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  2. Tom Morrow is now considered the "mayor of Tomorrowland"
    REPORTED: Cast Member 04 DEC 01
  3. On opening day, Walt when dedicating Tomorrowland. He started early, and then stopped to reply "I though I got the signal."
    REPORTED: chernabog 23 NOV 98
  4. When Tomorrowland opened in 1955, Disney Imagineers were presenting the future as they perceived it would be in 1986.
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 26 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Maeve C. 01 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Jordan Wasyliw 11 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: doogie 16 AUG 01 pict from
  5. As shown, in June 1962, the entrance to Tomorrowland looked much different than it does today. Towering in the distance is the original Rocket to the Moon attraction, which served as a focal point of Tomorrowland until it was removed in 1966. Today, the Moonliner has returned as an icon of the Atomic Age with the da Vinci-inspired Astro Orbitor standing as the signature landmark of Tomorrowland.
  6. At the Media Day for the reopening of Tomorrowland on May 21, 1998:
    1. The opening ceremonies included the assembly on a small stage with risers of 50 US astronauts, including Wally Shirra, Walt Cunningham, Pete Conrad, and Shuttlecraft pilots and crews. Astronaut Andy Thomas made a (live? taped?) wide-screen appearance from the Mir space station. And three F-16 fighter jets from the Fresno Natl. Guard base made a fly-over at the conclusion of the ceremonies. The astronauts stayed around, with their families, to go on the rides and see the exhibits.
      REPORTED: William D. 27 MAY 98
    2. The media guests were all guided around by Disneyland "Media Hosts", who were volunteers from various departments, some from marketing or other office jobs, some from cast members at the park itself. The media were given:
      • Green Tomorrowland baseball caps
      • Press kits
      • B-roll tapes of Tomorrowland (Past, Present, and Future, Sound bites, etc.)
      • The Disneyland Factbook
      • Tomorrowland Lunch boxes (metal with great graphics) which contained a Tomorrowland thermos (with the Moonliner graphic), a T-shirt, Mickey Mouse lollipop, and
      • A letter of welcome.

      REPORTED: William D. 27 MAY 98
    3. MICHAEL EISNER was at the park, walking around in baseball cap, and black shirt, but he only did a few interviews that day.
      REPORTED: William D. 27 MAY 98
    4. At 7:00 pm, the park as closed, and at 7:30 pm, the party began, lasting until 11:00 pm.
      • Dick Dale played live while standing on top of Space Mountain.
      • The food included Thai delicacies and bizarre colored pastas.
      • Soft drinks were available, and, yes, alcohol, in the form of "Rocket Fuel" (lemonade and vodka).
      • SPLASH, a live 80s disco band, played at a small stage just behind The NASA Space Experience exhibit building.
      • Mickey and Minnie came out and danced a few times.
      • Media guests also had their pictures (Polaroid) taken with Buzz Lightyear.

