunted Mansion and it was cool. We kept seeing them there all day. He seemed like a nice guy and a great dad.
    REPORTED: mary 09 JUN 99
  53. Earlier this year me and my friend were in Fronteirland by the shooting gallery were buying some candy and then I spotted Brett "the hitman" Hart with his family and a Disney crew member .As my friend ran away I stayed and said "Hi".
    REPORTED: John Porzio 17 MAY 99
  54. Once when my family and I were enjoying a quiet dinner in the Blue Bayou Restaurant near the Pirate of the Carribean, we noticed Richard Dreyfuss (star of Mr. Hollands Opus, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws) sitting a couple of tables over. We contemplated asking him for an autograph but we decided to respect his privacy. At first we were not sure whether it was really him or not but we noticed a uniformed Disney security officer sitting at the table with him. At that point, we knew it must have been him.
    REPORTED: DisneyMan 15 APR 99
  55. I am a cast member on Main Street and one night Matthew Perry, A.K.A. Chandler Bing from Friends came into our store. Pretty cool. A few nights later, my sister rang up Taran Noah Smith from Home Improvement. Before that we saw Kevin Nealon (formerly of SNL fame) on New Year's Eve. Stars definitely turn up all over the place at Disneyland, after all, they're only human!
    REPORTED: Becky 28 MAR 99
  56. February 14,1999, Valentine's Day! I am walking in Toontown with my boyfriend when we decide we're tired and need a rest! We see that a show is about to start! Perfect. We'll rest and watch a show at the same time! It had something to do with all of the animated movies. I am watching my boyfriend walk to a trash can to throw something away and I notice a man standing right next to him. He looks really familiar!! It took me a few minutes to realize who it was because I couldn't believe it. It was Charlie Salinger from Party of Five. I believe his real name is Mathew Fox. He ended up sitting about three rows in front of me so of course I didn't see one minute of the show. I was watching him the whole time. (It's my favorite show!!)
    REPORTED: Misty Franson 20 MAR 99
  57. In the 1980's my family was going through Disneyland and we saw Michael Jackson standing in line at the Matterhorn. Now the only reason we knew who him was because we'd seen pictures of him in that particular disguise via television, magazines, etc. If he didn't think that someone wearing a heavy trenchcoat, a fedora, sunglasses, and a blue surgeons mask on a stormy day in the middle of July would attract attention...
    REPORTED: Chernabog 04 MAR 99
  58. Back in 92' my sister and I were hovering above King Arthurs Merry-go-Round since the Air-way (buckets) was broken as usual and saw Dustin Diamond (Screech - Saved By The Bell) and his brother (Urban Legend he's just a friend) Michael Diamond (Beastie Boys) evading a swarm of fans by ducking in the exit of Mr. Toads Wild Ride. I never did see them come out, maybe more secrets?
    REPORTED: Mikey Moose 23 FEB 99
  59. During the summer of 1998, my friends and family stood behind actor Bronson Pinchot, aka Balke, while in line for Space Mountain. He was busy talking with a friend, but took the time to borrow a pen from us to sign an autograph.
    REPORTED: Gatorman 20 JAN 99
  60. Last summer while entering Adventureland, I spotted model Kathy Ireland walking towards the Tiki Room accompanied by a park official.
    REPORTED: Gatorman 20 JAN 99
  61. Last year, my friend and I would go to Disneyland everyday after school. We both loved the Tiki Room and memorized the whole show from beginning to end. During the show, we would sing and dance as though we were part of it. Jason Alexander, from Sienfield, laughed and pointed at us while we carelessly sang and danced are hearts out. It was neat to perform for someone who performs for us.
    REPORTED: Amy Brown 10 JAN 99
  62. While at Disneyland in May with some of my students we ran into Corey Feldman (next to the Hat Shop on Main St.) He was there with a very cute and much taller girl. No one seemed to notice him and he was in one heck of a hurry. He and his g/f went into the Cast Member entrance next to the bathrooms near the Hat Shop.
    REPORTED: Xavier 11 NOV 98
  63. My mother and I spotted Michael Jackson back in 1989. First we spotted him looking out from behind a curtain at than Videoplis (we waved and he waved back). Well, my mother suffering from cancer, needed to use a wheel chair to get around and as we were going thru the Tomarrowland area 4 castmembers w/walkie talkies came out from the back areas and next popped out Michael. He came over and talked for 2-3 min with my mother and made her day!!! It was all she talked about for days and days. I will always remember Disneyland and Michael Jackson and our day as i remember my mom!xx00xx
    REPORTED: mike sund 27 OCT 98
  64. My friends and I were eating lunch at the Tommowland Terrace (or whatever the new name is) and sat right next to Tommy Lasarda!! (Retired Manager of the LA Dodgers) He was there with his family and was really having a great time with his granddaughter. It was also good that no one was bothering him either.
