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Astro Orbiter Fun Facts

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  1. The Astro Orbitor's design was da Vinci.
  2. The new AstroOrbiter at Disneyland is an exact replica of the one in Paris.
    REPORTED: SBradley Cooper 03 MAY 98
  3. My uncle who is a structural engineer for Disney told me that the entire Astro Orbiter was made in Italy.
    REPORTED: anon 26 NOV 01
  4. Oddly enough, that Astro Orbiter at the front of Tomorrowland, resembled the strange observatory that was shown in Jim Henson's "Dark Crystal" movie.
    REPORTED: Jericho Red 09 OCT 98
  5. The new Astro Orbiter holds 12 rockets, while the old one only held 8 rockets. The new design was made and designed by the same people who made Dumbo.
    REPORTED: Darcy Fraser 18 JAN 98
    There are now twelve rockets on the Astro Orbiter because it is not the same ride. The original AO now has satellite dishes attached to where the rockets were and still sits above where the loading platform for the new Rocket Rods will be. There are twelve Astro Orbiter "rockets" on the new ride with each rocket bearing the symbol of an astrological sign, representing the astrological calendar. The base of the ride is divided into twelve sections and bears the same twelve astrological symbols
    CONFIRMED: David Enertson 23 MAR 98
  6. There are some rocks around the Astro-Orbiter. When Disney was working on creating them, they found that they ordered some steel reinforcing rods wrong - they were too short. So Disney took some of the steel rods from one of the Main Street Electrical Parade floats, and used them in the rocks.
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 29 JUN 98

Astro Oribiter Facts and Figures



Attraction Type

Hub and spoke






Elevated Planet Design


? feet

Number of Vehicles

16 Space Ships

Vehicle Capacity

4 riders per Space Ship

Ride Time

? minutes


? mph (avg); ? mph (max)

Vertical Speed

? mph (avg); ? mph (max)


? people per hour; load every ? minutes

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