      REPORTED: William D. 27 MAY 98
    Disney Adventures
  7. At night right before the fireworks, if you stand under the entrance to Tomorrowland, Tinkerbell flies over you. This was noted in an old Disney Adventures.
    REPORTED: anon 07 SEP 98 pict from
  8. Recently I have seen a "walking" trash can around Tomorrowland. I'm not sure of his name. Someone must have have a lot of fun somewhere.
    REPORTED: Disney481Lover 07 MAY 06
    I have seen those talking trashcans. Everytime you put something in the trashcan or look inside of it, the trash can says something. The voice sounds like the aliens from the Toy Story movies. Its pretty cool.
    CONFIRMED: ashleyp 08 JUN 06
  9. Wandering around Tomorrowland, there are three Janitors (one quite the senior of the other two) and they use their trashcans as drums! It was awesome! These guys were great, and perfectly timed with each other. And not only did they just play the cans but they had choreography as well, dancing around the three trashcans and trading high-fives with eachother between beats. They got a tremendous applause from their audience. Their name is "Trash Can Trio!"
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 18 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Rick August 14 AUG 98
    I just wanted to add that they can also be seen at other areas around the park. My wife and I were walking down Main Street USA when we heard people yelling at one another. Unnerved because we hadn't recalled hearing people yell at one another at the Happiest Place on Earth, we looked to see what was going on. It was, of course, part of their show; it's probably better to draw attention through a little yelling than startling people with a bunch of banging. The show was well choreographed and very entertaining, a la "Stomp."
    CONFIRMED: SeanK 22 JAN 99
    The Trash Can Trio at Disneyland are very good and amusing but are usually found in the Tomorrowland area of the park.
    CONFIRMED: anon 18 APR 99
    One of the older guys was a drum coach at my high school a couple years back. If I remember correctly, his name was Tom. They are really good and if you see them, stop and listen.
    CONFIRMED: Crystal 30 JUN 99
    The "Stomp" players (the Garbage Can Players), during their first performance, were almost escorted out by security who thought they were ordinary people who were trying to cause problems. Management had to come out to the performance area and explain to security that they were indeed Cast Members!
    CONFIRMED: Tinkerbell 13 SEP 99
    The three janitors that drum on the trash cans in Tommorrowland are called the Trash Can Trio.
    UPDATE: Gordo H 20 DEC 99
    These 3 guys are called the Trash Can Trio. The "elderly gentleman" is professional drummer Tom Float, originator and writer for the Trash Can Trio. The other tall guy is Mike Langhans. I forgot the name of the short guy. Anyway, they are fantastic and certainly an interesting sight to see. You can usually catch them on the hour, every hour in front of The American Space Experience exhibit (underneath the Rocket Rods track). They also perform right before parades (either on Main Street or by Small World).
    UPDATE: Erin Deal 05 JAN 00
    The Jammitors are in Florida and The Trash Can Trio are in California.
    UPDATE: Matt 20 JAN 01 pict from
  10. Food is growing all over Tomorrowland instead of the traditional flowers! Mint, various lettuce, kale, artichokes, grapes, corn, beans, thyme, rosemary, chives, bananas, cabbage, strawberries, parsley, celantro, kumquats, oranges, dwarf apples, and more. Many of them were started by Disney gardeners from seed.
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 18 JUL 98 tabasco
    Another food that is growing there are chilli peppers.
    CONFIRMED: Christina Viramontes 11 AUG 98
    I have also seen the food growing in Tomorrowland. In addition, there are I think tomatoes and kumquats along the Rocket Rods line.
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Cummings 12 AUG 98
    During Magic Music Days I went into Disneyland through a back way and saw a sign that said "Agrifuture" with "American Gothic" but the man is a robot. It was pretty neat. We asked somebody and they said that now most of the plants growing in Tomorrowland are edible, i. e. fruits and vegetables, and if you eat some it's totally ok. Sure enough, I kept my eye out and spotted broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and strawberries, among other friendly-looking plants. How cool!
    CONFIRMED: monique 20 OCT 98
    I was talking with an employee at the park, and he was mentioning that all the Plants in Tomorrowland are in FACT all edible. The reason behind this, is because Disney's vision of the future is one in which space and resources will be limited. Therefore, the beautiful landscaping doubles as a "farm". It is pleasing to the eye, yet it doesn't "waste precious space and resources", by providing food to the citizens of the future. Incredible!
    CONFIRMED: Andy Hicks 03 MAY 99
    There are also Strawberries to be found along the new extended line for the Rocket Rods. (Near The Little Mermaid photo op) A cast member told me that they have replacements growing "back stage" in case someone decides to "Eat Disneyland"
    CONFIRMED: Andrew Morrow 28 MAY 99
    Every plant in Tommorowland is edible! That is one of the most interesting things I have heard about Disneyland!
    CONFIRMED: watto 05 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 06 MAY 01
    Not only is every plant in Tommorowland but according to cast members, many of the plants found in Tommorowland are used in the salads and pizza at the Pizzaport - Tommorowland's pizza parlor.
    UPDATE: Will 14 JUN 02
    At the entrance to the new Buzz Lightyear ride, the plants growing in front are strawberries and are actually good!!
    CONFIRMED: sandy 27 APR 06
    This is to confirm that all of the plants growing in Tomorrowland are edible fruits and vegetables. During my last visit in March or April 2004, my parents were surprised to see a certain Chinese vegetable growing. It was either gai lan or choy sum that they saw but, I cannot remember. My parents would definitely know though, as we buy them all of the time.
    CONFIRMED: Emily 13 MAY 06

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