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Beginning summer 2000, the newly redesigned Autopia attraction at the Disneyland¨ Resort takes Guests on a drive along new roadways in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. Walt Disney Imagineering's new version of the attraction drives home humor and visual puns, offering interactive surprises.

The Autopia is the only existing Tomorrowland attraction dating back to opening day, July 17, 1955. Although different body styles have appeared over the years and roadways have been reconfigured, the Autopia driving experience has remained essentially unchanged -- until now. This new version is ready for a new generation of drivers, offering new roadways, cars, and unique interactive motoring adventures. For nearly 45 years, drivers of all ages have cruised along this unique "automobile utopia." In this new version of Autopia, the experience begins long before drivers reach the roadway. Guests enter an elevated walkway to "The Grandstand" and wind their way through this racetrack viewing platform. A giant video screen plays humorous animated scenes of cars discussing life's challenges while providing insights into the world as they see it. As Guests drive along the Tomorrowland and Fantasyland roadways, they experience the world from a car's perspective. Humorous billboards along the highway advertise directly to the vehicle while motorists encounter unexpected road hazards during the journey. The new track layout includes curves, bridges, a "car park," and an "off-road" driving experience. Guests cross over the four-lane Autopia track on an elevated walkway to enter "The Grandstand." As Guests wind through this racetrack viewing platform, a giant video screen plays humorous animated scenes of humanlike cars as they discuss life and provide insights into the world as cars see it. Guests then approach the "tower building," which is shaped like a giant piston and shows the futuristic influences of Jules Verne and "streamline modern" architecture. As Guests circle the building, magical windows provide glimpses into a fascinating, three-dimensional model city inhabited by animated "talking" cars. From here, Guests reach the boarding area, where they board one of three distinctly styled car models for a fun-filled ride aboard the new Autopia. The car models include "Suzy," a stylish and cute coupe, "Dusty," an off-road vehicle, and "Sparky," a racy sports car. Each car can seat up to two adults or three children. As motorists cruise the Tomorrowland roadways, they experience the world from a car's perspective. Humorous billboards along the highway advertise directly to the vehicle. Motorists encounter unexpected road hazards during their journey. The new track layout for Autopia includes curves, bridges, a city park called "Car Park," a tunnel, and even an "off-road" driving experience. Cast Members at the Autopia are part of a professional auto track crew, like those seen at racing events. They direct the test drivers to the vehicles, providing any aid or instructions necessary. At the end of the journey, they help drivers stop the vehicles and safely exit the attraction. The Autopia is the only existing Tomorrowland attraction dating back to opening day, July 17, 1955. When the cars first took to the road, they captured America's fascination with the latest transportation innovation, the freeway. Over the years, roadways and car styles have been periodically updated for this "automobile utopia." Today the Autopia is ready for a new generation of drivers with new roadways, new cars, and unique interactive surprises.
  1. Chevron is now sponsering Autotopia
  2. In 1955 when Disneyland Park first opened, Autopia was one of the original 20 attractions. When the Autopia cars first took to the road, they captured America's fascination with the latest transportation innovation, the "freeway." Adults and children alike could experience the thrill of driving in their own cars.
  3. This is the only original Tomorrowland attraction left from 1955 when Tomorrowland first opened.
  4. The remodeled attraction is filled with humor and offers new interactive surprises! You'll experience the world from a car's perspective, cruising the unique roadways of Autopia. The new route takes you around curves, over bridges, and through a "Car Park." You'll even find yourself navigating your car off-road.
  5. The music in the queue area of the new Autopia includes a remix of the classic Peoplemover soundtrack
    REPORTED: Don Shaw 09 JUL 00
    While inline for Autopia, (where the fastpass line keeps going straight and the regular line branchs off the the right), they play music from the former attraction The Peoplemover.
    CONFIRMED: Mark Young 28 APR 01 Autopia License
  6. On the New Autopia ride, they are giving out Autopia Driver's Licenses. When you get into line, and you get near the boarding area, a cast member will give you one. On the back it had a picture of one of the 3 cars. I got Dusty on mine. After the ride, in the little shop area, you can get a sheet of 16 mini pictures for $5 to put on your license. I don't know how long they will give out the license though, it could be jus a little thing they're doin' cause it just opened.
    REPORTED: Michael Taketa 28 JUL 00
    In May of 2005 they were still giving away drivers liscences(sp?) in Autopia. I still have my little brothers. The ride may be slow but the cute souvenier was worth it for sure. We are going back in April (its 2006 now), and ill update if the liscense situation changed.
    CONFIRMED: DisneyGirl04 23 FEB 06
  7. On the new Autopia there are three types of cars: Suzy, Sparky and Dusty. Suzy is the "cute" car, which looks like a VW Beetle Convertible. Sparky is the sports car and Dusty is the off road vehicle. Although Chevron sponsors Autopia, the Autopia cars look nothing like the Chevron cars in the Chevron commercials.
    REPORTED: Honolulu 15 JUL 00 models
  8. Matthew Howard, the voice of Dusty the SUV, is a 14 year old boy from southern California. He is the first child to be an announcer on any of Disney's rides around the world.
    REPORTED: Matthew Howard 12 SEP 00
    Matthew Howard IS the youngest kid to be a Disney ride announcer!
    CONFIRMED: Elex Michaelson 02 OCT 00
  9. The bodies of the new Autopia cars were all created at Walt Disney World Central Shops
    REPORTED: anon 15 JUL 00
  10. In Autopia the "Car Park" area has a statue on the left of an old car, the surprising thing about this is that it is a car from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!
    REPORTED: Chris Rader 26 JUN 01
  11. If you are driving you will see a lot of little cute things. A sign appears that says "Mouse Crossing." If you look at the curb directly after the sign to your right, there is a little mousehole.
    REPORTED: Marisa 19 JUL 00
    In addition to the "Mouse Crossing" sign in Autopia, there's a conveniently-located Mouse hole! It's easy to miss, but it's directly across the road from the sign itself. My boyfriend Jared spotted this one.
    CONFIRMED: Meg 25 JUL 00
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 24 SEP 00
  12. Some autopia cars are faster than others. I know it says 7 mph but that's not really true for some cars. I went to DL this summer and rode autopia and no matter how hard I pressed the gas pedal (and i wasn't running into that centre track) my brother and a whole bunch of other people passed me. I noticed this happened to a whole lot of other people too. Maybe it's just an engine problem.
    REPORTED: Jake 30 SEP 00
  13. We would like to remind you this ride is NOT bumper cars!! Becuse of the grill work design people bump thinking they were made for that. They are really just cars! Its sad to say that lots of people are hurt badly because people bump each other not caring that it says not to! A little girl got her nose broken and employees are hit and hurt because people think its OK not to listen to the rules! This is a daily thing that happens and I know that employees are sad and try hard not to be hurt and protect you. So please dive safely in the cars!
    REPORTED: Cindy 06 JUL 01

Autopia Facts and Figures





Miniature Cars


Walt Disney Imagineering
1955-1967 Robert Gurr (entire vehicle, including engine, chassis, body)
1999 Jason Holst (body only)


Intermountain Design, Utah


July 17, 1955
June 29, 2000


2,555 feet (Outside)
2,568 feet (Inside)

Ride Time

4 minutes, 15 seconds

Cycle Time

5 minutes, 14 seconds






7 mph (max)


124 vehicles at the attraction (10 spares), 2 riders per car

Car Types


Car Length

10 feet

Car Weight

Appoximately 1,200 pounds

Car Weight

Appoximately 1,200 pounds

Engine Type

Kawasaki overhead valve engine

Engine Displacement

286 cc


2843 guests per hour

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