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  1. Gadget is the inventive female mouse from the TV series "Chip'n Dale Rescue Rangers."
  2. Gadget's Go-Coaster runs at the same speed as the Matterhorn, according to a Cast Member. The difference is that the Matterhorn is a much longer ride and has lots more turns.
    REPORTED: Kim, Sharren, Ari & Jacob Greenblatt 29 JAN 97
    This is the shortest ride at Disneyland, with a total ride time of 45 seconds. This ride has items that you can recycle(cans,fishbowls,etc.)
    UPDATE: christina 12 APR 00
  3. If you look, the tracks are made of tinker toys and the cars are made of acorns. Everything this ride is made of is over-sized to make you feel the size of a mouse or chipmunk.
    REPORTED: Becky Richards 06 SEP 00
  4. When Gadget's Go-Coaster first starts, you're going up the lift. If you look to the left, you can see a little fish swimming inside a fish bowl. Sometimes the bowl is filled with water, sometimes it's not. It's the same kind of fish found in the gas pumps at the nearby Toon Town Gas Station.
    REPORTED: JuNGLe CRuiSeR 06 MAR 02 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  5. On the Gadget rollercoster people are not allowed to walk to the yellow line for the last car until it has entered the station. "Safety Reasons"
    REPORTED: Joe Hanson 19 JAN 98
    The reason for not loading the last cars is strictly saftey. The coaster comes in fast and knowing the typical guest that don't know how to stay behind the yellow lines, Disney cast members do not load the last cars until the coaster is in the station.
    CONFIRMED: nikki 20 AUG 99
  6. Have you ever noticed that the objects around the Go-Coaster arent proportional? There are hair combs and toothbrushes that are much much bigger then soup cans.
    REPORTED: JuNGLe CRuiSeR 07 APR 02

Gadget's Go Coaster Facts and Figures




Steel, Junior, Roller Skater


Vekoma International & WDI


Vekoma International




28 feet


679 feet

Ride Time

52 seconds


23 mph (avg)


8-car trains, 2 riders per car

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