    REPORTED: Jill Johnston 10 OCT 98
  65. I was at Disneyland on Saturday, Sept. 26, 1998, and saw Nicolas Cage with his family on the Pirates of the Carribean. I walked through the exit to get on the ride, (I walk with a cane, so I don't have to wait in line) and there he was. The security guard stood me right next to him and his daughter to put me on the ride. He rode on the boat behind us. After seeing him, we went into the Blue Bayou for dinner and told the waiter that we had just seen Nicolas outside. I was told he was a frequent vistor to Club 33, and that there were bands and music upstairs all the time.
    REPORTED: Melinda Van Pevenage 01 OCT 98
    I would like to confirm the Nicholas Cage sighting in Sep. While waiting to baord the train in New Orleans Square arrived Some friends and I watched as the cast members epmtied a whole trains passengers just for Nick, his daughter and "bubba" to hitch a ride.
    CONFIRMED: anon 07 MAR 99
  66. Barbra Streisand and James Brolin were watching the Mulan Parade in front of Main Street Station in early August. As was Peter Galleghar
    REPORTED: anon 10 SEP 98
  67. Warren Beatty rode on the train and then watched the Mulan parade, sometime in August
    REPORTED: anon 10 SEP 98
  68. Both Ed Harris (Apollo 13) and Tom Hanks visited the Magic Kingdom in the beginning of August
    REPORTED: anon 10 SEP 98
  69. I saw Sinbad walking through Mickey's Toontown and he was being mobbed by a bunch of people.
    REPORTED: Christine Blanco 06 SEP 98
  70. A while back, I saw Anthony Edwards from ER. He was ahead of me in line for Pirates of the Caribbean.
    REPORTED: Eric Schaapveld 06 SEP 98
  71. I spotted Coby Bryant of the Los Anegels Lakers going on to Big Thunder and he walked right on to it and got to ride on it two times in a row, he was swarmed by fans but they seemed to get out of the way when he was trying to walk. He was with about the 3 or 4 secruity guards and he had what seemed the whole family with him. Let me tell you one thing he is a huge guy.
    REPORTED: Brett 16 AUG 98
  72. I saw Seinfeld's Jason Alexander at the Fantasyland Theatre on August 12. He was there with his wife and 2 sons. There weren't mobs of people around him or anything, but there was a Disneyland tour guide looking person nearby. He seemed to be enjoying himself, despite the hot weather and crowds that day!
    REPORTED: Empress Erin 13 AUG 98
    I would like to confirm the Jason Alexander sighting on August 12th. I also saw him at the Fantasyland Theater. All the aforementioned is true. He was very relaxed and was just trying to have a good time. His son had cool socks on.
    CONFIRMED: Emperor Shawn 16 AUG 98
  73. About 1 month ago I saw the kid from Home Improvement at the Disneyland Hotel with two girls maybe his sisters or girlfriends.
    REPORTED: Scott Edick 27 JUL 98
  74. My husband and I saw the Rock Band, SLAUGHTER, in 1994. They were all really nice and all signed autographs. My husbnad did a little rap with Mark Slaughter while their producer was filming it all.
    REPORTED: Shelley Garner 21 JUN 98
  75. My girlfriend and I saw Dr. Drew from KROQ's and MTV's Loveline with his 3 daughters and wife on June 17th. He also had a small boy with him. He even said he was tired on Loveline that night because he spent the whole day at Disneyland with his family. But he got there at 1:00 PM, we saw him get there. That's not the whole day!
    REPORTED: Shawn Brewer 19 JUN 98
  76. In 1995 my family and I spotted the "Family Matters" cast at Disneyland. I was waiting in line for the Country Bear Jamboree when I saw the Grandmother from the show. I also spotted Eddie Winslow and Waldo Faldo with who appeared to be their girlfriends walking right beside us in Frontierland! A few months later I saw a "Family Matters show that was taking place in Disneyland!
    REPORTED: Kristin 18 JUN 98
  77. I was told by a close friend cast member of mine that at the opening of the new Tomorrowland, many famous astronauts showed up for the dedication including Buzz Auldrin. Practically everyone darted over to shake the hand of Buzz and other astronauts.
    REPORTED: anon 27 MAY 98
  78. Leonardo DiCaprio also showed up at the opening of the new Tomorrowland.
    REPORTED: anon 27 MAY 98
  79. While waiting at one of the train stations, I saw Carrie Fisher in the caboose of the train. She was with several other people, including a baby, which she was holding up to the window.
