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Innoventions Fun Facts

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  1. There are other hidden characters here.
  2. There is a golden Mickey on one of the murals. If you look carefully on one of the murals, there are: A Mighty Ducks player, an Anaheim Angel player, an ABC dish, stylized ABC letters, the Monsanto House of the Future, the old bubbletop Monorails, the Moonliner, Space Mountain rockets, and the Disney Magic (the Disney cruise line's first ship).
    REPORTED: tk421 31 DEC 97 pict from
  3. Tom Morrow, along with being a former host for Mission to Mars and Flight to the Moon, is supposed to make his grand reappearance in Innoventions as a host.
    REPORTED: Andrew Graves 24 JUN 98 pict from
    We got a sneak peek at Innoventions, and Tom Morrow is back, with Nathan Lane (of "The Lion King" fame) as the voice! He sings a new version of "It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" from the old Carrousel of Progress.
    CONFIRMED: Beauty and the Beast 04 JUL 98
    Tom Morrow makes a reappearance at Innoventions. Different "person" same name. New Tom is a robot, while the Old Tom was a "Human" Nathan Lane provides the voice of the new Tom. There are four versions of the song, which is based on the "Big Beutiful Tomorrow" song.
    CONFIRMED: David C. Shadle 08 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Ryan 10 SEP 98
    Tom Morrow also made a brief on-line, name appearance in Star Tours in Disney/MGM Studios, and the WEDway People Mover at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. He looks like a close relative of the Transportarium's TimeKeeper.
    CONFIRMED: Joseph St. Angelo 13 FEB 99
    In Star Tours, and other attractions, you hear about Tom Morrow. On the Disney Channel, there is a special little show called "Imaginear That" and the host is Tom Morrow 2.0!!!
    UPDATE: anon 16 JUL 01
  4. Tom Morrow has a Disneyland Cast Member nametag.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 02 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 08 JUN 00
    The nametag is kept up to date with the current Disney Style.
    UPDATE: anon 14 JUN 01
    This is regarding Tom Morrow wearing the current Disneyland Cast Member nametag. The actual Audio Animatronic Tom does wear the current Disneyland nametag, which bears the new Resort logo. However, the Tom you see on the screens before entering the building is wearing the nametag that was discontinued in late 1999 or early 2000 to make way for the "45 Years of Magic" nametag.
    UPDATE: anon 18 FEB 02
    In regards to Tom Morrow's nametag, the letters light up when ever he says "Tom Morrorw," "Tom," "Morrow" and I think I've seen it light up when he says "me"
    UPDATE: Nyx Goldstone 28 MAR 02
  5. When my family went to Disneyland and visited Innoventions, we entered with Tom Morrow as our host. It was fun to watch the robot talk and move around, but as everyone went on to look at the other exhibits, I stuck around to take a closer look at the robot. When nobody's around he still moves, swings his arms, and even coughs as he waits for the next group to come in! I fully expected him to turn to me and start a conversation!
    REPORTED: Danny White 30 MAY 99
    Tom Morrow does continue to move between shows, and acts quite lifelike.
    CONFIRMED: anon 07 JUL 00
    Tom seems exceptionally lifelike between shows. Ever seen him Reset? After each show, while the music is going, before the screens blank and reset, he hits the reset from "Show" to "Idle". This means that his hydraulic and pneumatic systems work to instantly move him from one position to the next, without the normal fluid motion in between. Sometimes this is not very noticeable, but sometimes it is a major position change, and is almost frightening.
    UPDATE: anon 14 JUN 01
  6. Have trouble reading the paper in Tom's coat pocket? There is a notepad there that has "Buy 10 W 30" (motor oil) on it.
    REPORTED: anon 09 JUL 00
    Tom has upgraded. Now he has "Buy 10 W 40" instead of 10 W 30. There is also a small scribble below it, but it is illegible through the sparkly coat. There is also writing on the pad in his left pocket.
    UPDATE: anon 14 JUN 01
  7. "Why is Tom standing on a metal grating instead of a solid floor?" Sad but true... He drips!
    REPORTED: anon 14 JUN 01
  8. The design of Tom Morrow, the audio-animatronic, can also be seen as the Timekeeper at Le Visionarium at Disneyland Paris and the Timekeeper show at Walt Disney World.
    REPORTED: Tony 10 AUG 98
  9. This two-level interactive pavilion is housed in Tomorrowland's rotating landmark, the Carrousel Theatre. It was once home to Carrousel of Progress and, later, America Sings.
  10. The ring of the lower level moves 6" per second and makes one full rotation each hour.
    The 6 inches per second I cannot confirm or deny, and I do not feel like doing the mathematical calculations to figure it out. The official speed is 'One mile per hour'. Howver, the building makes one rotation every 18 minutes. (Believe me, tends to make you have to rush some places.) The building is actually cabable of a top speed of around 14-15 MPH (which is how fast they pushed it in testing).
    UPDATE: anon 07 JUL 00
    I measured and timed and calculated and finally found the truth about the speed of Innoventions. Approx 1/3 (0.327) miles per hour on the outside of the ring. This is obviously an interesting slowdown from "1 mile per hour". The "6 inches per second" is actually closest. (360 inches in 62 seconds.)
    UPDATE: anon 02 FEB 01
  11. As a salute to the original Carrousel of Progress show, the theme song, "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow," has been updated and is featured as the theme song for Innovations.
  12. It's curious that the building rotates in the opposite direction from when GE's Carrousel of Progress and America Sings was in there.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 02 SEP 98 pict from
  13. The child who is on the horse showed up at Innoventions, and pulled out the ORIGINAL of that picture to show us... "That was me... years and years ago."
    REPORTED: anon 02 MAY 01
  14. There is an Autopia car, souped up by Pioneer... From personal experience, you do NOT want to be in the vicinity if the speakers are turned all the way up.
