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  1. Cute. Minnie Van....
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 23 SEP 97
  2. One day when I was one a school trip to Disneyland my friend Jenna and I went into Minnie's house in ToonTown. After a while in the house we got a little bored and started to pull on anything we could get our hands on. Well, right when you enter her house look to the left and there is a door. I pulled on the door handle and to my surprise it opened. I saw a set of stairs leading down and a real telephone sitting on the ground. I heard voices coming from the bottem of the stairs. I went to go get my friend Jenna who was in the kitchen and when we came back the door was locked!
    REPORTED: Heather Nielsen 25 MAR 97
  3. Once I was in Toontown, and by Minnie's House there was a security guard who was a midget! Not exactly a secret, just a funny little tidbit I thought I'd pass along
    REPORTED: anon 03 JUN 98
  4. As you exit Minnie's house out the back door, look at the cupboard on your right. In the shelves covered by glass on the left you will find a book entitled,"Elvis, what happened".
    REPORTED: James Rougeau 20 AUG 98 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  5. When you are exiting Minnie's house, you will see Minnie's well. If you make a wish Minnie will talk to you.
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 24 SEP 00
    The whole wishing well thing is weird because why would Minnie be in the well?
    CONFIRMED: Erik Scanlon 03 MAR 01
    The money people throw into the wishing wells is all given to charity, as is the money thrown any-/everywhere in the park.
    UPDATE: Becky Richards 05 AUG 01
  6. I heard from a cast member that when you leave at least fifty cents worth of pennies in the Minnie well, usually if a cast member is close by, they'll reward you with a small token for donating. He said they usually give out stickers or erasers. Too bad it's only for young kids......
    REPORTED: anon 17 JUN 02

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