    REPORTED: Melanie H-Wilkes 25 MAY 98
  80. On May 9th 1998 I sighted Jason Alexander (George from Seinfeld) waiting for the Aladdin show. He was with a small boy who looked like he was maybe his son. Jason was escorted by a Disneyland employee. We aproached his escort who confirmed that it was him but told us to stay away.
    REPORTED: Dan Evans 14 MAY 98
    I would like to CONFIRM the sighting of Jason Alexander in Disneyland, and further, that he was there with his wife and two sons, I talked with the wife while they stopped to grab a bite to eat at the bengal barbique. I found that his older son loves the Indiana Jones ride, while he is scared of pirates of the caribbian. I also said hi to Jason, and he politely said hi back, but soo after the escort told me to back off.
    CONFIRMED: Matt Brown 16 MAY 98
  81. I was coming out of the Circle Vision Theatre like 4 yrs ago. They still had the confrence call phones then. My friends and I were waiting for a phone to be free when we spotted Andrea Barber aka Kimmy Gibler from Full House. She was on the phone with a friend. I thought it was pretty cool!
    REPORTED: Larissa Green 10 SEP 98
  82. I saw Michael Jackson at Disneyland on New Years Eve of 1991. He was being mobbed by dozens of people and I can remember him getting on the Autopia and allowing a little kid to ride with him. Later that day, I saw a mob of people flocking around a man wearing a Gorilla mask on Main Street, near the entrance to the park. It turns out that Mr. Jackson had decided to don the mask in an attempt to be less conspicuous-- it didn't work.
    REPORTED: anon 10 JUN 98
  83. As a cast member working Tomorrowland in 1990, I saw many a celebrity visit the park. Bob Geldof, Paula Abdul, Corey Feldman, and Janet Jackson were just some of the stars I saw (Never saw Michael although I heard he was there quite often). One night, I was assigned to the old Rocket Jets platform and was sitting at the control console. I noticed an African-American family waiting to get on. There were about 8 or 9 members of the family. I noticed that one of them was wearing night. Thinking for about a second and a half that the guy looked like Stevie Wonder, I studied him a couple seconds more and concluded that it had to be him. Usually stars had a guide accompanying them through the park, but not this time. However I wasn't the only one to notice him. Two gentlemen of possible Middle-Eastern descent decided to try an snap a picture of him as he stood there holding hands with two kids in his family group. The funniest part was that, one of the guys leaned REAL close to Stevie and smiled big, waiting for his friend to snap the picture so that he would get them both in it. Stevie either didn't notice, or chose not to react (I'm sure the guy can sense a flashbulb going off). My rotation put me on a break by the time Stevie's family went around on the Rockets, so they were going down the elevator the same time I was. Well, by this time EVERYONE on that platform knew who was up there with them. And EVERYONE tried to get into Stevie's elevator with them as they exited. As soon as his family was all inside, I decided to at least make the trip back down quiet and stopped anyone else from entering. A black woman in his group thanked me for not letting the mob in. Well, turns out that word had spread on the ground floor as well....and about twenty flashbulbs went off in my face as soon as the elevator doors opened. "We love you Stevie!" some woman shouted as the car emptied. I didn't look to see how Stevie was reacting to this. I wanted to get my dinner over at the InnBetween cafeteria. I was hungry! Now there's about twenty pictures floating around out there somewhere of me and Stevie Wonder in the Rocket Jets elevator.
    REPORTED: Chris 13 JAN 98
  84. This was back like in the late 80's. My family and I were at Disneyland when we saw a big group of people crowding around something. Then I saw that England's Princess Furgi was coming out of the Rocket Jets and heading into the Star Trader store. She was surrounded by her guards from England and they wore blue uniforms trying to make room for the Princess to walk.
    REPORTED: Doug Urquilla Jr. 23 AUG 99
  85. In 1984 during the Summer Olympics the US mens basketball team was visiting Disneyland and I rode on the same boat on Pirates of the Caribbean with some of the team including Michael Jordan. Of course he was only famous for hitting the game winning shot against Georgetown to win the National Championship in 1982 at the time.
    REPORTED: Danny Moore 26 DEC 98
  86. My mother saw the person who played Gomez in the original Addams Family when she was 10 behind her in the Autopia line.
    REPORTED: Kevin Hainline 18 JUN 00
  87. Among the first guests at Disneyland in 1955 was George Lucas (then 11) and his family.
    REPORTED: Jeff Davis 14 SEP 01
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