    REPORTED: anon 14 JUN 01
  15. The Tree of Knowledge is noisy. If you are heading up the stairs, stop at the first landing near the tree. You will notice unnaturally-even-looking holes in the tree there, and strange noises issuing from within. Even though they are USUALLY only nature sounds, there is occasionally music as well (nature-style music).
    REPORTED: anon 09 JUL 00
  16. Higher up the tree, on some of the knots, letters are carved into the tree, put there on purpose. J + R, for example. The initials carved into the knots on the Tree of Knowledge (You can see them from the stairs) are initials of some of the original designers and builders.
    REPORTED: anon 09 JUL 00
  17. In innoventions, on the second floor right at the top of the steps are the two games where you and your friends or family can play the game where you tilt the stage to get the little ball into all of the holes. It isnít that difficult, but getting a good time is. My friends and I accomplished the feat awhile back, and when you do, the cast members ask you to hold on while they go in the back and get a logbook. They enter all of your names and your time (ours was 1:20, one of the fastest at the time) and ask for a group name and you can go back any time and ask a cast member in the area to let you see the book to see if anyone has beaten your time. It's not a huge secret, but still pretty cool.
    REPORTED: Eric Scherer 15 APR 01 pict from
  18. Cyberseats, from London, is the first of its kind in the United States.
  19. Sparky, the Minamatronic¨ at Cyberseats, takes on seven different personalities during his brief introduction.
    Sparky (The tiny robot in GM) may be replaced soon with a human-sized Sparky.
    UPDATE: anon 14 JUN 01
  20. Yamaha's Miburi suit is laced with sensors that translate body movements into computer commands. Originally developed for dancers, the Miburi suit is also used in rehabilitation and for those with limited movement.
  21. The mannequin used to demonstrate the Miburi is named Manny Quinn.
  22. The colorful five-panel, 3-D mural on the ground floor tells the historic story of transportation.
  23. The "Family of the Future" concept used for the transportation and other zone presentations is based on the Carrousel of Progress family.
  24. The characters in the murals in various "Frontier" exhibits resemble the Walt Disney Imagineering design team that imagineered Innoventions.
  25. The Cybex Reactor is used to train Olympic and professional athletes, and for rehabilitation patients.
  26. At the game with the disks sponsored by SAP, there is a team about shipping with a picture of a guy reading barcodes on either division. On the top box is a number just below the barcode. This number is a telephone number in the (818) area code (Burbank, CA and other neighboring cities). It used to be SAP's telephone number in Glendale, CA (neighbor of Burbank) but it has since changed and, if you try to call it, you recieve an annoying "disconnected" message.
    REPORTED: anon 10 FEB 00 pict from
  27. Triad provided audio, video, and show control equipment, installation, and programming for the Kaiser/Permanente Pavilion at Innoventions at Disneyland. Highlights include mockups of Ultrasound machines that have an interactive capability, interactive video playback of "Heart Facts", and numerous interactive/educational kiosks.
  28. The building is two floors, and only the OUTSIDE of the -BOTTOM- floor rotates (This section is called the 'ring'.) So the majority of the building is easy enough to get power to, since it is stationary, and they just bring the cables under the moving ring through the basement (where all the 'Authorized Cast Members Only' stuff is).
    REPORTED: anon 07 JUL 00
  29. The ring is a pretty large section, I admit, and is DEFINITELY well-powered. Turns out getting electricity to it is simpler than would seem. The entire ring sits on a track in the basement, very much like a railroad that just goes around and around. There is the main support track, which is just there to hold the darn thing up, and there is the power tracks (Also known as the 'Don't touch this! Warning! Warning! Very shocking!' tracks). The entire power track is energized, and the wheels that run along it pick up the 480 volt current for the ring.
    REPORTED: anon 07 JUL 00
    Sounds like classical slip rings
  30. The only 'piped in' water in the building is for a small emergency bathroom upstairs.
    REPORTED: anon 07 JUL 00
  31. Heard way-too-frequently in my opinion: "We are delayed opening from CW again!"... How does water get in there? Cosmic Waves (The fountains outside) floods the basement. Then it's man the pumps and make sure nobody powers up the ring! If it's any indication, this has happened at least two times in the past 2 months.
    REPORTED: anon 07 JUL 00
  32. Sometimes known but well-publicized in the far past was the cast member who was cruched to death by sheering walls in the building's previous incarntion as America Sings. Her name was Debbie. Just like the Home Automation Living system (HAL) in the Home Zone (Yes, HAL, just like 2001), which makes its presence known by a voice coming out of nowhere, and turning on and off lights. On the first show ever done with Debbie, the Home Automated Living System, when the performer said 'Hey, Debbie.' (The "Attention" command), the HAL system responded with "Terminating all lights." However, with the way the speakers were set up, it sounded like "Terminating all life." to every cast member and guest there, and it wasn't corrected until the manual was checked.
    REPORTED: anon 07 JUL 00
    There is a shrine to Debbie (I've seen it). All it is really is a little piece of paper taped to a wall. Also, from what I understand, Debbie was not crushed between two walls, but between the doors while trying to save a little kid from meeting the same fate.
    UPDATE: Nyx Goldstone 29 JAN 02
  33. July 8th is D-Day for Innoventions... Specifically, Debbie Day. At 11 pm July 8th is the anniversary Debbie's last moments from Carrousel of Progress, and many cast members still have ghost stories to tell. There is also a memorial for Debbie in the basement.
    REPORTED: anon 09 JUL 00
  34. At Inovations, if you go on the upper level it is a great place to watch fire works. You are high above everyone and if your kids don't like loud noises it's a great place. There's very few people there.
    REPORTED: Jesska 25 APR 02

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