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Hidden Mickeys

  1. The next time you go to Mickey's house, take your time going through it! It has a ton of "hidden Mickeys" in it, but it also has a ton of cleaverly done "personal" things of Mickeys. We saw in a class case, just after you walk in, straght to the back wall, lower left corner...Mickey has a passport that is stamped in each area that a Disneyland is located, and it is stamped with the date that that Disneyland was opened. Lots of cleaver things.
    REPORTED: Sharon 08 JAN 00
  2. Mickey's House contains four movie sets; Steamboat Willie, Fantasia (Sorcerer's Apprentice), Band Concert, and Through the Mirror. At times Mickey is on multiple sets to increase throughput. If there is a particular version of Mickey you want to meet, ask the attendent. While they aren't supposed to admit there is more than one Mouse in the house, they might suggest you skip a group in order to get to the set you want.
    REPORTED: Sorcerer 20 SEP 97
  3. It's pretty well known that there are a large number of books in Mickey's House whose titles spoof some of the greatest works. But many don't know that there is a great title hidden in Minnie's kitchen. Just as you exit Minnie's house through the kitchen back door, turn to your right. In the glass case by the cabinet you'll see a book entitled "What Happened to Elvis?"
    REPORTED: Jim O'Connor 20 APR 97
  4. In Mickey's House, notice that the script on the vanity in The Band Concert room says "The Concert Band", and that the photographer's "clacker" in the Through the Mirror room says "Looking Glass" as the title of the movie. This is a humorous mistake since this Mickey film was based on Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass."
    REPORTED: Kelly Ann 10 AUG 97

Movie Barn

  1. this is a Character Greeting Area

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